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15 State of Decay 2 Mods You would love to install

State of Decay is a 2013 zombie survival game published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Undead Labs. The game’s plot is secondary, but it chronicles the struggles of a group of survivors as they attempt to survive in and leave Trumbull Valley. The objective of the game, however, is to see how long the player can keep their party of survivors alive as they scavenge materials and weaponry from around Trumbull Valley. Breakdown and Lifeline were the game’s two DLCs.

State of Decay has been remade many times over the years and has gotten a sequel and another sequel, but this hasn’t stopped the thriving modding community from attempting to tweak, enhance, and expand upon the game’s foundation.

1) Better Farms And Gardens By Gift2

As has been established, State of Decay 2 has a propensity to be a rather repetitive game. When players construct bases, they must continually scavenge outdoors for supplies such as food and medicine. And although there is pleasure in feeding and caring for your community, the pace at which these resources are being squandered is absurd. It is not enjoyable to return every few hours with many rucksacks of food.

Therefore, we have the ‘Better Farms And Gardens’ mod to combat this issue. This is not really innovative or novel, but it is a significant quality-of-life enhancement that eliminates most of the monotony of scavenging. With this mod enabled, food and medication from facilities like Farms, Gardens, and Hydroponics are boosted. The number is not so large that you can stop searching for these resources permanently, but it is plenty that you do not need to always be concerned about them. You may now explore the area at your leisure and perhaps concentrate on other tasks, such as eradicating Infestations or Plague Hearts.


2) Improved Searching

This mod dramatically improves the filtering mechanism for treasure, which is only as good as how the game intended it. This mod includes a variety of settings designed to accelerate the looting process. These choices consist of quick vanilla search, super-speed search, and three fast search variants with increasing percentages of failure probability.

If you occasionally find looting tiresome, this mod will be of great assistance to you. The search durations do not exceed five seconds, with some alternatives lasting as little as 0.5 seconds. Unless other players have the mod installed on their computers, only your characters will be able to utilise this mod in multiplayer.


3) Community Editor 

Numerous State of Decay 2 modifications try to assist the player deal with the game’s sometimes brutal unpredictability. Occasionally, a person’s greatest survivor is attacked with no apparent possibility of escape or survival. There are moments when the town severely needs food and munitions, but none can be found.

The Community Editor aims to offer the gamer an advantage by enabling them to modify numerous save file aspects. This gives them a second opportunity to save a community of survivors that they may have become close to and are reluctant to see perish. This was created and submitted by user KaiHeilos of Nexos Mod.



A commonly sought State Of Decay 2 mod is the first-person perspective mod. It provides a much-needed experience to the game, making it sometimes more fascinating and terrifying. This mod needs The WWCC Mod, which can be found on the main Nexusmods page for modifications, in order to function properly. In addition, we suggest downloading and installing the first-person mod using the State of Decay 2 Mod Manager as opposed to Vortex in order to prevent needless game issues.

To activate this mod, launch the game and enter one of your communities. Once there, go to the closet tab and look for the Blad hat, then equip it to the character you’re playing. Now, once you’re inside the game, just press Shift and F, and you should be in first-person perspective.


5) Hordes R Hordier By Gift2

Early in the game, zombies may be a formidable obstacle for players, particularly if they opt to engage more than a handful. After putting in a few hours and upgrading your equipment, though, you will be able to handle yourself rather effectively.

Supposedly more difficult than these basic zombies is a formidable Horde, yet even these are child’s play if you’re properly prepared and accompanied by one or two allies. They represent little to no danger to a knowledgeable player, and they may be eliminated by driving a vehicle through them.

In State of Decay 2, zombie hordes are not a significant threat. If anything, they are only unpleasant obstructions that may be traversed in an instant. If you’re looking for a true challenge, go no farther than the “Hordes R Hordier” modification.


6) Short Night

The Short Night mod shortens the State of Decay 2 nights and lengthens the game’s days, as its name indicates. This modification is available for download on both Steam and the Windows Store. This mod is best suited for players that have little interest in the game’s scary aspects, since night only lasts five minutes.

