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The 16 Best Skate Modifications And Upgrades For The 2022 Season

Numerous skating video games have been published throughout the years. But few games have reinvented the genre as much as Skater XL, beside the THPS series. This game’s unusual control method, which connects the skater’s feet to the two analogue sticks, is a major selling point.

And although console games may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the PC is a whole other story. With a thriving modding community supplying several additional features, there are weeks, if not months, of entertainment available here. So let’s explore some of the greatest ones you can get.

1) Unity Mod Manager

Unity Mod Manager is a need for editing this game, allowing players to insert skater XL modes into the game. Its role is to provide easier management of changes to other modes.

After downloading this, the user will be required to download the XLShred Menu mod, which is required for modifications to function. It works by incorporating the mod’s code into the game. JBoogie has created a thorough and exhaustive guide to installing these modifications, which informs players of the additional features the mods provide to the game. This is the mod to end all modifications!

2) MusicMod

There is nothing better than doing all of your favourite tricks at your favourite skatepark while listening to your favourite song. On infinite loop.

By adding shuffle, stop, and play options, MusicMod improves your control over the Skater XL BGM soundtrack. Surprisingly, they are absent from the game’s default settings.

Unfortunately, the possibility to contribute your own music is yet in the distant future. Regarding in-game musical adjustments, this will suffice for the time being.

3) Babbo Settings

The next mod is Babbo Settings, which is a game-changer in the sense that its innovative technology enables players to adjust the game’s aesthetics and visuals to their liking, which is typically not possible, and add amusing content to the game.

This patch is an unified graphic settings interface that also contains a visual filter that breathes fresh life into the game by introducing ambient occlusion, colour grading, and an ability to record clips with a pseudo fisheye lens.

It improves the visual quality of images and recordings in a manner that no other addon can match. This will eliminate the horrible motion blur that often occurs while capturing footage. It may be installed using the Discord Channel for the Skater XL Modding group.

4) Rumble

Some gamers may not mind the absence of a rumble function, but if you want the controller to vibrate when your skateboard touches the ground, this hack is for you. Rumble provides a traditional tactile sensation while playing video games, creating the illusion that you may feel some form of sensory effect after landing tricks (not in a humorous manner! Put your thoughts above the gutter!) Again, the game does not have it by default, thus this modification is similar to when you had to attach a rumble pack to your Gameboy Advance.

5) Primitive Clothing Pack

As in real life, there is no such thing as looking too cool in Skater XL. Always strive to improve the situation. This Primitive Clothing Pack is yet another collection of creative garments. So that you may appear hotter than ever, you can personalise your character with new shirts, caps, and hoodies.

However, they will not make you a better skater in any way. You should continue practising if you do not want to be seen as a poser.

(6) XLMultiplayer

The XLMultiplayer feature enables online skating with buddies in Skate 3. With this mod, a user may create a fantastic Skater XL multiplayer server.

Though it has one downside in which an unsightly red dot shows on your screen, the ugliness is worth it, since one disadvantage can be overlooked if it offers numerous positives, such as a nearly perfect multilayer skating experience where you can join whatever server you choose with minimal latency.

7) Skate Dice

Folks, gambling is harmful. It is impossible to predict when good luck will become sour. Even though it is still in development, the Skate Dice patch adds some really unique twists to the game.

You are essentially being challenged to accomplish random stunts and wager any amount of money on your success. There are still some kinks to work out, so some of your stunts may not be recognised. However, the excitement you will have when playing with this installation will more than justify the testing time.

8) Primitive Clothing Pack

A primitive clothes kit brings coolness to an all new level. This mod is a clothing pack that lets you to wear several new outfits while skating to make you appear cooler and more fantastic. This offers a vast selection of customizable caps, tees, and hoodies.

What could be more enjoyable than playing a game while wearing your preferred personalised attire? Despite the fact that this mod has no effect on your skating abilities, which can only be improved via practise, it gives you with the chance to rock the game by appearing awesome.

9) Schoolyard Day

Schoolyards are fantastic places to skate. Skaters who cannot avoid a few schoolgirls have no right to use the term “skateboarder.”

The Schoolyard Day skate park is an awesome custom skate park map with a multitude of aspects that will allow you to express your creativity without endangering others.

10) Skate’s Cyber Spot

A skatepark with a strong artistic vision?

That is just what Skater XL needed. Skate’s Cyber Spot has an incredible ambience that is almost cyberpunk-like. It has an abundance of neon lights, electronic billboards, and several more artefacts that may be used to execute the most incredible stunts this side of Compton.

I assure you that the degree of realism is so amazing that all other skate parks will seem like beta versions in comparison.

11) Skin Editor

The skin editor adds to the enjoyment of the game by enabling players to outfit their avatar as they see fit and to alter their appearance as frequently as they choose. And without changing the materials and textures of the game. This mod is a complete package that provides the user with convenience, fun, and a time saver so that they can focus more on their game rather than modifying the game’s texture through the shared assets file, for which they had to hunt for the path I.Ds to change the characters’ attire before this mod existed.

It also allows users to choose from a variety of additional hat varieties, including beanies, ski masks, five-panel hats, and many more. This mod also allows you to personalise the board Menu side of the Stats menu using textures from your skateboard category. Using an XLSE file, this patch makes your textures more vibrant. The amusement is actually limitless, since fresh textures are generated and updated every day.

12) The Open Road

Since the initial skate video games, the Open Road Skate parks have evolved significantly. Who would have guessed that a park located on a freeway would have been so wonderful in the past?

This Open Road skatepark is an aesthetically pleasing and fun-to-use custom park situated on a major highway. It has everything you might desire in a skate park, including decks, rails, and pipes. Thank the gods of skating for trucks; they make the impossible possible.

13) Stats Menu

The Stats Menu enables you to customise the game to your preferences. This is one of the most recent community-made modifications, but it is necessary. Changes to the game’s gravity, push height, flip speed, and push speed allow players to modify the game in a variety of ways.

These characteristics provide you an advantage when attempting a tough line by allowing you to customise your game. This mod is sometimes known as a two-part mod since it features a second menu for board modification. In addition, it has a range of settings including the rotation of the board with your body to give you more control over your tricks, as well as the auto/manual catch. These options are located above the slider settings.

14) Industrial Zone

A classic that draws inspiration from another classic. Industrial Zone may not seem very creative, since it is the 10,000th skatepark to be situated in an abandoned industrial area. However, skate game enthusiasts will like it anyway.

In addition to the tricks you’ll be able to pull off, this game is largely influenced by EA’s old Skate titles. Do you have a tear running down your cheek? Must be the sentimentality.

15) XXL Map Editor

Everyone want to be in charge of their games. In games where maps are of utmost significance, such as Skater XL, taking control becomes even more thrilling. The XXL map editor elevates the control aspect of the game to an all new level.

It allows you entire flexibility in map construction, allowing you to place things on freshly generated areas and freely explore them. In addition, your mapmaking abilities will shine with this mod. However, you must proceed with caution. It takes time to load the changes, and hurrying might create complications.

16) Custom Parks

Despite being a modification, we would argue that custom parks are essential in Skater XL. The modding community is incredibly creative and generates great maps that are on par with the quality of the game’s default maps. These community add-ons provide access to Applewood Park, Slam City Jam, and Vans Huntington Beach, among others. Even the Maloof Money Cup from Skate 3 is playable! Given that it is a realistic skating simulation, including real-world scenery and skate parks really enhances the experience, and we suggest installing this mod if you just install one. Skater XL maps may be downloaded through mod.io; if you cannot find the map you are searching for, it is likely accessible on the modding community’s Discord channel.

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