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Best Mgsv Mods For The Playstation 4

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the last collaboration between Konami and series creator Hideo Kojima. The open-world, action-adventure, stealth video game offers enough plots, side-missions, and mysteries to keep players engaged for many hours. Each narrative quest includes hundreds of possible resolutions, some of which give unique prizes. Outside of the game’s main narrative, players may construct their own offshore military post and engage in the online multiplayer component (and work towards global nuclear disarmament together). Before Konami and Kojima parted ways, fans of the franchise received a substantial goodbye present in the form of an obviously big game.

SnakeBite, a standalone mod client that can be loaded through NexusMods, is used to manage the vast majority of modifications in Metal Gear Solid 5. SnakeBite will insert any mod file opened with the client in the correct spot inside the user’s MGS5 game data. This makes modding MGS5 highly user-friendly and eliminates the necessity for gamers to begin tampering with their game files, which might result in file corruption. After opening a downloaded mod file in SnakeBite, gamers may launch MGSV either via the SnakeBite client or Steam; their modifications will be included into the game regardless.

Mods are an advantage that the PC version of the game has over its console counterparts. These enable players to modify practically every aspect of the game, including the addition of additional side missions, the augmentation of the game’s difficulty, the modification of character models, and much more. Here are the top Metal Gear Solid V modifications you can install right now to enhance your gameplay experience.

1) Quick Start

This may not seem important to gamers who already have a save file, but many things may go wrong with The Phantom Pain’s autosave, and many console owners may wish to play the game on PC. The first hospital level when the player awakens might be quite time-consuming.

Thankfully, there are relatively simple modifications, such as Quick Start, that allow you to immediately begin Mission 2, skipping a vast amount of training and narrative stuff that you may never need again. This doesn’t even need the previously-mentioned Snakebite Mod Manager and just requires you to modify the save data in your Steam files, making it a simple method to get back into the game with other modifications after a refresh.

2) Real Weapons Name Update

True gun geeks like it when all of the firearms in a video game are named after their real-world equivalents. Sure, “Assault Rifle” is a really seductive name… However, I would want my weapons to have more realistic names.

I’m not an expert in naming systems, so I don’t know why studios persist on adding false weapon names, but I do know that I like seeing my foes slaughtered in Afghanistan with a real AK-47. And this mod offers us that sensation every time we play MGS5

3) Anyone’s Improvements

Although this may seem to be a list of improvements with which everyone would agree, Anyone’s Improvements is really a collection of changes created by a talented modder called Anyone. These provide several enhancements, like decreased item Development Times, offline prizes, and even more distinctive military talents for your base personnel.

It effectively improves the game’s balance, with the most notable change being a resource boost that reduces the frequency of grinding. It will alter the game significantly, but in ways that newcomers to the game may not necessarily notice.

4) Fulton Extraction 3000

Fulton Extraction 3000 is the best cheat mod for Metal Gear Solid. It essentially lets you to hit one button and have all the troops on the map teleported back to your base, allowing you to recruit them all and rapidly clear the area.

You can also configure the mod to have the Fulton remove just one soldier at a time, or you may individually mark the soldiers you want to take. Why perform the laborious job yourself when you can get the Fulton 3000 and let it do it for you?

5) Infinite Heaven

If you’re looking for additional material, go no further than tinmantex’s Infinite Heaven mod. Aimed of expanding gameplay across all parts of the game, Infinite Heaven includes hundreds of toggleable options and features. These choices let you to activate Subsistence mode for every operation, replay previously completed side-ops, trigger Mother Base assaults involving several attack helicopters, and add skulls and enemy patrols to free roam mode, among many more.

6) More Animals

The animal hunting portions of The Phantom Pain may not appeal to the tastes of many readers. If you don’t spend a significant amount of time farming them, their spawn rates may be uncomfortably low.

This is the issue that More Animals Afghanistan and More Animals Africa try to address by increasing the spawn rates to make it seem more like a real, untamed location as opposed to a place where animals sometimes appear. It makes this whole phase of the game much more playable, and entertaining at last if you’d never attempted trapping animals before.

