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What An Incredible Experience: My Time At Portia Mods

My addiction to My Time at Portia is no secret, since I can’t stop talking about it when broadcasting on Twitch, even though I choose to play it on YouTube rather than stream it. Despite the fact that My Time at Portia was initially a game that I never imagined modding, the truth is that I am pro-mod user, particularly when it comes to making games more accessible and less time consuming for certain activities. Realistically, although my profession is video games, I’m juggling at least five to six games at once to maintain updating guides, continue making content for YouTube, and keep material on stream interesting; thus, the ability to personalise my game is essential. As previously said, I’m not a fan of time-gated requirements; I abandoned games like Forager when crafting resources took too long, and I found myself in a similar situation during the late-game of My Time at Portia.

While I see the attraction and rationale of restricting players so they don’t complete a game too fast, I’m obviously not patient, so when I discovered I could modify Portia, I was thrilled; otherwise, I would have likely abandoned it. Now, if you know anything about me, I’m not someone who mods games to the point where I immediately blitz through mechanics and I don’t use mods that give me items that I don’t have, but I do enjoy mods that make gameplay harder (in the fighting sense) and remove mechanics that seem too intimidating or time consuming (ie. crafting times). The following are all of the My Time at Portia modifications that I personally love utilising. All can be found on Nexus Mods and need the Unity Mod Manager to be installed. They are rather easy to install, however if you have trouble understanding the directions on the Unity Mod Manager page, I can gladly reword them to assist you.

In addition to what the game currently offers, modifications provide a great deal of additional entertainment. Here, I’ll offer the greatest ones I’ve discovered so far.

1) Your Game Your Settings By Hvits3rk

Those who have experienced My Time at Portia numerous times may be becoming bored with the whole experience. Thankfully, there is a mod that allows you to customise the experience to your liking and increase the game’s replayability.

This mod allows you to modify the regeneration of both stamina and health, the detection range of the scanner, the rate of experience gain, and the crafting pace. It is easy to understand why this simple modification will provide veterans with so much value.

2) Advanced Graphics Options

Advanced Graphics Options provides you with a plethora of elements that you may adjust to your taste to make the game seem even better than it does with the default filter. You will be able to choose visual features such as grass displacement, depth of field, menu background blur, and detail distance to enhance graphical potential.

Some of these variables may have a substantial influence on performance, therefore I suggest determining the optimal balance for your system.

3) Socialize By LasurDragon

My Time at Portia allows you to befriend a number of NPCs located around the global map. You may even begin a relationship with select NPCs, however the process of increasing an NPC’s devotion can get fairly tedious over time.

With the Socialize mod, you’ll be aware of the actual strength of your relationships with other inhabitants of the game, as well as ideal presents and a relationship multiplier for those who want to make friends and lovers as quickly as possible.

4) UI Tweaks

UI Tweaks does not alter the game’s visuals, but rather gives you more freedom and control over what information is presented on the screen. It provides many additional features, such as the ability to adjust notification sizes, disable notifications, prioritise picked up things, and display the names of NPCs.

You can quickly alter the appearance of the minimap and day/weather information, giving you control over which elements are shown. This is fantastic for reducing screen clutter, particularly for information that you don’t usually need anyhow.

5) More Commerce Orders By Aedenthorn

You may accept and complete trade orders in the game to get important resources. However, there is a restriction on the amount of orders you may place, and the noticeboard itself has a restricted selection.

The More Commerce Orders modification addresses both of these issues. In addition to allowing you to accept as many orders as you like, it also contains capabilities that allow you to choose the number and diversity of orders that show on the noticeboard!

6) Auto Wake Up

Auto Wake Up is a simple quality-of-life modification that reduces the monotony of the game. My Time at Portia takes micromanagement to a whole new level, since pressing a button every morning to wake up is essential.

This just skips the criteria, allowing your character to immediately awaken and leave bed each morning. The mod contains a 15% chance that your character may oversleep by 30 minutes, however this can also be customised in the game’s settings menu.

