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Mods that bring back the Rome feeling to Medieval II Total War

Despite its age, Medieval II: Total War has a surprisingly active and healthy modding community. The engine it is based on is highly valued by old-school Total War aficionados, and has allowed a variety of fantastic developments, ranging from basic vanilla overhauls to major setting modifications and beyond. Given that the game is set in mediaeval Europe, you can imagine the modifications now available. From Westeros to Warhammer, Lord of the Rings to Three Kingdoms China, there is something for everyone, and we have compiled a list of some of the most popular titles.

1) MapMod: Trees, Textures, Sea

Visual improvements are usually a terrific way to appreciate older games. Not bad for a first-time modder, Charge’s texture pack has garnered largely good response from the community. Trees, terrain, and particularly water now appear far better than they did in the vanilla version of the game.

I am well aware that the most of you do not play M2TW for the visuals. However, you would be astonished by the magnitude of its effect. You’ll think, “I don’t recall it looking this nice” when you fire up the game with this option enabled.


2) Third Age: Total War

The classic Lord of the Rings mod for Medieval II remains one of the most renowned Tolkien-inspired strategic modifications in strategy games. There is the original mod, as well as sub-mods and unauthorised spin-offs, set during the War of the Ring era.

If you are interested in learning more about this mod and its history, we have a Third Age: Total War mod guide.

3) The Character Names Project

Total War has long been regarded for its authenticity and realism. The ability to make modifications that increase the realism of these games contributes significantly to the game’s thriving community. This is precisely what the Character Names Project accomplishes, but with an emphasis on a less prevalent component of the game. Based on research, character names have been modified to suit historical authenticity.

If you play as Egypt, you may note that characters now have names such as Tahir al-Rida and Dawud al-Sarraj. A little under 500 names have been added to each group in the game, based on extensive study to ensure that the names are correct and appropriate for the era. A apparently little alteration. However, this one adds a degree of realism and specificity that few would consider.

4) Stainless Steel

This is a vintage mod that has been active since Medieval II’s first release in 2006. Although a 7.0 version was planned, this mod was formally published in 2011 with the 6.4 update and has not been updated since. Nonetheless, even without ongoing maintenance, it is usually regarded as one of the finest ways to play Medieval II if you want to maintain the same scenario.

Stainless Steel is one of the most complete and well crafted Total War modifications ever created. It alters every element, and the list of modifications is extensive, but they are all consistent with the spirit of the original game. It is the ideal mod for those who seek an enlarged and modified version of Medieval II’s renowned European warfare.

5) HaHawk’s Native Voices Mod

To further enhance the realism of the game, modder HaHawk decided to replace audio samples with fresh language. Currently, the mod reportedly includes speech samples in English, French, German, and Russian, among other languages. It’s remarkable that it extends beyond English!

Similar to the Character Names Project, this is a mod you never knew you needed. After installation, there is simply no other way to play the game. You won’t grasp all that is being said, so the dialogue will not be overwhelming. However, localised languages improve immersion significantly.

6) Europa Barbarorum II

If you are prepared to return to historically realistic modifications, Europa Barbarorum II is among the finest available.

EBII, a second revamp update based on the original Rome: Total War version, provides a look into the growth of the Roman Empire. The mod includes 28 playable factions, such as Pontos, Getai, Saka Rauka, and others. The game’s gameplay mechanics have also been changed to make the experience more realistic.

The game is played at a slower speed since the map is twice as large as the original. However, there are hundreds of new troops, systems, and gaming elements to explore in addition to the map. If you value historical accuracy, this book is for you. You will learn a great deal about the past, and places and units are described in great depth.

7) Mr.Crow’s Warwagon

Introducing new units is an additional method for enhancing the game’s appeal. If you have played M2TW numerous times, you are likely already acquainted with the various troops. So adding additional ones might have a significant impact. The Mr. Crow’s Warwagon adds an especially entertaining troop to the game. What exactly is a war waggon?

It is essentially a siege weapon from the Middle Ages: a wooden cart that carried riflemen. Each waggon may now be used in-game, since it can carry three troops. These troops are shielded by the cart and fire via wooden slits. Even more entertaining is the fact that the AI really employs war waggons. They even position war waggons in front of formations, imitating the era’s famed “waggon wall” or “waggon forts.” Neat!