This patch is wonderful for shortening the 90-minute real-time evenings down to a more playable length, but speed gamers and players who want to concentrate on resource harvesting and constructing their base will benefit the most.

7) Ideal Community Generator

It is difficult to predict who will survive a true zombie apocalypse. Life is more chaotic and unjust than a computer game, so there is no assurance that only the toughest and most skillful survivors would survive. This is evident in both State of Decay games, which feature a random assortment of survivors that are unable to perform all of the responsibilities that a survivor community would need.

Ideal Community Generator addresses this problem. This State of Decay 2 mod by Nexus user evilgrin75 attempts to compensate for how unfair the random number generator may be in these games. It enables the player to establish their own survivor society, preventing the RNG from ruining a whole game.

8) Realistic Flashlight Mod

Frequently, flashlights in videogames are shown as a pinprick of light rather as a source of illumination that illuminates the whole room. State of Decay, contrary, converts the flashlight into a gadget that will effectively make a surface glow instead of lighting them from afar. This mismatch is rectified by SilentResident’s Realistic Flashlight Mod, which modifies the flashlight mechanics. Now, the flashlight illuminates a surface rather than making it shine magically.


The vast majority of players dislike, if not actively dislike, game introductions. And if you share this sentiment, the No Intros mod is coming to rescue the day. This modification will remove the “Microsoft Studios” and “Undead Labs” entrance screens from the game.

To begin using this modification, just transfer the contents of the downloaded zip file into the original game folder. It is recommended to create a backup copy of the replacement files just in case anything goes wrong, which is unlikely with this patch based on the positive user reviews.



Due to the Darkside mod, fans of The Walking Dead series may relive the whole zombie apocalypse. Darkside Of The Walking Dead delivers a massive update to the game, transforming all zombies into walkers and making all supplies very rare; if you are ever bitten by a walking zombie, you will perish.

However, if you’re new to the game, you should avoid this mod due to the insanely challenging settings it has. Also, it is strongly recommended to use this mod by itself to minimise crashes, issues, etc…


11) Realistic Shadows Mod

Shadow effects have always been a peculiar and poorly understood aspect of video games. Shadows are, naturally, a strange and difficult thing to programme, and State of Decay’s shadow effects have clearly room for development.

SilentResident’s Realistic Shadows Mod reduces the contrast between shaded and unshadowed locations. Previously, shadows would nearly cover an area in darkness. This mod, however, reduces the darkness, making shadows appear more realistic and less oppressive.


12) Real Crossbows Mod 

The Real Crossbows Mod was developed by modder SilentResident. It adds an essential stealth weapon to the State of Decay formula. Silencers were previously a part of the game, but they wear off over time, leaving the player with a rifle that functions as a zombie alarm. Possibly inspired by Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, this patch adds a realistic and quiet crossbow to the player’s arsenal, allowing them to eliminate zombies from a distance without being detected.


13) The Unstackables

When retrieving damaged automobiles for personal use while on the go, it might be difficult to store all the essential equipment, such as repair kits, petrol cans, and sophisticated repair kits.

The unstackables are meant to assist you transport the tools without cluttering up your inventory so you may go on a journey to retrieve a trash automobile. How cool is it that you can stack as many gas cans and repair kits without taking up any more space?


14) Gameplay Overhaul

Play the game the way it was intended to be played, thanks to a gameplay redesign. State of decay 2 is not flawless, however player feedback may help to improve the game. Now you may integrate these recommendations in the game via gameplay revamp.

During gameplay overhauls, several minor adjustments are made to the game, like the addition of DLC item descriptions, the doubling of storage capacity, and the equalisation of power and water values, among others.


15) Zombies Don’t Run

The Zombies Don’t Run mod was created by Bloodchylde. State of Decay’s zombies will race towards the player as soon as they discover their presence. This is untrue to both the zombies created by George Romero and the walking dead.

This hack prevents zombies from running since, in most media, zombies do not run. They stumble and shuffle towards the player. They are low-functioning zombies that seek only the flesh of the living and are not fast runners.

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