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PS4 Fallout 4 : The Best Mods

Fallout 4 is a large open-world game with hundreds of hours of content in the basic game alone, all set in a gorgeous but terrible wasteland, developed by Bethesda. While Fallout 4’s base game and downloadable content provide gamers with many hours of entertainment, a distinguishing aspect of Bethesda titles is how easily they can be modded. Bethesda will make their assets available to players after launch to make the game easier to mod, and the modding communities of Fallout games are some of the most creative individuals who can add additional stories, weapons, and NPCs to Bethesda games as well as breathe new life into games years after release.

It’s been five years since Fallout 4’s original release, and without a real addition to the Fallout series since (sorry Fallout 76), gamers are constantly discovering new ways to have fun in the Fallout 4 wasteland, with modifications playing a large role. Fallout 4 continues to get mods ranging from better visuals and unauthorised bug patches to extra stories and fully spoken companions. Here is a list of some of the top Fallout 4 modifications to help you wade through the backlog of mods that have accumulated over the previous five years.

1) Unlimited Resources Shipment

Settlement construction is one of Fallout 4’s most prominent features. While some players may have disregarded this component of the game, others were deeply immersed in this experience.

For these gamers, the Unlimited Resources Shipment provides the most unrestricted opportunity to express their creativity. This Fallout 4 PS4 mod offers infinite resources to each colony, allowing players to develop whatever they choose without having to search for extra materials.

2) Enhanced Wasteland

Fallout 4 is an older game, yet it still looks great. If you have a high-end PC and can run modifications that enhance the game’s visuals and performance, you may choose to give it a facelift.

This is just what the Enhanced Wasteland mod achieves, making the game environment seem brighter and more realistic. It also allows people with high-end graphics cards to boost Fallout 4’s aesthetics, bringing it closer in terms of graphical quality to other current open-world games.

3) STS – Scrap That Settlement!

The easiest approach to get extra resources for building a town in Fallout 4 is to scavenge the majority of the area’s objects and materials. Nonetheless, there are a variety of products and materials available in communities that might be recycled.

This mod for the PS4 version of Fallout 4 eliminates these bothersome limitations, allowing players to trash almost anything in the town. This offers players more flexibility to remove undesirable features of a town and also provides additional scrap material!

4) Better Settlers

In Fallout 4, constructing towns is enjoyable and a significant element of the game’s charm. It is pleasant to see your towns expand, engage in commerce, and form alliances with others. It also provides you with many secure locations to send your NPC friends.

However, with the exception of your friends, the typical settlers in Fallout 4 lack personality. Their artificial intelligence is subpar, and they walk about aimlessly in anticipation of being attacked by radscorpions and other mutant creatures. This mod modifies the situation by giving settler NPCs far more agency and enhancing their AI. They will be more inclined to defend the community during an assault, and their talks and designs will be considerably more diverse.

5) Companion Infinite Ammo

Ammunition handling is a nuisance in any first-person shooter. Managing the ammunition of your allies in addition to your own may be unpleasant at times.

This is when the Companion Infinite Ammo modification comes into play. With this Fallout 4 PS4 mod, companions may fire their weapons forever if they have at least one round of ammunition for the weapon they choose to use.

6) Another Life

Those who have played Fallout 4 will be aware that Synths (synthetic people, sometimes known as robots) play a significant part in the plot. In the Wasteland, Synths battle for independence and equal rights throughout the majority of Fallout 4. By making the player character a Synth, this patch accentuates the gravity of the conflict. This alters the start and narrative framework of the game, as you are no longer wandering the Wasteland for your kid but your purpose.

The Another Life mod allows you to investigate the game’s major concept from an entirely different angle. Will you free your race, or will you betray them and support their subjugation by their creators? Or will you bring peace and resolve the dispute? It depends on you.

7) Quick Hack And Pick

At the beginning of Fallout 4, picking locks and hacking terminals is a unique chore, but it may get pretty tiresome later on. Players may use the Quick Hack and Pick mod to avoid having to repeatedly align picks or choose passwords.

