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How to unlock borderlands 3 class mods

The Borderlands series has always included a wide array of class modifications, which provides considerable diversity to the gameplay. In loot-based games, it is particularly crucial to have a diverse approach to your playstyle, since grinding for hundreds of hours may get tedious without it. To briefly review, class modifications in the game come with three distinct components. What are the specific skill bonuses, stat bonuses, and unique perks for each of the Vault Hunters?

It may take a considerable amount of effort to determine the optimum class modifications for certain classes since there is a great deal of diversity even within the classes themselves – and Borderland 3’s early upgrades helped to balance things out. Consequently, anything that was exceptionally wonderful or horrible in the past may not be on the same level now. The Legendary class is among the most popular classes among Borderlands franchise fans.

1) Infiltrator

Zane is currently not the strongest character, therefore it is only natural that his legendary class mod Infiltrator would rank somewhat lower on the list, yet it still cuts. The Infiltrator boosts weapon damage and movement speed as the shield depletes, with the greatest increase occurring when the shield is completely depleted.

The shield Stop Gap makes this class mod potent since when it is completely depleted, it grants the player five seconds of immunity to damage. The goal is to purposefully deplete your shield and then do absurd damage in those five seconds before seeking cover and allowing your shield to regenerate.

2) R4KK P4K – FL4K

Due to recent upgrades, some talents such as Rakk Attack now have a chance in Mayhem Mode, and the R4KK P4K Legendary Class Mod improves their odds even more. As with Zane’s Antifreeze, the last Trial boss, Mayhem 4, must be farmed. In this instance, it is the Cunning Trial.

When FL4K uses Rakk Attack on an adversary, the rakks divide into two more rakks that seek out foes. This results in a fantastic chain reaction and a tremendous deal of crowd management, something FL4K is not often renowned for. Currently, this is the most effective method for creating a pet build for FL4K.

3) Antifreeze

Antifreeze is Zane’s most potent class mod due to its ease of application and independence from certain builds and equipment. Whenever Zane slides or is airborne, Antifreeze grants a 40% increase in damage and a 20% decrease in damage. His movement speed is increased by 25% anytime he is Slowed.

It guarantees that he continues to move and rewards him for doing so. If you’re using Zane as a glass cannon and need to keep him on the move to escape damage, this class mod will be of great assistance.

4) Seein’ Dead – Zane (DLC)

With the new Seein’ Dead class mod, Zane has become a formidable opponent. The only drawback is that it requires the Handsome Jackpot DLC to unlock. The functionality of the Seein’ Dead mod is comparable to his Seein’ Red capstone ability. This time, though, he has a chance to trigger his Kill Skills just by doing damage to an adversary, and the Kill Skills get a 25% effect boost.

This signifies that Zane has his Kill Skill active throughout the whole battle. This also aids boss battles, since Zane will no longer depend on other foes to use his Kill Skills. This is currently the finest class mod for Zane, and it is a regular drop in the DLC.

5) Breaker

Amara melee builds are already very powerful, and Breaker makes them much more so. When Breaker is equipped, Amara’s damage reduction has increased the closer she gets to the adversary. This increase cannot surpass 29%.

A 29% damage reduction advantage is significant, particularly in the more challenging settings. This class modification also makes it simpler for her to utilize abilities such as Personal Space, which increases damage by 54 percent the closer she is to her opponent, Blitz, which increases melee damage, Jab Cross, which increases weapon damage after performing melee, and Mindfulness stacking.

6) Raging Bear

Iron Bear was not very effective in the game’s early days, but after a few improvements in a few updates, it is now one of the most potent class modifications available. It’s a must-have for Moze since it decreases fuel consumption every time you kill an adversary and increases their damage. Obtaining it is tricky, though, since Mayhem 4 must be activated if you want it.

If you have difficulties with Moze’s endurance, this is the mod you’ve been searching for. It is without question one of the greatest Borderlands 3 legendary class modifications.

