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17 Innovative Deep Rock Galactic Mods

Deep Rock Galactic is an independently made game with incredible characteristics, but who doesn’t like mods? Using mod.io, Ghost Ship Games has integrated mod support right into the game. Because of its in-game support, modding is simplified. This article highlights some of the most beneficial and effective Deep Rock Galactic modifications available to gamers.

Some upgrades improve your vision in dark caverns, while others enable you to spawn dozens of Huuli Hoarders. These tweaks may alter the gameplay or be frivolous fun. After you have prestiged your dwarves and finished the current seasonal pass, you will likely ponder your next move. When this occurs, it is time to enter the modding scene. This article describes how to install modifications and what you should check for first.

1)Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is one of the greatest online cooperative games, in which players may join up as foul-mouthed dwarfs and blast their way through insect-infested caverns in pursuit of gold and other precious materials. It is mod-friendly and well-supported, with seasonal updates and prizes meant to keep players coming back for more, like many PC games.

In this article, we’ll examine the greatest Deep Rock Galactic modifications to enhance the game and lighten up those dark, perilous tunnels for you and your buddies. We recommend adding this list to your bookmarks and revisiting it in the future for additional suggested Deep Rock Galactic PC modifications!

2) Display Events

Every Deep Rock Galactic run concludes with the same inquiry: “Did we forget anything?”

The Display Events mod displays the remaining events, minerals, and monsters in a given level. It is also entirely customisable. You may choose which events or products to monitor and even customise the size, location, and opacity of the symbols to your liking.

3) Weapon Heat Crosshair

Weapon overheating is one of the nicest but most irritating things in Deep Rock Galactic. It adds a touch of tactical depth to the gunplay, placing a damper on reckless shooters. In fact, when you are surrounded by poisonous insects, there is nothing more unsettling than the sound of your gunner’s minigun hissing to a stop.

The Weapon Heat Crosshair mod adorns your crosshair with a circle of heat. The circle fills when your weapon warms up, indicating when it is going to malfunction.

4) High Quality Ziplines

The Zipline Launcher is one of the Gunner’s support equipment. It is effective for securing a big cavern while engaging a dreadnought, but the Scout’s handy Grappling Hook is superior in all other regards.

This hack makes the Gunner’s decent support tool far more effective. It expands the maximum distance and angle at which the zipline may be attached, allowing for a more versatile use. As speed is known to be one of this support tool’s greatest limitations, High Quality Ziplines additionally enhances the movement speed when riding the zipline.

5) Ammo Resupply Indicator

In shooters, it is customary to have a constant supply of ammunition, particularly during intense combat. In DRG, you only get a limited number of ammunition resupplies, therefore timing is crucial to a successful run.

A resupply replenishes up to fifty percent of your maximum ammunition capacity. Therefore, you should avoid utilising resupplies when you have more than 50 percent of your ammunition remaining. The Ammo Resupply Indicator mod just changes the colour of the ammo counter when less than half of the maximum ammo capacity remains. It is a simple but elegant approach to guarantee that you will never squander another replenishment.

6) 5x Flashlight Range

Like the off-hand flares, the headlamp that may be toggled on and off with F provides little illumination. Disabling it makes little difference. However, 5x Illumination Range allows you to view ore and other objects at far wider distances thanks to the flashlight.

The user has developed separate pages for every range of flashlight, from 2x to 5x. The image above illustrates the distinction.

7) Damage Text

The Damage Text mod adds floating text that displays the amount of damage dealt by each weapon. Those are useful details if you like playing with builds and optimising damage output.

In addition to being beneficial for optimising loadouts, the effect also looks rather amazing. The floating damage pop-ups give DRG dungeon crawler feelings like to Diablo and other vintage RPGs. The Damage Text mod has achieved Verified status, allowing it to be deployed on official servers.

8) Virtual Reality Support

VRG – Full Virtual Reality Mod is a VR modification created by three developers. These users have attempted to make Deep Rock Galactic compatible with Virtual Reality, which is likely a difficult effort.

Obviously, the mod is always evolving and expanding to make the experience more solid and realistic. Deep Rock Galactic is not a game you would normally associate with virtual reality, but judging by the mod’s teaser videos, it’s a lot of cute fun.

