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The Complete Guide To Vampire Mods For Sims 4

Vampires have been a part of our culture for centuries, at least in some capacity. Given their current popularity (due to Twilight), it’s hardly surprising that vampires have made their way into The Sims 4. The Vampire Game Pack was published in 2017 with the addition of vampirism, vampire abilities, and Forgotten Hollow, a new residential realm where these monsters of the night love to spend their “lives.”

It was a substantial content update that included new ambitions, attributes, and CAS additions. And yet, they still lack sufficient resources. New vampire CC remains among the most desired by gamers. And modders work hard to provide. If you are one of those individuals who cannot get enough of mystery bloodsucking animals, then this collection is for you.

1) Sun Immunity

One of the disadvantages of being a vampire is that you often cannot access half the day. The sun’s rays will kill you, and for an eternal entity, this is something to avoid.

A sun immunity mod grants our zombie companions immunity, allowing them to join the other Sims in diverse locales without quickly perishing and turning to dust. Depending on whose vampire reality you adhere to, a corpse. Unlike in the Blade series, seeing a vampire sunbathing on the beach does not need excessive quantities of sunscreen.

2) Blood Not Plasma Mod by Letisiya

We adore the Sims for their purity. Even when dealing with more mature subject matter, humour is used to keep the overall tone light. Nevertheless, this is why many Simmers seek for modifications to enhance their gameplay and bring authenticity to the game. While vampires are by no means genuine, The Sims’ representation of them might seem campy when contrasted to more terrifying depictions. The Blood Not Plasma Mod is a simple, non-intrusive mod that switches your vampire sims from drinking plasma to blood, but leaves off the blood for those who do not want to dig too further into the realism of the game.

3) No Weakness

Another mod of the “cheat” kind, this one allows you to give a vampire all strengths or all weaknesses. This patch removes the need to worry about those annoying vampire constraints, allowing you to live out your goal of being a heroic vampire without having to worry about a stray ray of sunshine reflecting off a mirror and killing you.

Those misconceptions about the strengths and weaknesses were, however, all manufactured by vampires. If you want to play The Sims like a hard-core game, you can also make your vampire an utterly worthless wuss who dies at the scent of silver.

4) Vampirify by r3m

It might be tough for a vampire to transform your Sim into one of the undead. Vlad is always willing to help, but you must befriend him first, and he is also malevolent, which may be troublesome at times. The Vampirify spell makes becoming a vampire easy and allows your Spellcaster to transform any Sim into a vampire. This ability cannot be taught by sages or via duels, and the Sim may only acquire it after reaching level 13 in the vampire knowledge skill and unlocking the secret chapter of The Ultimate Vampire Compendium.

5) Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit

As in True Blood with their, um, Tru Blood, you do not need to feed on innocent Sims for your daily blood intake in The Sims. Instead, you may transform creatures such as frogs and fish into appetising treats for your vampire.

However, although this may seem acceptable to psychopaths, several developers thought that it should be possible to manufacture blood replacements from other sources, such as the Plasma Fruit. This mod serves two purposes: first, it satisfies your thirst 50% more effectively than animal-based packs, and second, it encourages you to become a Good Vampire.

6) Vampire Initiation Ritual by IlkaVelle

Being turned into a vampire is a pivotal point in a Sims’s life. They will transition from their brief lives as humans to their eternal ones as vampires. Then why not have a party? The Vampire Initiation Ritual is a new sort of social event where Sims may celebrate their transformation into vampires with their closest friends. To effectively host the party, you will need a Vampire Novice (your unturned Sim), a Senior Vampire, Vampire Guests, and Normal Guests. Become the life (or death) of the party with this inventive game expansion.

7) Vampires: Stop Pestering Me!

As a consequence of the vampire’s unquenchable need for blood, they continually prey on your non-vampire Sims. This implies that they become highly persistent in their attempts to lure your Sims into secluded areas so they may drain their blood.

After a time, this does get quite unpleasant, and vampires will even break into the home to obtain the walking blood bags. This mod prohibits them from performing all of stuff and also inhibits vampires from constantly bothering you.

