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16 Best Fallout 2 Mods

Fallout 2 is nearly two decades old, yet it remains one of the finest role-playing video games ever made. It has withstood the test of time and even surpassed more contemporary RPGs, warts and all, due to its branching questlines and distinctive scenario.

Some flaws with Fallout 2, like its incompatibility with newer platforms, make it difficult for players to access this classic today. Thankfully, there are modifications that concentrate on addressing these shortcomings, and some are even bold enough to create a completely new game under the Fallout IP. While there are not nearly as many modifications for Fallout 2 as there are for the franchise’s third and fourth sequels, there are a number of fantastic mods for Fallout 2 that make the game more entertaining.

While there are not nearly as many modifications for Fallout 2 as there are for the franchise’s third and fourth sequels, there are a number of fantastic mods for Fallout 2 that make the game more entertaining.

1) Mutants Rising

You reside in a tranquil neighbourhood in Nevada, I see. That sounds nothing like Fallout, correct? It isn’t! You are now experiencing the greatest degree of tranquilly. Except that the neighbourhood is surrounded by walls because zombies are everywhere. However, there is a minor point that we might have simply omitted.

In Mutants Rising, you assume the character of a mysterious, well-known member of the community. This is one of the greatest narrative modifications I’ve seen for Fallout 2; it’s a full rewrite of the tale. These earlier games allowed you a great deal of narrative freedom, and I like these modifications.

2) High-Resolution Fallout 2 Patch

The graphics and sprites of Fallout 2 are unattractive and odd-looking due to the game’s advanced age. However, retexture modifications exist to rectify this issue.

The High-Resolution patch achieves just that, enhancing the visual quality of practically every element of Fallout 2. Characters, settings, and foes have all gotten a fresh coat of paint to enhance the enjoyment of destroying them. It does not affect any of the game’s incredible advantages, but practically everything else has been improved.

3) Custom Perks

Custom Perks is one of the most effective modifications for enhancing the game experience. By installing the custom perks mod in your Fallout 2 game, you will have access to 62 new perks that may be utilised to modify the gameplay and create new items. Some of the bonuses are identical to vanilla bonuses, but the vast majority are unique and uncommon, making the game more entertaining. Among the benefits are excellent night vision, immunity to knockback, and the ability to grapple adversaries. You need not be concerned about the expanded selections in your menu, since the additional bonuses will not overwhelm it.


4) FRM Workshop

Since Fallout 2 might be difficult to change, there are tools available to facilitate the process. FRM Workshop enables users to build new animals and objects.

Items might vary from consumables to random debris scavenged from the environment. Environments may be imbued with whatever mood desired, which can be expanded to include opponents. While this mod won’t perform anything by itself, the creative tools it gives may let you create and discover fantastic custom content.


5) sFall

Before you can begin customising Fallout 2, several compatibility and performance updates must be required for the game to operate correctly.

Fortunately, unlike Bethesda’s Fallout games, just one mod is required. Download sFall, and the majority of the game’s problems disappear. Importantly, compatibility with contemporary operating systems has also been included. The resolution of menus will not be screwed up, and the increased capabilities for modders enables the development of some fairly ambitious modifications.


6) Weapons Redux

Weapons Redux is one of the greatest modifications you can install for Fallout 2 to expand your arsenal’s size. The weapons, which include melee and handguns, may be used to kill adversaries. Since the introduction of this Weapon Redux, Fallout 2 has become more thrilling and engaging, as each weapon has regained its former relevance.


7) SCAR 

SCAR, also known as the Skilldex Color Aesthetic Redux, is a wonderful visual mod that replaces the monochrome approach and art of your skilldex with an assortment of dazzling new colourful pictures.

The mod does not affect gameplay in any way. However, it does alter the game’s aesthetic to give it a refreshed appearance that you will like if you’ve played it for a few years.

8) FO2 Starting Inventory

You begin Fallout 2 as a spear-armed member of a primitive tribe. There is nothing else you can use to survive your first few days in the wilderness but your fists.

