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17 Cool NBA 2K21 Mods

Sports games have constantly shown to be all the rage in contemporary times, with scores of players avidly waiting for the yearly release of their favourite sports games in order to keep up-to-date with the current titles and fight against their friends for virtual glory. The NBA 2K series is no exception to this, functioning as one of the largest video game brands around that is still going strong to this day.

One need only look at the sheer amount of modifications that are there for NBA 2K21 to realise why this is the case, with some of these mods being virtually required to play NBA 2K21 to its utmost. Here are such modifications that every fan of the current game in the NBA 2K series should absolutely check out.

1) Nike Air Zoom GT Run Olympic Shoes

A substantial component of NBA basketball and its culture is footwear choosing. It’s no surprise that some modifications from the community are custom-made shoe models for gamers.

This mod adds the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run sneakers to NBA 2k21; it’s a stylish shoe from the athletic giant with a thick, multicoloured gradient bottom and sharp white sides. These boots sport an odd, unfilled rendition of the Nike emblem.

2) NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Realism ReShade Simulation

The first mod that most players with high-end systems would seek out for NBA 2K21 is certainly a visual mod, and these players won’t have any lack to pick from one of the many modifications available to improve the already-stellar graphics of this game.

However, a mod that stands out from the rest of the pack in terms of assuring great visual fidelity is probably the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Realism ReShade Simulation mod, which ends up converting NBA 2K21 into an experience that nearly makes it feel like a real-life game!

3) All-Time Jerseys and Hardwood Classics

All-Time Jerseys is a collection of authentic jerseys missing from the basic game. With this collection of add-ons, supporters of any NBA club may search inside the game for an authentic replica of their favourite team’s real-world jersey.

In addition, there are timeless designs from clubs like the Clippers and the Hawks that have become legendary over the course of the NBA’s existence. There are thousands of different jerseys to choose from, but the 2018-19 Chicago Bulls City Edition jersey is our top pick.

4) NBA 2K21 SlamDunk Roster Mod

Slam Dunk is without a doubt one of the most well-known basketball-themed anime series currently available, therefore it was a foregone conclusion that fans of NBA 2K21 would allow this team to participate in their online competitions as well.

This is exactly what the NBA 2K21 SlamDunk Roster Mod does; it adds the characters from this well-liked anime to the roster of NBA 2K21 and enables players to compete against one another in an intense basketball game while attempting to recreate the events of the anime within the context of the game.

5) Black Mamba 94 Series Spalding Ball

This modification adds the one-of-a-kind black and gold Black Mamba basketball that Spalding used in their 94 series. The Black Mamba is undoubtedly one of the smoothest and most fashionable balls currently available. Players can now appreciate its splendour while playing NBA 2K21 on the digital court.

The programmer of the mod has painstakingly replicated the intricate details of the ball in gold on the surface of the black basketball. If some people find that the black colour is too showy, there is also a variation of the model that comes in a more traditional hue.

6) 2K21 Missing Players CF

Even if the list of players in NBA 2K21 could be fairly amazing, there are still quite a few recognisable figures that are not included in this game since the developers did not have the rights to include them. Modders, on the other hand, aren’t constrained by these kinds of restrictions, which is excellent news for players who want the rosters in their NBA 2K21 games to be as realistic as possible.

The 2K21 Missing Players CF mod adds the cyber faces of various missing players to the game. This enables players to take control of players like Dakota Mathias, Isaiah Joe, Jaylen Adams, and Sam Merrill, to mention just a few of the players available to them.

7) Jeek313’s Fictional Draft Classes

This mod includes draught classes packed with over 60 fictitious individuals with their own cyberfaces and stats. The character face models and other character elements have been painstakingly hand-crafted by the game’s author. In order to preserve both equilibrium and immersion, each of the player traits is modelled after a real player. There are even fictitious names on the list!

A new kind of experience may be had in NBA 2K21 thanks to the introduction of fictitious player teams. It’s a lot of joy to get to know these new players who have never existed before and put them on teams that can compete at the greatest possible level.

8) Cyberface Mixer

The Cyberface Mixer is a piece of software that serves no other use save the manipulation of the game’s internal workings. It gives users the ability to merge the faces of two or more other players in order to create anything from characters that are surprisingly creative to monstrosities that are extremely horrifying.

There is no doubting the reality that the Cyberface Mixer will allow for hours upon hours of additional amusement in a game that already has a substantial amount of material. This is a truth that cannot be refuted, regardless of the final outcome.