7) Faster Crafting By Hvits3rk

In My Time at Portia, crafting is a significant aspect of the game cycle. In fact, it consumes so much of your playing time that you may soon get tired with the crafting system.

The Faster Crafting mod is the ideal remedy for these issues, as its name implies. If you apply this mod in a fresh game, you’ll enjoy the simplified crafting and the speed with which you can build incredible items.

8) Invasions Mod

Honestly, it was the Invasion Mod that kept me playing My Time at Portia. This mod enables a random high-tier boss to randomly spawn anywhere on the map, forcing you to defeat it. While these bosses can be found in dungeons, I prefer it when they randomly spawn because it keeps me on my toes and keeps me busy almost every morning.

The bosses that may spawn depend on the player’s level, and if they like, they can acquire reputation with the town anytime they defeat a monster. This is extremely modifiable, so have fun!

9) Advanced Graphics Options By Catriddled

A game is worthless without distinctive visuals. While My Time At Portia is rather detailed, it might be improved, which is where Catriddled’s Advanced Graphics Options mod comes in. It provides you so many possibilities to customise practically every part of the game, from the appearance of sunrises and sunsets to the appearance of grass.

Additionally, you may enhance shadows, depth of field, and landscape. This mod is intended for the more visually-oriented player who want to improve their experience via graphic manipulation. This is a mod that folks who prioritise aesthetics over content should consider downloading.

10) Save Anytime

Honestly, I don’t use the Save Anytime mod because I simply don’t care at this point and will repeat a day if I forget to fall asleep, but for those of you who are annoyed by the fact that you can only save when you sleep, grab this mod!

The greatest advantage of this mod is that you can have multiple save files for the same character, allowing you to make backups more easily and ensuring that if something goes wrong during gameplay, you can fix it and revert to a previous save.

11) Better Immersion By Vrakyas

If you want a unique experience in My Time At Portia, look no further than the Better Immersion mod by Vrakyas. This one completely changes the way the game is played giving you a slew of options to choose from including a Survival Mode noted for experienced players only. The mod was created because Vrakyas wondered why there were no repercussions for passing out getting too tired like other games.

This mod can drain your stamina and also give you stamina when not tired. Players can also gain health and stamina in a tavern. In Survival Mode it doubles the effects of stamina drain making it much more challenging for players to get things done. It even has a cold weather effect similar to in Breath of the Wild. This creator truly thought of everything to make the game that much harder. Give it a shot if you feel comfortable enough.

12) Better Immersion

One of the more interesting mods on the list, user Vrakyas actually wanted to add some realism to the game, in turn making it a bit more challenging. He does this by making the stamina system more immersive – adding in some negative effects for getting your character a little too exhausted.

You’ll now lose stamina points when your character gets too tired, and even more so when you pass out from too much work. To balance things out, though, Vrakyas included a couple of buffs as well. These improve stamina regeneration while resting.

13) Swim By Aedenthorn

My Time at Portia has tonnes of water everywhere, too bad you can’t swim in it. The bodies of water scattered throughout the game are only used for fishing and anytime you try to enter the water you are teleported back to land. The Swim mod created by aedenthorn overwrites that game mechanic and now lets you freely swim wherever you wish.

While this isn’t a perfect solution it’s better than nothing. Players can even choose to eliminate interaction with water altogether allowing you just walk on the ground beneath it. Since there is no swimming animation for your character the mod instead uses what is described as a funny “jetpack animation”. This is one of the more laid-back mods for those who just want to take a break from regular gameplay.

14) Invasions

Here’s another good mod to spice things up a bit. Invasions actually makes it possible that a random part of Portia might be attacked by a boss monster once a day.

Boss monsters are randomly spawned from a list that depends on your current level. So don’t worry about anything popping up that you won’t be able to go up against. Chances for attacks can be manually set depending on your preference, and defeating monsters will grant you relationship bonuses as well as regular loot drops that you’d typically get from whichever monster type you defeat.

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