Fortunately, FO2’s Starting Inventory will intelligently provide you with more specialised equipment depending only on your attributes. If you choose to specialise on small arms during character creation, you will begin with a handgun and ammo. If you have a high unarmed skill, you begin the game with a significantly improved melee weapon. This makes gaining levels in FO2 less tedious and more entertaining.


9) Rusted SMG

This is a really simple modification that I’ve chosen to place on the list since it looks so fantastic. It is only a rusty replica of the original Fallout SMG, giving the impression that the weapon has been heavily used.

This design catches the spirit of how several Fallout weapons are intended to seem, which wins it the eleventh slot on my list. I also wanted some variation in terms of tale rewrites, so this is a breath of new air!


10) FO2 Cheat Chest

It may be more enjoyable to swiftly acquire goods of interest than to spend hundreds of hours doing tedious tasks. FO2 Cheat Chest enables just this.

This patch adds a number of chests to the area outside the Arroyo beginning temple. These chests contain practically every item in Fallout 2, allowing you to immediately experiment with different builds and play styles. FO2 Cheat Chest is the finest mod you may use if you install other modifications and need to test new equipment, or if you just want to utilise power armour throughout the most of the game.


11) Fallout 2 Starting Inventory

The Fallout 2 Starting Inventory mod is incredible and has the ability to alter the whole nature of the game. It provides you with increased inventory from the game’s commencement. Typically, you start the game with nothing except spears and the title “tribesman.” In the beginning, the only weapon you have is your fists, which you may use to defend yourself in the wasteland. After downloading the Starting Inventory modification, it will offer you with more weapons based on your skill level and overall game score. If your point total is low and your gun proficiency is high, the Starting Inventory mod will equip you with pistols. If your statistics are strong and you have more points, you will get intriguing weaponry. This mod may enhance your enjoyment of the game by making it more engaging and simpler to play.


12) Fallout 2: Lands of Mordor

Lands of Mordor is not a mod for stealth-oriented players. In fact, it is one of the most radical Fallout 2 overhauls I’ve seen. You will be confronted with several threats that must be dealt with by force. If you attempt to play passively, you will fail.

There are just too many power-ups for your foes, and you must find a way around them. Which is half the enjoyment. Note that this has nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings. I too was disappointed, friends. However, it is still an excellent mod!


13) Fallout 1.5: Resurrection

Fallout 1.5 is a Fallout 2 mod that occurs between the first and second games. You will be able to discover new NPCs and goods in new areas.

Surprisingly, this mod brings you east of NCR and New Mexico, resulting in the whole mod consisting of new locales as opposed to recycling previous ones. The opening of the narrative has you nearly resurrecting from the dead, thus the title. This mod’s quests are well-designed, and its general tone is consistent with what Black Isle produced almost two decades ago.


14) Awakened

This mod’s description is one of the most weird I’ve ever read, and although the mod itself is incredible, the description could need a tonne of work. It prepares you for an adventure in a world that has just experienced a nuclear war. You awaken in the midst of nowhere and hope to reach a new city after leaving the refuge.

The difficulty is that you cannot recall who you are or what you were doing before to the outbreak and conclusion of the conflict. Fun thing. This mod takes you on a brand-new Fallout 2 experience that is bound to change your perspective.


15) FOnline 3

This is not a mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 3. Fallout 3: Van Buren was intended to be the third Fallout game released by Black Isle, however it was never released.

Multiplayer was supposed to be a part of this game, thus modders retrospectively introduced multiplayer to Fallout 2. FOnline 3 is essentially an MMORPG. You may pick factions to play as and engage in combat with other provinces to seize resources. It is unlike any mod that has come before it, and it delivers a distinct kind of pleasure that Fallout 76 was attempting to create. Unlike Fallout 76, this mod does a superior job at selling and implementing this concept.


16) MIB 88 Megamod

Given that this patch is really a collection of previous modifications, I believe that placing it top on my list would have been unfair. In fact, this mod combines all of the finest Fallout 2 modifications into a single bundle, allowing you to vastly enhance your gaming experience with a single click.

If you are a huge fan of the original Fallout 2 and you want your game to seem fresh, there is no better mod than this one. It has so many new features that it will feel like a whole new game. Definitely deserving of a trial If you don’t like it, you may remove it at any time.

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