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The 15 Best Warframe Mods For Beginners

Warframe players do not depend only on the game’s namesake exosuits to repel alien swarms in high-intensity confrontations. In addition to Warframe powers, the Tenno wields a choice of weapons and equipment to optimise their skill set. Mods are a vital aspect of Warframe constructions, which players should not overlook.

Mods, often known as Modules or Modifications, are “upgrades” to different gameplay components in Warframe. Theoretically, players may apply Mods to their Weapons and Companions to further enhance their performance. In addition, players may uncover Mods of varying rarity, potency, and synergy. Unfortunately, Warframe novices may find the Mod System to be a little daunting. However, for novices, which Mods should they prioritise experimenting with?

Here are some of the finest Warframe mods:

1) Mobilize

In Warframe, parkour speed is an undervalued attribute, particularly when you’re just starting out. This modification boosts your parkour speed by 20%. This may seem modest on paper, but it dramatically increases the range of your bullet leaps, enabling you to speedrun missions considerably quicker. And considering how many missions are related to the Star Chart, this mod may save you countless hours. You may get this Mod by completing the Mariana mission on Earth or any mission on Uranus.

2) Corrosive Projection

At number 2 is a second Aura Mod –. Throughout missions, Corrosive Projection tends to decrease the armour ratings of all adversaries. When several teammates apply this patch, its cumulative effect reduces the opponent’s armour rating by up to 72% for any four-player squad. The aura’s armour reduction may reach up to 80 percent.

This may be performed by equipping this aura on all squad members and simultaneously wearing Coaction Drift on three squad members. This item is available for 20 Nightwave Credits from the Nightwave Credit Offerings Store. This modification is available for 20 Nightwave Credits from the Nightwave Credit Offerings Store.

3) Primed Shred

You will be able to choose a unique Primed Mod as a login reward after checking in for a set amount of days. Primed Shred is the only mod you should get immediately, since the others are specialised. This rifle mod increases the rate of fire by 55% and the punch through by 2.2 metres.

This mod basically combines the Speed Trigger and Metal Auger, vastly increasing the lethality of your weapon. The majority of guns in Warframe suffer in passageways where adversaries are stacked, however this mod overcomes that. Even if you can’t immediately max out this Mod, getting it to Rank 7 is sufficient to begin profiting from the improved firing rate and punch through. We suggest using this as your first login reward Mod.

4) Wisp

With this modification, the Wisp becomes a playable character. Wisp, an ethereal sorceress, haunts the spatial crossroads between dimensional portals, luring ghosts from the opposite sides of the chasm.

Take her soul in order to dodge death, take her eyesight from the adversary, and evaporate everything before the light of heaven. Defeating the Ropalolyst on Jupiter’s Ropalolyst will provide the main and component blueprints for the Wisp. After fighting the Ropalyst, the Wisp blueprint is instantly acquired.

5) Damage Mods

In Warframe, it should come as no surprise that damage scaling Mods are useful. Mods such as Serration, Hornet Strike, and Pressure Point significantly boost the total damage of your weapon. These Mods are good on their own, but they really shine when combined with multishot and elemental Mods.

Mods like Serration’s base damage grow multiplicatively with elemental and multishot damage, giving your weapon a significant damage boost. Serration, Split Chamber, and an elemental combination are all you need to get beyond the star map. Even though these Mods become useless after you gain Weapon Arcanes, they play a vital part in improving your weapons during the majority of your adventure.

6) Nova Prime

The next character is Nova Prime. Nova Prime utilises antimatter to wreak devastation on her enemies. Mod polarities have been altered for more flexibility, giving players a great deal of opportunity to implement their chosen modifications. Nova is an ultra-high-tech Warframe with an antimatter theme. She lacks powerful defensive abilities, has a limited shield capacity, and has average health.

However, this should not intimidate you, since she has highly potent offensive abilities that can wipe out whole waves of foes. To get Nova’s primary blueprint, you visit the marketplace. However, you may gain the blueprints for Nova’s components by defeating the Raptors on Naamah. The blueprint for the mod is available on the market.

7) Umbral Mods

After completing a late-game narrative mission dubbed “The Sacrifice,” players will get these immensely potent Warframe Mods. Also included are two melee Mods that are part of the Sacrificial set. The Umbral set augments your Ability Power, Armor, and Health. The Sacrificial set enhances the damage, critical probability, and damage multiplier of your melee weapon against Sentients.

In addition to being upgrades or sidegrades of their standard counterparts, these Mods are also part of a set. More Mods from that set are used, the more powerful they become. The issue is that they employ a special Polarity that needs an incredibly uncommon Umbral Forma to add, but the effort is well worth it. Find a method to incorporate these Mods into your builds if you want to optimise your goods.