With this PS4 mod for Fallout 4, players can effortlessly hack terminals and pick locks without having to endure this torturous minigame repeatedly. Here, just the player’s lockpicking and hacking abilities count, since they decide whether or not they can unlock specific locks in the first place.

8) Everyone’s Best Friend

This modification’s principle is straightforward: Dogmeat will always have your back, even if you have a human friend. In early Fallout games, even if you had a human friend, Dogmeat might join you. Nevertheless, Fallout 4 restricts the player to a single companion, regardless of species.

This issue is resolved by the Everyone’s Best Friend mod, which enables you to always have your devoted German Shepherd at your side. Dogmeat will assist you and your human allies in the fight, creating a formidable trio.

9) Overgrowth, Immersive Living Forests, And Grasslands

Those who wish Fallout 4’s set to be less dismal may use this mod. It includes several lush kinds of wood and other biomes that provide a welcome change of pace to the game’s landscape.

Players should not be concerned that this mod may ruin immersion. The new vegetation fits in wonderfully with the game’s post-apocalyptic, barren atmosphere, resulting in a beautiful, isolated wilderness that players may explore to their hearts’ delight.

10) Fire Team Support

You may join one or more factions in Fallout 4 and try to either unify them with other factions or lead them in defeating all resistance. Despite the fact that you aid the factions a great deal in Fallout 4, they seldom return the favour.

This mod makes it possible to call for assistance when you’re in a difficult position. Confined by super mutants? Call in a Brotherhood of Steel Fire Team to assist level the playing field. The mod is compatible with all of Fallout 4’s main factions, including the Railroad, The Minutemen, and the Institute.

11) Cheat Room

The number of stuff to uncover in Fallout 4 seems to be limitless. The Commonwealth is littered with power armors, weapons of random construction, and many sorts of ammo. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that exploring is essential for creating a strong character in this game.

This mod adds a cheat chamber near Vault 111, giving you access to every item in the game. Whatever you need is contained here. Before your next excursion to a Radscorpion-infested location, you should probably stock up on Mini Nukes.

12) All Settlements Extended

This mod expands the perimeter of your settlements, enabling you to make use of more territory. Having a larger settlement area not only provides more room for your community to expand, but also offers you additional defensive choices.

It is irritating because settlements in Fallout 4 are continually under siege. This patch provides a greater area for setting up fortifications, making it less likely that mutant assaults will get near to anything of value. Invaders will be preoccupied with your security turrets and robots, giving your settlers more time to fight the invasion.

13) Zombie Walkers

Do you want to transform Fallout 4 into The Walking Dead? Download Zombie Walkers. This mod makes several adjustments to the Feral Ghouls you face, changing them into more conventional zombies. They are unable to run or evade, and their walking pace is greatly diminished. To compensate, they do double damage and stun you.

Since they are movie-style zombies, headshots are more successful in killing them, so modify your aim to save ammunition. Even if Ghouls are more hostile, avoid being encircled by these modified monsters; you may not be able to escape.

14) Choose Your Own Perks

This is perhaps one of the finest Fallout 4 console modifications since it enables you to try out any build before committing to it. The mod enables all perks from the beginning of the game and allows you to choose to activate them. You may activate them all and experience every perk in a single game if you so want.

However, there may be some that don’t fit your gaming style, make the game too easy, or don’t interest you. However, it is enjoyable to experiment with various perk combinations and come up with creative builds. Having access to all perks in Fallout 4 is likewise a rare occurrence for most players.

15) All You Can Carry

Carry weight is the early-game statistic that every player fears the most. You only wish you could transport more. All You Can Carry eliminates the need to choose between what to leave behind and what to carry with you. Selling the gear you discover is one of the finest ways to generate money in Fallout 4, but if you only sell a few weapons, it may take a long time to turn a profit.

This modification is a cheat. Therefore, if you are hoping for an intense or intensive experience, you may want to explore elsewhere.

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