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16 best mods for divinity original sin 2

For many RPG enthusiasts, Divinity: Original Sin 2 ranks among Baldur’s Gate and perhaps Planescape Torment as the genre’s greatest. It makes up for its lack of seriousness and deep philosophical issues with its fascinating gameplay and limitless RPG options. It is one of the few available games that allows players to do anything they want, even murdering everyone.

Obviously, it is not a flawless game, but it is near. That is, users search for methods to enhance the experience using a few modifications that alter the game’s elements. The modifications span from quality-of-life enhancements to gameplay balance, making the game less monotonous and more enjoyable, particularly after several playthroughs. Here are some modifications that diehard fans of the game should investigate.

1) Achievements

Achievements are removed in Divinity: Original Sin 2 if the game detects modified files, which is one of the worst aspects of utilising modifications. It’s a pity… It’s fantastic that a mod exists to combat this issue.

With the Achievements mod, these awards are reinstated for games that use modifications. It’s a terrific method to improve the natural flow of the game, since players won’t lose out on these milestones if they want to install a few quality-of-life tweaks.

2) Let There Be Tooltips!

The end result of D:OS2 is very refined, which is another of its many merits. There were no game-breaking bugs to detect, and the vast majority of the time, everything ran well. That doesn’t mean the modding community hasn’t devised other methods to enhance the quality of life – like Let There Be Tooltips! is our first instance of this

The act of plundering is always a major component of every role-playing game. And it is uncommon for gamers to be frustrated by the possibility of missing something important. Allow for Tooltips! It greatly simplifies looting by giving pop-up tooltips to the majority of things in the environment.

3) HQ World And Icons

The visuals in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are impressive in and of themselves. However, there will undoubtedly be those gamers who want that every aesthetic element be almost flawless.

Because of this, modifications exist to modify even the tiniest aesthetic elements in most games. Original Sin 2 is no exception to this rule, as players may apply the HQ World and Icons mod to enhance the quality of the game’s different visual elements.

4) Monsters Madness

Divinity: Original Sin II may get monotonous for people who have played it several times, since they know where to anticipate fighting and how to exploit every encounter. Ambushes are absolutely necessary for greater experience and more opportunity to demonstrate that broken party combination.

Monsters Madness allows participants to engage in all-out fight. It is a modification that introduces monster or enemy encounters in previously safe locations. Note that their degrees of difficulty were also increased for added excitement.

5) Better Clouds

Fans may not have found much to criticise in D:OS2, but most would likely agree that the game’s clouds may be awful at times. When you can’t even identify the kind of clouds you’re looking at, strategizing may get pretty challenging.

And if you’ve played the game for a while, you’ve likely observed that there are instances when the clouds just blend in with the surroundings, making it impossible to recognise that there are clouds there. This mod rectifies the situation by making clouds considerably more visible. Simple while effective

6) Free Pet Pal

The Pet Pal attribute is one of the most significant in Divinity: Original Sin 2. In fact, each and every animal in the game features unique conversation that players without the Pet Pal attribute would lose out on.

This patch makes Pet Pal a default attribute for most characters, granting them access to all of this material without requiring them to pay important points. Given how challenging Original Sin 2’s gameplay can get at times, each characteristic point is of infinite value.

7) Barter Master – Shared Discount

Skill sharing is a fantastic feature in D:OS2 that eliminates some of the more tiresome aspects of grinding. The Lucky Charm is an excellent example of an item whose benefits are shared with the rest of your party if it is donned by one character.

The same cannot be true for other talents, though, leaving gamers to question why the development team omitted them. The Barter Master mod addresses this issue especially for bartering, enabling your whole party to earn the maximum discount depending on the highest barter rating in your party.

8) Play As You Want

As it stands, Divinity: Original Sin II offers a mode akin to Dungeons & Dragons in which players may assume the role of dungeon master for a session. Unfortunately, this is not accessible for solo play.