8) Primed Continuity

Primed Continuity is almost certainly the best Primed Warframe Mod currently available. This Mod increases the duration of your powers by 55%, the largest increase among all the Ability Duration Mods.

The true value of Primed Continuity is that it enables you to use Transient Expertise or Transient Fortitude with little impact on your build, freeing up Mod slots for other attributes. If you can afford just one Baro Primed Mod, choose this one. Unranked, you may get this mod from Baro Ki’Teer for 100,000 credits or 350 Ducats, which is an excellent price. This mod may also be bought for 100,000 credits from Baro Ki’Teer.

9) Primed Critical Mods

Primed Target Cracker and Primed Pistol Gambit are the two most powerful Mod upgrades for secondary weapons that players may get. This combo increases your secondary weapon’s critical chance and critical multiplier by a substantial amount, making your most potent secondary weapons even more effective.

Baro Ki’Teer, a unique trader akin to Destiny’s Xur who emerges in Relays every two weeks, is the source of both Mods. These Mods are pricey, but they deliver such a significant damage increase that they are well worth every Ducat. You may earn Ducats by cultivating Prime components and selling them at various kiosks across the Relays.

10) Stretch

Players will almost always have a tale about how they could have won a fight if it weren’t for an ability that barely missed its mark. Despite the effectiveness of many Warframes, their ability ranges might hinder their performance in battle. With the Stretch Mod, users may increase the range of their Warframe’s powers by up to 45 percent.

Although Stretch extends the range of a Warframe’s powers, it is not advised to utilise it when attempting to reach a far target. Warframes should instead use Stretch with AOE strikes. So, they may land in the centre of the room and unleash an AOE burst, with Stretch providing them the ability to strike almost everyone in the area.

11) Handspring

Knockdowns will get you murdered. The majority of Warframe’s opponent types include an assault that will knock your Warframe to the ground, requiring a lengthy recovery animation. AoE weapons may also cause your character to stumble. Therefore, Handspring is an essential Mod.

Handspring accelerates your Warframe’s knockdown recovery animation, enabling you to regain control of your Warframe considerably sooner after being knocked down. If you can log in for enough days, Primed Sure Footed is an excellent improvement to Handspring that completely eliminates knockdowns. Both Mods are placed in the Exilus slot as a bonus.

12) Continuity

The effectiveness of a Warframe depends on its specialities. Unfortunately, many Warframe powers have too short a duration to be effective in combat. With the Continuity Mod, a Warframe’s ability duration may be increased by up to 30 percent. Thus, a Warframe may optimise its ability utilisation against more formidable adversaries.

Perhaps what makes Continuity more terrifying is the fact that it can be stacked with other duration enhancers. When combined with Narrow Minded, Augur Message, and Constitution, ability duration may be increased by up to 181%.

13) Elemental Damage Mods

Serration and Split Chamber may have enormous damage multipliers, but elemental Mods are far simpler to level up and provide the same amount of damage. There is a Mod for each element: Toxin, Cold, Heat, and Electric. These Mods change for each weapon type.

These Mods may be combined to produce secondary elements like Corrosive and Radiation. These forms of damage include their own elemental effects and damage enhancements. In general, Corrosive does enormous damage to armoured foes, whereas Viral excels against fleshier foes. Elements, when combined with damage and multishot Mods, may raise a weapon’s damage output to unfathomable levels.

14) Ammo Case

When equipped with a Carrier, Ammo Case dependably fires bullets, which is essential for Warframes that constantly engage several foes in battle. Ammo Case is essentially a Carrier (Sentinel) Mod that increases ammo capacity by up to 25 percent. In addition, picking up any unused ammunition pickups turns them into the proper kind of ammo for the weapon currently in use.

Ammo Case, although being a Common Mod, increases the effectiveness of a Warframe’s attached firearm. Given the benefit of ranged warfare over mobility, Ammo Capacity may increase the ranged capabilities of a Warframe.

15) Fleeting Expertise

Warframe powers are potent, game-altering effects that should be used as often as possible. However, the majority of abilities cost Energy and cannot often be spammed. Unless you possess a high Ability Efficiency.

While increasing Ability Efficiency by a staggering 60% and lowering ability duration by 60%, Fleeting Expertise also boosts Ability Efficiency by 60%. This is one of the game’s strongest bonuses. In conjunction with Streamline, players may reach the maximum efficiency and cast abilities for 25% less than regular cost. It is possible to negate the negative duration using Primed Continuity, Narrow Minded, or other duration-based Mods. The little drawback makes this Warframe mod one of the finest.

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