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The 15 Best Smash Bros. Mods Ever Created

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s extensive pool of playable characters is no stranger to fan-made modifications. This covers modifications for characters from the popular and long-running The Legend of Zelda series. Some modders introduce new characters, such as Tetra as a playable character in Smash Ultimate, while others create outfits based on earlier Zelda titles in the series. One of the most sought-after characters by modders is Ganondorf, the main antagonist of the game.

Due to his hefty powerful playstyle, Ganondorf is one of the most popular playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ganon is a boss in both of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s single-player modes, Classic and World of Light, bolstering his aura of strength. This beastly form Ganondorf assumes is the identical one from the last fight in Ocarina of Time, making it the ideal foundation for a custom skin mod. This mod was produced by renowned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate modder nanobuds and is dubbed “Beast Ganon.” It transforms Ganondorf into the swinish Ganon beast, who draws many influences from his inspiration in Ocarina of Time. Unlike the boss battle that players may engage in, the skin scales Ganondorf down to match Ganondorf’s playable dimensions, however it retains many of the monster’s traits, including as his torso and head.

Due to the complexity of modifying Nintendo Switch games, there are not a large number of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate modifications that significantly alter the gameplay. They wouldn’t mesh well with the online modes, thus the majority of currently available modifications concentrate on adding new skins to existing characters to make the game an even greater celebration of gaming in general.

Let’s investigate and see what we uncover.

1)Chalk vase

Remember when Fox was at the top of every list under the sun? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. In a most unsettling manner. Fox is still one of the most powerful characters in Ultimate, but he lacks the hand-to-hand fighting abilities that made him the greatest.

No, I am not discussing unlimited charm. Regarding her classic outfit, I’ve returned to exact vengeance on this fashionista.

2) Portal Weighted Cubes

There is currently a Smash Ultimate mod that replaces the crates on Big Blue and Corneria with the Weighted Cubes from Portal 1 and 2. The Companion Cube is universally adored, so it’s only natural that it would make a cameo in Smash. What better way to demonstrate your Portal enthusiasm than than tossing the cube in Smash?

Now you may recapture those beloved memories of lugging your Companion Cube through test chambers, solving riddles, and placing your life in its hands, all while pummeling your opponents in Smash! Please take care not to drop it… We wouldn’t want anything negative to happen to our little companion.

3) Marth but his Tipper is a Paralyzer

The tipper of Marth is very hazardous. But did you know that you may make matters much worse for individuals who get the infamous Falchion?

This modification causes Marth’s tipper to always immobilise foes, enabling for almost any follow-up strike. I only hope this hack doesn’t give Nintendo any wacky ideas for future Smash games. Marth is so obnoxious already!

4) Megaman.



Exe is perhaps the least well-known Megaman, particularly in comparison to the Blue Bomber and X. This does not, however, imply that he deserves to be constantly sidelined… correct?

This Megaman.Exe modification transforms the character model that appears during Mega Man’s Final Smash into a costume. Despite the fact that some of the recolors have aesthetic flaws, if you are a genuine admirer of the Blue Bomber, you will like this outfit.

5) Jinx Fighter Model

For lovers of both the Super Smash Bros. series and League of Legends, the ideal crossover mod for Smash Ultimate is now available. The mod substitutes a custom model of Jinx from League of Legends and the Arcane series on Netflix for Zero Suit Samus. This specific model comes from Wild Rift.

Not only does Jinx look beautiful in the game, but she also has an improved user interface and fresh voice recordings that will satisfy fans of both series. Her lively pop-punk edge and bright colours go in well with the bizarre Smash Bros. universe.

6) Stage Hazard Toggle

In the Smash series, stage hazards may be very unpleasant, rendering certain levels unplayable for competitive play. Let’s rectify this using the Stage Hazard Toggle modification. It provides a much-appreciated quality-of-life feature by allowing you to toggle hazards on and off on the stage choose screen without having to change rulesets each time.

This modification also seems to be compatible with online multiplayer modes, however some desyncs are to be anticipated. Don’t blame your opponent’s connection!

7) Skull Kid Over Ness

This mod replaces the model of Ness with a custom model of Skull Kid. And he looks fantastic! In addition to Ness’s moves, he has additional moves inspired by his favourite game. In his new ultimate smash, he summons the famous moon from Majora’s Mask, complete with unsettling grin.