8) Vampires Can Kill Mods by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods&Comics

Vampires, duels, and XP increases were a much-needed and appreciated addition to the Sims universe. While the new features are an improvement over prior incarnations, vampires still lack one of their most enticing characteristics: the ability to drain victims dry. This omission is what distinguishes them from the actual, nocturnal species we know and love. The Vampires Can Kill Mood adds this choice as well as the ability to convert human Sims into livestock, which is essentially a mindless blood bank for your vampire Sim.

9) Vampires – Free Perks

This freebie by modder Baibaihe is an additional, slightly deceptive, but valuable addition to your Sims 4 mod collection. As you may have guessed from the name, this just makes all vampire advantages free, allowing you to become the greatest vampire ever without spending any points.

It is useful for both straightforward cheating and easing the challenges of vampirism by acquiring items such as Tamed Thirst so that you do not need to murder. Alternately, there is a version that merely makes the perks cheaper, streamlining the evolution of your vampire without deleting them. So it is hardly a complete game-changer.

10) Vampire Initiation Ritual

Changing into a vampire is comparable to a wedding (or even a funeral? ), and like any good celebration, it requires a party or ceremony. As a “vampire beginner” who has not yet passed into the underworld, you may use this mod to invite different vampires and human visitors, with a senior vampire in charge of transforming your non-vampire into an undead monster.

This specific ritual/event has objectives, with a successful initiation process resulting in enticing party favours. So not only do you get to add another member to the family of bloodsucking demons, but you also get a present!

11) Harvestable Heart Tree

I adore trees that produce something other than fruit. The trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that produce money are a perfect example. And now they are available in TS4 as well. This mod by IceMunMun was intended to act as a type of Valentine’s Day celebration for vampires by adding Vampire Hearts that may be consumed and quench their desire.

Given that the recipe calls for fruits, it may also be used to make vampire meal. These hearts grow on a very unique tree that you can plant and care for yourself. The tree may produce several varieties of heart fruit that not only shine in different hues, but also provide you with moodlets such as Flirty or Happy. It only adds to the enjoyment.

12) Vampire XP Mod Gains by Chaavik

While the XP and ranking in The Sims 4 were an overall improvement to the Vampire lives, reaching the level of Master Vampire may still be time-consuming and difficult. The Vampire XP Mod Gains by Chaavik reduces the length of time required to obtain XP by increasing the amount of experience your Sim may receive from different vampire-related activities. In this mod, there are many versions and settings to pick from. Vampire Inherited Experience impacts the amount of experience inherited from the vampire that transformed you. And the standard Vampire Experience, which modifies the experience received from interacting with various vampires. Both choices provide three layers of adjustability, allowing you to tune the pace to your preferences.

13) Bright Eyes for Vampires

Vampires have a distinct appearance that is difficult to miss, but the eyes that vampires get by default in The Sims are not exactly the otherworldly look that many players want. Nonetheless, this mod provides a selection of excellent maxi versions that seem identical to the other styles available on the standard Sims character creation screen, with additional possibilities. With a model of glowing, flaming eyes, this attracts attention front and centre.

You may even alter the pupils by choosing a black sclera or cat-eye pupils, among other options. These provide a very eerie, horror film appearance that complements the gloomy appearance associated with vampires.

14) Vampire Powers

Consider this immersive alternative by modder LittleMsSam instead of downloading a mod that cheats you out of needing to avoid the sun or drink human blood.

This patch adds a few more abilities that your vampires may spend their vampire energy on, including the ability to reflect in mirrors, cease uncontrolled hissing, and become resistant to sunlight. These affects are transitory and will disappear after seven days in-game. Therefore, they are ideal for occasions when you wish your Sim could attend a particular daytime event.

15) Ghoulish and Ghastly Build Items

If your vampire cannot reside in a grand castle or house in the gothic style, are they really a vampire? I believe the answer is affirmative, but I am no expert in the occult or the undead.

This mod gives you access to Victorian-style architecture and artefacts, such as windows, entry doors and hallways, double doors, and numerous arches to give your home a sinister appearance. This is an excellent addition to your vampire character, providing them with a sumptuous Victorian-era home in which to plan their next victim’s fate or just watch Netflix.

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