8) Europa Barbarorum 2

Europa Babaororum is regarded as one of the finest community projects to emerge from the original Rome: Total War mod scene (though I personally liked Roma Surrectum), so it’s only natural that the Medieval II version would be as popular.

This whole conversion patch rewinds time to the age of the original RTW game, allowing you to play something more similar to the original, but with the enhancements and tweaks that Creative Assembly’s (former) Australian office contributed to Medieval II. The greatest part is that this mod continues to get support! While there had been no news since 2018, the creators uploaded a fresh update in April of this year, assuring gamers that they were not through with the project.

9) DarthMod

A mainstay of every Total War mod list, including Medieval 2’s. Vader’s submission for M2TW has several upgrades, including unit balancing, terrain modifications, and gameplay adjustments. As with other DarthMods, the upgraded AI is the most notable feature here.

As is typical with DarthMods, opponent AI will be far more intelligent, resulting in a more demanding encounter. Their enhanced field combat, flanking, and aggression will keep you on your toes. This will undoubtedly make the game more exciting, since the AI will likely sometimes outwit you.

10) Medieval II – A Game of Thrones mods

Speaking about third-party intellectual property, there are, as you would assume, several modifications inspired by Game of Thrones. Westeros: Total War, Westeros: Age of Petty Kings, and Game of Thrones… We haven’t tried them all, but there are lots of options if you’re searching for the ideal Westeros fix.

11) Santa Invasion

I try to include something ridiculous whenever possible, and here we are! Because it is the sole “Humor Mod” on twcenter.net, this quickly drew my notice. Just what I had in mind. Nearly every game with mod possibilities has a sillier version. And here’s Santa Invasion if you’re simply seeking to have some silly fun.

Santa Invasion, as you may think, enables you to play an extra faction. Your reindeer cavalry, snowmen, and elves will be led into combat by Santa Claus himself. The enemies on the naughty list will not get gifts this year.

12) The Elder Scrolls: Total War

There is still no excellent Elder Scrolls strategy game, and although there are a few modifications for Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy games, the Medieval II community is here to remind you that no third-party intellectual property is secure.

TES You may command one of twenty factions from the RPG series in Total War, whose setting has been changed to Bethesda’s renowned Tamriel. We do not know whether it is set in a certain historical period, but you will see many old people and explore new areas of the Elder Scrolls universe. It was released officially in March of this year, but is still receiving support.

13) Hispania in the Middle Ages

Beginning with this entry, the following entries on my list are the major modifications that add copious amounts of material, including scenarios and campaigns, troops, balancing, and much more. Hispania in the Middle Ages takes us to the Iberian Peninsula, where Christians and Muslims fought for control of the region.

With five playable campaigns, updated factions, maps, graphics, and gameplay, there is a great deal to discover in this expansion. The new scripts that make gaming more dynamic are the most intriguing. There are now opportunities for security via payment, partnerships between kingdoms through marriage, and assistance from friendly kingdoms. Unquestionably worthy of consideration for a unique M2TW playthrough.

14) The Last Kingdom 

Thrones of Britannia has an unjust reputation, considering it is set at a fascinating and pivotal time in the British Isles. It’s also a decent homage to the Viking Invasion expansion for the first Medieval: Total War game, which was quite awesome.

If you’re interested in the time period, the Medieval II mod scene offers a mod that’s almost identical to Atilla, but uses the Medieval II engine instead of the Atilla one. The historical span stretches from 865 to 1066, which includes a prospective Norman invasion at the conclusion.

15) Call of Warhammer

If you want to take a vacation from M2TW’s realism, this is the mod for you. Call of Warhammer substantially modifies the game by adopting a more fantastical approach. You may now engage in combat with magicians, elves, orcs, and even vampires in a setting akin to Total War: Warhammer.

Each side has distinct fighting units with corresponding skins. Upgraded AI, unit cards, and thrilling new missions make Medieval 2 a unique experience. If you like fantasy, this is the book you’re searching for.

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