Check out this mod if you’re a fan of Majora’s Mask or just want to try something new in Smash Ultimate!

8) Royal Engineer Toon Link

Spirit Tracks: The Legend of Zelda is such an underappreciated game that Nintendo’s treatment of it is absolutely unjustifiable. It is almost as though they had completely forgotten it exists. But we certainly have not!

The Royal Engineer Toon Link mod has weird Zelda allusions. This provides us with an incredible new uniform for Toon Link, based on his Spirit Tracks look, as well as an alternate based on Alfonzo, the only other Royal Engineer in the Zelda world. It is time to strike your opponents like a freight train!

9) Cowboy Bebop OST

This hack adds the original soundtrack from the Cowboy Bebop anime to Smash Ultimate for use during bouts. Cowboy Bebop is one of the most renowned anime series of all time, and its popularity has only increased over the last few years. The show’s unusual combination of jazz, Western, and science fiction has made it popular with fans of all ages. Fans may enjoy the Cowboy Bebop music while battling with their friends in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which features the game’s soundtrack.

The mod, which is presently available for download, includes the classic opening theme “Tank!” as well as the show’s songs “Cats on Mars” and “Too Good Too Soon.” With this modification, gamers may now hear the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack in all its splendour while playing one of the most beloved video games of all time. Due to this modification, fans may now experience the best of both worlds.

10) Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown is deserving of a slot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Certainly, he is not as iconic as other figures. However, his name has long been connected with Nintendo platforms. Shouldn’t faithfulness be rewarded?

The Travis Touchdown mod allows you to handle a fully functioning and well-crafted version of the character who replaces Ike, the only sword user in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate who strikes as hard as Travis. With the addition of custom UI, emotions, audio clips, moving eyeballs, and expressions, it will seem as though you’re in charge of the anti-hero from the No More Heroes series.

11) Kiri’s Quite Excessive Music Mod

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate enables series fans to play as their favourite characters from the whole game world. However, each character did not bring all of the music from their own series. While some of the most renowned songs from the franchises were featured, many players believed the choices was inadequate.

The Kiri’s Music Mod intends to address this problem by adding a large number of songs from a range of video game series. Persona, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Xenoblade, and Fire Emblem are among the numerous titles included in the mod. There are over 100 songs available in all, providing gamers with an astonishing number of listening possibilities.

12) Courgette on daisies

Despite being born in the manner of the fans, Bowett captivated the globe two years ago. It rapidly gained immense popularity among Nintendo lovers. However, is he popular enough to join the Super Smash Brothers? Of course?

Despite the fact that Nintendo has yet to recognise a character as an official title, you may now take things into your own hands with this hack and replace Daisy with Bowsett. In addition, it has a completely customizable user interface, different colour options, and new Dragon Ball FighterZ voice clips. The character receives no new abilities, but she does not need them. Have you forgotten Daisy’s strength in this game?

13) The Aether

The Aether stage is a reskin of the savanna biome that resembles Minecraft’s The Aether. The Aether is a famous realm in the video game Minecraft, renowned for its distinctive floating islands and cheery vibe. Now, due to a mod for Smash Ultimate, gamers may experience the Aether in its full majesty… as a fight arena!

The stage’s typical savanna biome topography has been updated with a beautiful Aether motif. Whether you’re a Minecraft fanatic or simply looking for a change of pace, this hack is guaranteed to make your next Smash session more enjoyable and exciting!

14) Hazard of step change

Some situations in the Smash series are completely unsuited for competitive play due to their monotony. Let’s implement a Stage Hazard Toggle Modification. This delivers the long-awaited quality of life upgrade, enabling you to modify the threats on the scene selection screen without having to repeatedly adjust the rules.

Even in online multiplayer scenarios, this mode seems to be secure, however some desynchronization is to be anticipated. Don’t blame your opponent.

15) Wario Moveset Edits

These changes to Wario’s Moveset are intended to improve balance and playability. Everyone who has played Smash is aware that Wario is an exceptional fighter. His peculiar moveset and eccentric animations distinguish him from the rest of the roster. Due to his limited range and weak recovery, though, many players find him frustrating to play as.

In light of this, we were eager to test out Wario’s alternative moveset. Balance adjustments have been made to his neutral, aerial, regular strikes, and smash attacks. These modifications improve his playability without making him overpowering. If you’re searching for a solution to make playing as Wario more enjoyable, we strongly suggest checking out this mod.

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