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15 recent days gone mods

With the PC release of Days Gone on Steam and Epic Games, a large number of gamers are entering the game’s harsh post-apocalyptic environment on a moddable platform. The PC edition has various improvements over the PS4 version, so many gamers may want to check out what’s new on PC.

Since the game’s inception, modders have been building additional features for the PC version of the game, which enables modifications. Currently, the majority of Days Gone modifications concentrate on enhancing and altering various game elements or providing cheat codes. As the modding community spends more time with the game, greater modifications may be expected to be published.

The following is a collection of our favourite Days Gone modifications, which we feel every fan of this epic post-apocalyptic game should try.

Here are the modifications for Days Gone:


If you have ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead, you are aware that firing your weapons is the final line to cross, since you do not want to draw the zombies’ attention. Thus, melee weapons are more appropriate and useful. The first modification on our list drastically enhances the durability of most melee weapons in the game. Now, the duration of your melee weapons should be 10 times what it was before.

X DURABLE MELEE also provides a much-needed corrective to Days Gone’s slightly unrealistic basic durability, which results in the majority of weapons shattering after a handful of hits.

2) Car Opener

Automobile Opener boosts Deacon’s pace of opening car hoods and trunks. This is a simple situation. In Days Gone, it is too time-consuming to explore the trunks and hoods of abandoned automobiles for the possibility of finding tasty things and weaponry. With this modification, it occurs “far more quickly,” according to its author.

Downloading Car Opener is a clear-brainer; once you’ve tried it, there’s no turning back. Automobiles in disrepair are the treasure boxes of Days Gone.


In comparison to its PS4 predecessor, the PC version of Days Game has significant graphics and visual improvements. However, it depends on how much heat your computer can endure. The majority of gamers will not opt to trade gaming performance for more pixels.

Despite this, you should likely consider installing the Not a Reshade patch. This mod, created by AlanPoster, modifies a number of the game’s visual components without requiring a Reshade or bloated Retexture, which may degrade overall game speed.

The patch improves performance and graphics by enhancing reflections, darkening, ambient occlusion, shadows, God rays, tone mapping, caching, etc.

4) Better Flashlight

The upgrade to the flashlight is a contemporary, brilliant LED flashlight that replaces the traditional flashlight. It’s high time. The basic flashlight that Deacon carries is inadequate for the deadly worldwide pandemic in which he lives.

This enhancement makes it much simpler to see in the dark, travel at night, and negotiate caverns and buildings. In addition, the light emitted is brighter and travels further; no more hazy images, even when seen up close.


Face Textures Revamp is a recently-released Days Gone mod. The mod provides an alternative with detailed face textures for the majority of playable characters and NPCs.

This patch contains a preference pack of Days Gone’s face textures, with some textures minimally updated with added detail and some totally replaced over, while preserving the most important characteristics of these characters within appropriate limitations.

6) Massive Hordes 

Days Gone immerses the player in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic environment. Tracking and destroying swarms of zombies will be one of the most recognisable obstacles you will encounter. While these battles are already hard, seasoned gamers or those playing a New Game Plus may believe that these hordes do not constitute a significant danger.

Using the Massive Hordes mod by Aigmir, these gamers may significantly expand the size of their hordes thanks to the modder community. This mod increases the amount of minor hordes from 50 to up to 200, while late-game monster hordes may include up to a thousand zombies.

7) Wemod

One of the most often asked questions following the release of Days Gone on PC is if this version of the game includes cheat codes or console commands. While this feature is not included in the basic game, one of the early modifications for Days Gone introduced cheat codes.

Wemod provides gamers with several cheat codes that allow them to customise the game to their liking. These cheat codes include character enhancements such as god mode or limitless ammunition, improvements to crafting such as unlocking all crafting recipes, and several more hacks published on the webpage for the mod.

8) Explosive Gore

The graphics of Days Gone are excellent, and the fighting is realistic and vicious. But some gamers like their video games to be as violent as possible, and modders are continually attempting to enhance the game’s visuals.

The Explosive Gore mod by Heilos causes the majority of monsters you kill to explode graphically. The modification is compatible with breakers, newts, humans, reachers, screamers, and swarmers, and an extra file enables opponents to lose limbs prior to death.

9) Super Accuracy

Deacon, the bounty hunter, is a more precise marksman with Super Accuracy. This patch eliminates recoil, sway, and spread for every weapon in the game, while maintaining consistent reticle size. This mod, according to its developer, transforms Deacon into John Wick.

Sincerelly, we think that this is an acceptable interpretation. It’s ideal for those who struggle with their aim in video games. Super Accuracy goes nicely with Explosive gore; land every headshot to rupture these flesh balloons on the move.


It doesn’t matter how much horsepower your motorcycle’s engine has if there is no fuel to power it. In Days Gone, maintaining a consistent supply of fuel is essential for life. However, this work might sometimes be tough.

But owing to Navsigda’s modification of numerous fuel tank capacities. No longer must players worry about feeding the beast. The hack provides a means to lessen the frequency with which you must refill your bike in Days Gone. Simply simply expanding the volume of the motorcycle’s gasoline tank.

Once activated, the Multiple Fuel Tank Capacity mod will enable you to choose unique fuel tank capacity for Deacon’s motorcycle from pre-defined variations ranging from 50% extra to 250% extra, with one option for every 50% increment.

11) 2x Engine Speed

There is a wide open area to explore in Days Gone, and although you may obtain and improve a motorbike to facilitate this exploration quicker, it may not be sufficient. Thankfully, several modders have developed solutions to this issue.

The 2X Engine Speed mod by TheNeru is one of the simplest Days Gone modifications that facilitates exploration and travel. This hack doubles the speed of all engines and upgrades applied to Deacon’s motorcycle.

12) The Growler Evolved

In Days Gone, there is no lack of firearms and weaponry, but having more choices is never a bad thing. So, if you want to always carry the Growler minigun and relish the pleasure of mowing down swarms of undead, there is a mod for that.

The Growler Evolved mod by MaVeRicK enables the storage and usage of this devastating weapon just like any other in-game firearm. The mod also includes a few optional options, such as endless ammunition and no recoil, or the addition of the gun to stores in the game’s earliest zones.

13) Multiple Difficulty Rebalances

There are several difficulty levels in Days Gone that affect the gameplay experience, but there are no more customization choices. Some may find the lowered player damage at higher levels to be unrealistic, while others may want a more tough encounter.

There are several modifications that modify the game’s difficulty choices, but Multiple Difficulty Rebalances by Bhaeron is one of the mods that gives the user the greatest flexibility. According to the mod’s description, “This mod is available in many versions and eliminates the player damage penalty on higher difficulties. It optionally raises enemy damage multipliers on both Hard and Survival, and it optionally modifies the quantity of ammo picked up.”

14) Deacon Pack

One of the most common kinds of modifications in any game is cosmetics and appearance mods, which alter the game’s appearance by adding outfits, equipment, or even Thomas the Tank Engine in place of the villain’s head.

The Deacon Pack mod by Veironn provides seven new costumes with custom colours and biker decals for the main character. This modification also includes two add-ons that bring unique winter jackets for the Crater Lake region and custom clothing for flashback sequences.

15) HUNK

When it comes to video games featuring zombies, Resident Evil is a classic. Days Gone features an intriguing take on the zombie apocalypse genre, but due to modders, our playthroughs may also have a Resident Evil flavour.

Crazy Potato’s HUNK mod replaces Deacon’s model with that of the Umbrella security agent Hunk. As is the case with many mods, we can only hope that future updates will render this mod as immersive as possible.

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