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Bongs From China and How They have Improved Over the Years

Ask any stoner – bongs deliver the best high anytime. Without a doubt, the bongs have stood the test of time and remain popular among stoners. The functionality of the device is based on the filtering process of the smoke taking place in the stem.

It also includes cooling the smoke through the water at the base, which results in inhaling cooled and filtered smoke through the mouthpiece. Today, bong comes in hundreds of styles and designs. The majority of them come mainly from the U.S.A and China.

Many have argued that China bongs are inferior and made from low-quality materials. However, experience has proven these assumptions wrong. Many China-made bongs are crafted with high-quality materials, making them highly durable and functional.

How have bongs from China fared, and how have they improved over the years? That is what this post is about. We will look at the growth of China-made bongs and their improvements in recent years.

The Early Stage of Bong Manufacturing in China

The debate on whether made-in-China bongs and smoking paraphernalia are worth buying compared to their American-made devices is ongoing. Many believe bongs from China are of low quality and the reason for their low cost.

Well, one can hardly blame this school of thought, considering China has gained a bad reputation for churning low-quality products over the years. The only issue is in throwing the baby with the bath water.

While it is true that China sells bad products, just like many other countries in the world, they have grown to become a leading manufacturing hub in the world. In the early stage of manufacturing bong in China, the focus was more on mass production with minimal attention to material quality.

While Chinese manufacturers were supplying the world with very attractive bongs, people began to complain about the quality. Over the years, the country has significantly improved its material and production quality. Bongs from China are so good now that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between them and those made in the USA.

Glass Bongs from China vs. Glass Bongs from the U.S

Generally, US-made glass bongs are superior to made-in-China glass bongs. Many believe China bongs are mass-produced and made with poor quality material. While this may be true with some manufacturers, some reputable manufacturers pay attention to quality.

There are many Chinese companies with world-class production facilities that manufacture high-quality glass bongs and exports. These organizations employ talented local craftsmen with expertise in glass manufacturing techniques and glass blowing to craft top-quality smoking devices and accessories.


They offer top-quality smoking devices, including glass bongs, pipes, and other glass accessories. Products from these organizations do not come ridiculously cheap. They compete favorably with glass bongs from other regions, including the United States.

Overall, bongs from China have some excellent value. The high-quality bongs from China are a little more expensive than the standard low-quality options. They are very durable and feature-rich. In truth, not many bong brands outside the country measure up their quality in terms of glass quality and craftsmanship.

What are the Types of Bongs Imported from China?

Whatever type of bongs you can imagine, China manufactures them. This is one reason people accuse manufacturers from the region of imitating original designs from the United States. Well, our focus is not on the originality of craftsmanship but on availability. So, here are some types of made-in-China bongs you can find anywhere in the world, including the United States.

  • Straight Tube Bongs

These are the most basic bong type. They are simple and very easy to use, making them a perfect choice for new bong users. Although it is simple, a China-made straight tube bong is classic and sleek. It filters the smoke through the submerged downstem filled with water. This bong type is easy to clean and delivers a powerful hit every time.

These are some of the popular China-made bongs. They look like pieces of science laboratory equipment, which adds to their unique appeal. A beaker bong has numerous benefits. It is stable, thanks to its heavy bottom. Its wider base also generates lots of smoke for more flavorful smoking sessions.

  • Percolator Bongs

Also known as bubblers, percolator bongs come in different sizes and shapes. They are exceptionally good for filtering smoke. A percolator bong comes with at least two percolators from where it got its name.

The percolators have numerous slits to diffuse the smoke as it moves through the device to the mouthpiece. The smoke from these devices cools faster because of the diffusion.

  • Recycler Bongs

These are also called multi-chamber bongs. They look technical but deliver super smooth hits every time. Its filtration system filters the smoke multiple times as the smoke moves through the percolator and water chamber. Percolator bongs are the perfect choice if you are looking for a smooth and powerful hit.

  • Faberge Egg Bongs

Named after the Russian jeweled eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge, Faberge Egg bongs have become a popular design from the stables of Chinese bong manufacturers. A piece has an egg-shaped percolator and may have an egg-shaped body. This makes it easy for the bubbles to spread out fast to give the user a powerful hit.

  • Round Base Bongs

The bongs look like beaker bongs but they have a spherical base. They are not as stable as the beaker bongs because of the base, making them a little difficult to handle, especially for new users. However, they perform the same function in the same way.


Bongs from China have significantly improved over the years. While the debate about their low quality compared to American-made quality is still ongoing, no one can deny the fact that China-made bongs have made a name in the industry.

They are more affordable and satisfy the quality needs of their target audience. When it comes to buying a bong, your budget and your needs determine what you choose. If you need a bong that gets the job done without spending a fortune, a China bong will do the magic.

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