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Nexus Mods: 15 Dragon Age Origins Mods That You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On

Even 10 years after its original release, Dragon Age: Origins, widely regarded as one of the finest role-playing video games of all time, continues to enjoy immense popularity and a devoted player community. In Dragon Age: Origins, players are introduced to the dark fantasy realm of Thedas and its politics and culture via one of six origin tales based on their race and class combination: elf, dwarf, or human and wizard, rogue, or warrior. After a series of misfortunes, the player character joins the Grey Wardens, either voluntarily or because they have no other option, and must help halt the Blight.

Players may return to Origins again due to the plethora of possible starts for a character and the many decisions they can make, each of which has the potential to substantially alter the story. However, the game’s age is still sometimes apparent, and gamers may want more variety on their next playtime. These gamers are able to install modifications that improve or fundamentally alter the experience. The finest modifications for Dragon Age: Origins alter a gameplay element, enhance combat and abilities, or add fantasy RPG staples. Here are the greatest modifications for Dragon Age: Origins in 2021, along with instructions on how to install them.

1) Morrigan Restoration Patch

Morrigan is one of the finest characters in the Dragon Age series, and the first game has her most important role.

Due to schedule constraints, a great deal of Morrigan’s speech and scenes were omitted despite her prominence in this series. This patch restores the majority of Morrigan’s voice lines, making her a more memorable character in Dragon Age: Origins and enhancing the narrative experience.

2) Skip the Fade

Skip the Fade by hdhd enables players to avoid the labyrinthine journey through the Fade during the Broken Circle chapter, and is often regarded as the most crucial Dragon Age: Origins mod. After defeating Duncan at Weisshaupt Fortress, the Sloth demon will send the hero into the Fade, where they will be promptly sent to each of their allies’ nightmares. Then, they may engage the demon in combat. They will instantly gain all of the additional attribute points that they would otherwise need to earn through solving riddles, and they will also acquire all of the accompanying Codex Entries. This mod is essential for gamers who despise halting the main tale to explore the Fade.

3) Grey Wardens Of Ferelden

Since Dragon Age: Origins, the outfit and weaponry of the Grey Warden have seen various modifications. The majority of fans responded positively to these modifications.

This Dragon Age: Origins mod incorporates Dragon Age 2’s weaponry and clothing into the original game. This makes the whole experience more uniform. Regardless matter how little this adjustment may be, many gamers will likely welcome it.

4) Character Respecialization

Unlike other role-playing games, including the previous two entries in the Dragon Age series, Origins does not allow players to respec their characters once they have specialised and levelled up. This was resolved by Peter Kovacs’ Character Respecialization mod. Players may engage with the mysterious Raven who emerges at camp to reset their hero’s characteristics, specialty, spells, abilities, and skills. If players are missing a gameplay-specific speciality, such as Blood Mage or Duelist, they will not be able to acquire it through the Raven, although they may earn it again if they had achieved it during the main plot.

5) White Teeth

While it may be more natural for the mediaeval fantasy setting for the denizens of Thedas to have yellow, filthy teeth, gamers may occasionally choose a more contemporary look for their favourite characters.

The White Teeth Mod does not miraculously provide the characters with toothbrushes, but it does give them pearly white teeth, guaranteeing that gamers are not distracted by unattractive teeth during cutscenes. This download is compatible with all other modifications, therefore there are no potential conflicts to worry about.

6) Extra Dog Slot

Everyone want to explore Thedas with a dependable Mabari friend. Unfortunately, unlike the dog in Dragon Age 2, the Mabari in Origins must be included in a party as one of the three companions, as opposed to functioning as a unique fifth companion. The Extra Dog Slot mod by Dheuster enables users to bring their furry pet on every excursion without sacrificing a companion slot. Players should be aware that if the Mabari dies, this mod may have bugs. They will need to send it away and call it back in order to repair the issue.