7) St4ckbot – FL4K (DLC)

The St4ckbot may spawn at any moment during the Handsome Jackpot DLC. It grants FL4K additional damage if they score a critical hit, and removes this boost when they no longer earn critical hits.

There is a reason why this is at the bottom of the list despite seeming too wonderful to be true. It seems that elemental damage will bring about that string of critical strikes, which is wonderful if you have the proper equipment. It is unknown if this is a bug or planned by Gearbox. Consequently, this class modification is only effective with non-elemental weapons. Still, if you equip FL4K with a Maggie or a Vladof assault weapon, you may do unfathomable damage.

8) Spiritual Driver

Are you one of those men that like to go berserk in video games, slaughtering every opponent who comes your way? Then you should equip Spiritual Driver since it increases the gun damage of the equipped character. It can be discovered in Mayhem 4, exactly like Raging Bear, and is quite handy for combatants that want to stay mobile.

If you gain the Mindfulness talent, you may utilize this legendary class mod to its full potential, since it also increases Amara’s movement speed and damage as she moves.

9) Mind Sweeper

Due to her longevity and basic abilities, Moze is quite popular among novices. Mind Sweeper is an exceptional passive class mod that significantly increases DPS for those using a critical-based build. Mind Sweeper has a chance to create an exploding micro-grenade with each critical strike it successfully lands.

Using a weapon with low damage and a rapid rate of fire, such as an SMG, provides many opportunities for this micro grenade to spawn and do a great deal of damage.

10) Blast Master

The Blast Master legendary class mod is very advantageous for Moze since it increases her splash damage by up to 100 points as long as she does not reload. Since she is well-known for possessing a large ammunition capacity and the ability to trigger explosives, the mod’s suitability for her becomes self-evident.

The skill boost gives you a 30% chance for your grenades to score a critical hit, which may be increased to a 50% chance with upgrades. Therefore, all positives for aggressive players.

11) Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter class mod is ideal for those farming bosses with FL4K. Once equipped, all bosses are considered people, monsters, or robots for Hunter Skills. If your FL4K build relies heavily on the Hunter Skill tree, this is an excellent class patch.

Now, a talent like Hunter’s Eye will have an impact on all of the game’s bosses. Humans will allow you to do more damage on critical hits, robots will take more armor damage, and monsters will provide FL4K more damage reduction. In addition, there is a 3% chance that a Hunter Skill may be triggered while delivering gun damage.

12) St4ckbot

The St4ckbot is a legendary class mod that is related to the Handsome Jackpot DLC, meaning it cannot be obtained without the expansion. It increases your damage whenever you score a critical hit, and it lasts as long as you continue earning critical hits.

It’s ultimately not that fantastic owing to its limitations, but if you choose to play the game in a certain manner, you’ll find it suitable. If you acquire a non-elemental weapon, you will ultimately do a great number of damage.

13) Bloodletter

The Bloodletter class mod is quite potent when configured properly. Healing will now restore shields, and all forms of health restoration will contribute to shielding regeneration. This is the essential class mod for low health, high shield setups since it significantly boosts the effectiveness of shields.

Combine this class modification with the Deathless artefact that reduces health to one, doubles shield capacity, increases shield recharge, and decreases shield recharge delay, as well as Moze’s Vampyr ability that regenerates 4% of missing health (now shields) with grenade damage, and you’ll have an absolute tank with potent shields. The only reason it’s not ranked higher is that it requires very powerful equipment to be successful.

14) Phasezerker

Phasezerker is a potent class modification for Amara, since performing the Action Skill now adds five Rush Stacks and each Rush Stack reduces the Action Skill’s cooldown by 10%. This is fantastic for the Mystical Assault skill tree since rush stacks enhance damage, reload speed, elemental effect probabilities, and Action Skill damage.

The Avatar ability is essential since it boosts the number of Bonus Rush Stacks by 10 and allows Amara to perform her Action Skill twice with a single cooldown. With the proper setup, you may repeatedly perform the Actional Skill with little to no cooldown owing to the 10% reduction in cooldown each Rush Stack.

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