7) Morbid’s Side-Op Expansion Pack

The Side-Op Expansion Pack by Morbid is a DLC-sized mod that adds 50 additional side missions with a greater diversity of goals and difficulty levels than the original Side-Op missions. These new goals include the elimination of prisoners, the recovery of weapons, and the sabotage of vehicles, as well as optional targets in almost every operation and rearranged patrol routes to keep you on your toes. It needs the previously mentioned SnakeBite Mod Manager and Infinite Heaven modifications to install, but the approximately eight hours of extra (and progressively challenging) gameplay it adds to the main game are well worth the effort.

8) E3 2013

We are all aware that studios lie to the public about the quality of their visuals whenever they are displayed. Those Watch Dogs E3 trailers will forever remind me of one of the worst betrayals in the history of the industry.

Nothing as disastrous occurred with MGSV, although the visuals during E3 were far better than the final product. This mod seeks to transform the game’s default shaders into a version similar to the one shown at E3, and it does a very excellent job of it.

9) Retro Snake Head

Classic Snake held fans in suspense, huh? Fans clamoured for the original Snake, despite the fact that Venom Snake has a fantastic design (as befits his status as a distinct character). Fortunately, a mod allows you to get the traditional Solid Snake in MGSV, although you’ll have to put in some effort. This mod replaces the Bandana and Infinity Bandana’s assets with a Solid Snake-like texture from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. You must complete around two-thirds of the game before this mod will function, but once it does, you’ll be ready for a stealth operation.

10) FOB Character Enabler

A large number of The Phantom Pain’s features are related to its multiplayer mode, including the opportunity to play as your other action-oriented primary characters. Quiet and Ocelot are normally only permitted to be utilised during FOB operations, however the FOB Character Enabler allows you to take them on genuine missions.

This is a superb upgrade, as you can take use of Quiet’s sniping and leaping skills while Ocelot’s weaponry are available for quicker firing. It would be a nice addition to the standard game, but happily this mod allows you the same flexibility.

11) The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

This would be the mod if someone compiled a list of things we’d want to alter in MGS5 and converted it into a mod. You may now travel far faster owing to helicopter journeys that can be skipped, and you can also add and personalise additional characters at your base.

In addition, you may eliminate bothersome wait times, alter the revenue structure, and modify player equipment in a much more thorough way. If you’re bored of waiting and want your game to seem more like “your” game, you should check out this mod.

12) John Wick and Johnny Silverhand

In Metal Gear Solid V, it’s a lot of fun to play as Punished “Venom” Snake. His stoicism and seamless coolness make it all the more delightful to eliminate his foes one by one in silence. This last mod, titled John Wick and Johnny Silverhand, takes things to the next level by replacing Big Boss with Keanu Reeves himself. It enables you to play as two of Reeves’ most recent characters: Johnny Silverhand, the protagonist of the forthcoming action-RPG Cyberpunk 2077, and John Wick, everyone’s favourite suit-wearing, dog-loving assassin.

13) No More Timers

The research is one of the worst features of The Phantom Pain’s Mother Base system. It is time-gated by the game’s basic management system, forcing players to wait or do anything else until they forget or lose interest in the upgrade.

No More Timers resolves this little issue by doing exactly what the title suggests. Every new item or improvement is immediately accessible. Most players have already spent too much time gathering these resources, so obtaining them immediately makes the game much quicker and more lucrative.

14) Multi Quiet Player Mod

There are simply too many of them, guy. You have no clue how insane people get when you discuss Quiet with them (this has been the case ever since the game came out). With modifications allowing you to have her totally nude throughout the whole game, things have gone even weirder.

I’m adding this mod on my list because, of the best Phantom Pain mods that directly impact Quiet, this is the only non-sexual one that’s worthwhile. This is a highly recommended mod for anyone who want to play as Quiet and personalise her appearance. And it’s all SFW.

15) Beyond Ultra Settings

The Phantom Pain holds up fairly well for a 2015 game, and its visuals are adequate when compared to the brighter next-gen releases. Still, some gamers may like to give the aged game a fresh coat of paint with the Beyond Ultra Settings, which adds a little amount of visual realism.

The modification is a little enhancement to the already lifelike visuals, but it adds significant subtleties such as shadows and more distant greenery. The nice thing is that the performance impact is minimal, so you won’t need a more powerful computer to enjoy these enhanced pictures.

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