7) Change Your Hero Hair And Face Anywhere In The Game

Dragon Age: Origins will take at least 40 hours to accomplish, and that’s ignoring the majority of the game’s side stuff. Consequently, it is conceivable for a player to tyre of their character’s original appearance; nevertheless, the Warden cannot obtain a makeover in the main game. A fresh appearance will need a new playthrough.

That would be the case if not for Sir A’s modification. This does precisely what its name implies: it allows users to change the appearance of their Warden to that of another generated character.

8) Alley of Murders

Dragon Age: Origins has a variety of downloadable content adventures, but if players are searching for an additional challenge, they may explore the Alley of Murders. This fan-made addition by AmstradHero adds a mission that brings the hero and his allies to investigate a string of murders in the secret underbelly of Denerim. The expansion is fully spoken and contains options with distinct and concrete outcomes. This may add up to an extra hour of playtime.

9) Awakening Silverite Mines Bugfix

In the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, there is a notable bug that allows players to lose particular equipment if it is equipped during the scene with the Architect and Utha.

Fortunately, the Awakening Silverite Mines Bugfix Mod assures that this bug is eradicated from the game, allowing players to rest easy knowing that their favourite equipment will not mysteriously vanish. Unfortunately, if users install this mod after the bugged sequence has already played, it will not repair the issue retroactively.

10) Equal Love

The romance portion of the Dragon Age games is a fan favourite and enables the player to develop connections with their companions, which, if successful, may lead to a love union. However, the gender the player selects for the Warden will determine which companions they may romance, since each has its own gender preferences.

This may be rather annoying for those who want to play as a female character, since it prevents them from, for instance, romancing Morrigan. The Equal Love mod, which eliminates gender restrictions while romancing your favourite characters, is a blessing. However, it does not eliminate barriers based on class or race.

11) DA2 Isabela And Flemeth To DAO

Flemeth and Isabela appear in both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, albeit their looks are much different and, arguably, cooler in the sequel. A player may install a mod to give the characters a better, more stylish appearance if they choose.

The DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO Mod provides both character models a makeover so that they resemble their Dragon Age 2 counterparts. However, this mod only works if players have not yet met the characters in question, therefore it would be prudent to create a fresh save file to take use of this mod.

12) Morrigan And Leliana Sacred Ashes Face Mod

The Sacred Ashes video for Dragon Age: Origins was, and still is, a magnificent glimpse into the land of Thedas. Even though the clip is amazing, those who have played the game may notice a few discrepancies. The distinct facial features of Morrigan and Leliana are a major source of fan ire.

This may be remedied with the Morrigan and Leliana Sacred Ashes Face Mod for those who want to guarantee their two favourite female companions get the visage promised in the trailer. When it comes to Leliana’s character model, there are really many alternatives available, allowing players to choose the one that best fits their preferences.

13) Lock Bash

The Lock Bash mod allows players to unlock locked chests and doors by brute force, making locked chests and doors no longer a hindrance to their journeys. This mod is sophisticated in that it will urge this action if the player is accompanied by a rogue who can unlock the lock or has the key.

Additionally, this patch may be utilised in a balanced manner to make the game more realistic, such that when players open chests, there is a risk that they will also destroy the object within. Notably, this modification also enables players to explore previously inaccessible regions behind closed doors.

14) Auto-Loot

Auto-loot is a feature that is a boon to players in any game that implements it. This functionality is not implemented by default in Dragon Age: Origins, although it may be readily added using the Auto-Loot mod. This enables the player to quickly gather their riches and flee with a single click, without having to explicitly choose “take all.”

There are a few restrictions: the inventory must have enough capacity, and some quest-related goods are ineffective. In order to prevent game-breaking bugs, missions are not recognised as completed when players get essential goods through auto-loot.

15) No Helmet Hack

When it comes to video games, it may be rather frustrating when your character or their allies are forced to wear a bulky helmet that obscures their face. Unfortunately, Origins was published before Bioware included the option to make helmets invisible in Mass Effect 2, thus players were forced to continue wearing them.

The No Helmet Hack mod, however, allows players to admire their Warden and allies in all their full-faced glory. This mod is compatible with the Awakening expansion.

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