9) Retro Mods: Scoreboards, Courts, Jerseys, Cyberfaces

Retro Mods offers all of the models that are required to recreate the court as it was in eras that have been legendary in the past. The floor patterns that players ball on are shuffled around in retro courts. It is important to pay attention to these particulars for anybody who is attempting to recreate a fond memory from their own personal experience with the game. Retro jerseys make the uniforms appear as they did when they were first introduced in the 1980s. Shorts that are shorter in length, shirts that are tucked in, and more. This is the basketball that belonged to your father.

The most interesting new feature is the ability to rewind time and play as younger versions of some of the most famous players in NBA history, such as Michael Jordan and Steve Nash. This makes the retro cyberfaces the most fascinating new addition. Longtime lovers of basketball will find this thread to be a treasure trove of modifications that deepen their experience in many elements of the game.

10) FLS MyCareer Modifier

Even if there is a possibility that NBA 2K21’s MyCareer mode will be a lot of fun to play through, there is still likely to be a certain segment of players who feel as though they should have a bigger say in how things play out in this mode.

This is precisely what can be achieved with the FLS MyCareer Modifier for NBA 2K21, which enables players to configure and alter a vast variety of parameters to make MyCareer as customised as it possibly can be. This is exactly what can be accomplished.

11) Missing Players Cyberfaces

This collection of Cyberface packs brings NBA 2K21 up to date by adding dozens of players that were previously unavailable. Although it is impossible for Visual Concepts to include every prominent player in every version of NBA 2K, the company does its best to do so. The community of modders are more than willing to take up the slack, and they do an excellent job of it. There is a personalised cyberface available for every big athlete that fans can think of.

The likes of Paul Reed, Sam Merrill, and Jaylen Adams are included in these packs, along with a variety of other free agents. It would take too much time to detail all of the possibilities; you should look at them for yourself. There’s a good chance that your favourite is among them.

12) NBA 2K21 Retro Court Mods

The many court modifications that make it possible for players of NBA 2K21 to compete on the surface of their choosing are another kind of add-on that is quite popular among those who play the game. Some of the most iconic arenas in this respect are not even from this year; rather, they are arenas that have played a significant part in the history of the NBA throughout the course of the most recent few years. Some of the most popular courts in this regard are not even from this year.

It is sufficient to go to this website in order to look through the extensive collection of classic and vintage arenas that users may download for use in their own copies of NBA 2K21.

13) NBA 2k21 2021-2022 ATD Roster Update

This Attention to Detail (ATD) pack completely revamps the roster so that it more accurately reflects the 2021-2022 league season. Players will be able to take advantage of revised lineups, new two-way contracts, exact player ages, new rookies and their cyberfaces, customised shoes, and many other features.

This mod was created by Shuajota, a legendary figure in the world of NBA 2K modding. The addition of some of the missing players from 2k21 and other players to fill out the remainder of the roster gives the game a sense of completeness that improves the experience more than you may first believe.

14) Kobe-Themed Custom Court

The Black Mamba was one of the most recognised athletes to ever compete in a sport, and his absence in the sporting world is keenly felt even to this day. Even now, one of the game’s all-time greats has passed away, and the basketball community has not yet recovered from the loss.

This Kobe-Themed Custom Court may serve as a wonderful little personal homage to one of the greats, since the court was made with Kobe as the centre and soul of it. The court was themed after Kobe, who was a legendary basketball player. It would be wonderful if the actual world replicated this tribute and built a court in honour of one of the most talented basketball players in the history of the game.

15) NBA 2k21 Next-Gen Realism ReShade 

Next-Gen Realism is a modification created by Shuajota for the ReShade software that enhances the visual presentation of NBA 21. When it comes to the visual performance of a game, the significant impact that modifications may have may come as no surprise to gamers who are already acquainted with the ReShade programme.

This mod is not an exception to that rule. The very high degree of realism that players are able to achieve in NBA 2K21 gives the impression that the game is quite similar to watching live basketball footage. The powerful forward Hanamichi Sakuragi is capable of defeating any opponent.

16) National Basketball Association Bubble Court Pack PLUS

The idea of “Bubble Courts,” which are merely courts that have been lengthened to improve chances for social distance while playing the game, became the standard as social distancing got more prevalent.

Players will be able to experience the period that the NBA went through at the height of the coronavirus epidemic if they use these courts in NBA 2K21. This will undoubtedly add to the reality of the experience that they are having in the game.

17) SlamDunk Roster Mod

This roster of players from the basketball manga series SlamDunk is added by the SlamDunk Roster mod that was developed by Musashi. This is without a doubt one of the most original and well-liked roster modifications for NBA 2K21. For fans of the SlamDunk franchise, several players have become legendary figures.

Gamers have the option of stacking their squad with elite players from Shohoku High and pitting them against the most skilled players from professional North American leagues.

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