The Play as you wish mod, however, allows users to create their own solitary adventures. Whether or not it is a straightforward cheat mod depends on your restraint. In any case, it is an incredible and potent instrument for crafting your own narrative.

9) Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0

The vast majority of builds in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are feasible for all save the most difficult content. Except for necromancy, everything else is true. This magical school is pitifully weak compared to other archetypes.

Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0 seeks to remedy this by reworking the current talents and introducing new ones to expand playstyle options. With this mod’s plethora of new summoning skills, players may become an army of the undead.

10) Just let me build you!

Character customisation in D:OS2 is confined to the main character. Characters that join your party are already constructed, since their attribute points are allocated automatically when you choose their class.

“Just let me construct you!

This feature hopes to be expanded, allowing you to determine precisely where each attribute point goes, even for auxiliary characters in the game. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what you want each character’s strengths to be after this is implemented.

11) Automatic Item Leveling

Farming new equipment for builds may be entertaining in loot-heavy games like Borderlands, but seems out of place in story-focused RPGs like Divinity. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, equipment is not level-dependent.

Automatic Item Leveling works just as expected. Each time the player gains a level, the game will alter the character’s equipment to reflect its new level. Additionally, certain metrics are improved. This enables players to spend less time levelling up before farming certain things, and more time enjoying the game at their own speed. While this is more akin to a hack mod than anything else, it allows players to concentrate more on the game’s narrative rather than its itemization system.

12) Organized Containers

Even with the sorting method, Divinity: Original Sin II’s inventory is a massive jumble. Bags may assist with this, however their lack of correct labelling can lead to considerable confusion. Another type of a comprehensive labelling system would certainly be welcomed.

That’s why we designed Organized Containers. This is a basic bag system and software for the game that allows players to arrange their things in bags with icons. In addition, a one-click command is offered to assist players place the correct things in the correct bag.

13) Infinite Spirit Vision

Spirit Vision is yet another irritating game mechanic. It aids you in completing some objectives by letting you to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, who frequently provide hints as to what you should do next.

Nevertheless, similar to Geralt’s Medallion in The Witcher 2, Spirit Vision in D:OS2 cannot be utilised endlessly. The benefits of the spell wear off after a few rounds, and any spirits you haven’t talked to are inaccessible until the spell is done again.

This may be frustrating, particularly if you fail to approach the correct NPCs on your first few attempts, but Infinite Spirit Vision eliminates this issue. This patch enables Spirit Vision forever, so you no longer need to worry about completing tasks before the timer approaches zero.

14) Improved Camera

It is customary for isometric RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Fallout to have a fixed camera viewpoint, however this constraint may make exploration and combat encounters cumbersome. The camera in Original Sin 2 is not terrible, but it might be improved.

Improved Camera intends to address this issue by giving complete control over the camera. The camera may now be tilted to whatever angle the player desires, allowing them to come incredibly close to a character or see expansive surroundings that were previously difficult to comprehend. Please note that the game was not designed for such a flexible camera, as certain characters and locations may seem odd when seen from certain angles.

15) Combat Sneak

I like RPGs that provide attack or defensive enhancements when your build’s strengths are maximised. D:OS2 is no different. And if we take a stealth build as an example, the Guerilla perk increases the damage of stealth attacks by 40%.

Yet, if you attempted a stealth build in D:OS2, you would quickly discover that combat sneak costs much too many AP, prompting you to neglect it most of the time. Many see this as an imbalance that makes stealth a less viable choice than other builds. And here is a mod that saves the day. It reduces the AP cost to 2, making the tactic far more practical.

16) Greed – More Loot Variety

Many RPG players see looting as a secondary objective, and obtaining stuff that exactly fit their character’s requirements is a question of chance, planning, and mathematics. By introducing random modifiers for things, Greed – More Loot Variety amplifies these features of looting.

The mod focuses mostly on weapons and includes additional talents, status effects, range, and AP modifications; there are more weapons available from merchants. In addition, new epic and uncommon goods are introduced to the pool of treasure.

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