9) Brighter Objects

Every DRG player has had runs when they spend an eternity seeking for the one resource they need to finish their goal. When you finally locate the Nitra you’ve been searching for, only to discover that it was really Red Sugar, your aggravation multiplies.

The Brighter Objects mod does just what its name implies: it brightens resources. Installing and equipping this mod will save time normally spent mining in the dark and being duped by similar-looking minerals.

10) Platform Placement Preview

This has to be one of the most beneficial and thrilling game-improving modifications. Platform Gun, the support tool of the Engineer, is very helpful. Particularly when coupled with a Scout. From a distance, it might be difficult to determine where you are shooting and where the platform will fall. If you’re not near to the wall in issue, it takes time and calculations.

The Platform Placement Preview enables just this. Before placing platforms, a blue preview of how they will appear and where they will be tilted and positioned will appear. This enables more precise firing, and you will be of more assistance to the squad.

11) Remove All Particles But WeaponsNTools

The name of this mod pretty much describes what it does for you. It eliminates all particles from the game, with the exception of those generated by guns and tools. Deep Rock Galactic may be a resource hog because to its intricate cavern networks and screen-filling swarms, despite its simplistic graphic design. The Remove All Particles Except WeaponsNTools mod allows you to eliminate particles, leading in higher frame rates and a more fluid experience overall.

12) Slightly Better Everything

Depending on your objectives, this mod improves and modifies a variety of game elements to improve gameplay.

This mod boosts the mineral capacity mod for armour from +5 to +20, making it far more relevant and useful. The number of flares increases to five, they charge quicker, and they burn for longer. Multiple other aspects of the game are modified significantly to increase the benefit for players.

13) DRGLib

DRGLib is essential for the operation of a number of modifications and facilitates the cooperation between mods. This mod is a collection of routines that avoids memory from being written and rewritten unnecessarily. In addition, it enables more complicated modifications by providing them with a larger operating environment.

It is a safe bet to download this prior to determining if you NEED it. DRGLib and Mod Hub are an indispensable mod pair for Deep Rock Galactic.

14) Swarm Control (AKA Swarm Size Control)

Swarm Control provides more than six methods for manipulating spawning insect swarms. Swarm Control is the pinnacle of Deep Rock Galactic’s gameplay modification options.

The player may add a multiplier to the swarm’s size, as well as scale up the enemy’s damage, speed, attack cooldown, and damage resistance. In conjunction with the game’s default difficulties, this hack makes any ideal difficulty a reality. We like to increase the size of the swarms while keeping everything else same. We experimented with the other sliders; you can generate waves of vicious space bugs!

15) Cosmetic Restriction Remover

Cosmetic Restriction Remover eliminates cosmetic application restrictions on weapons and armour. With this mod, players may adapt any structure or paint scheme to any other structure or item. All of a player’s paint jobs are always accessible, which is particularly useful for gamers who have been playing for a long. There is no valid reason to restrict the expression of gamers. Shouldn’t other players see all of your gear?

16) Better Spectator

DRG throws you to a spectator camera when you’re incapacitated or dead, allowing you to watch your teammates while you wait for someone to revive you or the round to conclude. The Better Spectator patch allows you greater flexibility and control over the spec camera, which is particularly useful for streamers who are worried about the spectator experience while they are out of the game.

You may easily swap between squadmates Bosco, Doretta, BET-C, and Molly if you have the Better Spectator mod installed and active. Additionally, you may rotate and zoom around the selected character.

17) Disruptive Audio Removal Pack Plus

Something is constantly going wrong in Deep Rock Galactic. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons we like it so much. We simply wish the game wasn’t so eager to tell us every second to fix something, pick up something, or that something is on its way.

Disruptive Audio Removal Pack Plus eliminates all of the redundant sound cues that DRG veterans have likely gotten weary of. After hundreds of hours of gameplay, the last thing you want to hear is BET-irritating C’s beacon blaring, indicating that it needs to be repaired for the thousandth time.

The number of eliminated sound effects and speech lines is too extensive to mention here. If there’s a sound you never want to hear again, there’s a decent chance this hack eliminates it.

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