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Subnautica: Below Zero – 16 Mods That Keep The Game Interesting

The original Subnautica game was an exceptional experience that skillfully knitted together its story and gameplay into a unified product that was a delight to play. Obviously, demand for a sequel was great, as were expectations for the second instalment. Therefore, when Subnautica: Below Zero was released, supporters exhaled a sigh of relief. Some could argue that Below Zero is even better than the first game, which is saying something.

Subnautica’s excellent and inventive gameplay meant that the game might benefit from a variety of modifications that would enhance the experience. Since the game’s release, modders have been modifying it. In light of this, the following are the greatest modifications players may download for the most current Subnautica game.

Check out the following Subnautica: Below Zero modifications if you want to enhance the gameplay of this game even more.


Prior you even considering modifying Subnautica: Below Zero, you must first choose a suitable mod manager. QModManager 4 is the greatest mod manager for Below Zero, allowing you to manage modules for your Below Zero gameplay with convenience and comfort.

Using a mod manager ensures the integrity of your system; if you’re not an adept modder, doing things manually might corrupt or damage your files. It has many extra features.

2) Better Teleportation Tool

In a game such as Subnautica, teleportation is quite useful: In Below Zero, players must collect elements in one location for use in another. However, using the Tether Tool might be fairly unpleasant since it consumes a whole Ion Cube.

With this mod, gamers no longer have to worry about such complaints. Now, the Tether Tool will begin charging instead, and the user will be able to use it after a certain amount of time.

3) Nitrox (multiplayer mod)

Subnautica may be a solitary experience at times, as you explore an exotic ocean world without ever encountering another player. However, what if other players crash-landed on the planet at the same time as you? Nitrox changes Subnautica by enabling multiplayer capabilities for up to one hundred players on the same server. Nitrox supports native cross-play with all three versions of the game, regardless of whatever version you’re playing (Steam, Epic Game Store, or Windows Store).

Building bases and gathering resources becomes immediately more exciting when cooperating with another player to complete the tasks more quickly. It is essential to remember that this mod is currently under development and hence does not function perfectly. In the most recent version, there are a lot of glitches, including desynchronisation difficulties and creatures becoming trapped. Despite these drawbacks, we like being able to play Subnautica with other players, despite the presence of a few glitches.

4) Snapbuilder

Due to the absence of a grid system, designing the ideal Seabases in Below Zero is a difficult task, since you will be constructing in the dark without a preview of the eventual outcome, making it a hit-or-miss procedure.

Thanks to the SnapBuilder mod, Subnautica: Below Zero now has a Snap-to-Grid mechanism! The Habitat Builder will enable you to construct items that are perfectly aligned and rotated!

5) No Shiny For You

The Sea Monkey is one of Subnautica: Below Zero’s most unpleasant monsters. Despite the fact that this monster accomplishes nothing, the player’s situation often worsens if they use a tool in its vicinity.

Enticed by the gleaming object in the player’s hands, Sea Monkeys will strive to seize it for their own ends. This patch fixes it so that Sea Monkeys no longer bother the player, which is fantastic since they can be quite unpleasant at times.

6) Map Mod

MAP is an essential map mod for Subnautica Below Zero; it is basic yet effective. This patch will provide you with a map that makes it simpler to explore the ocean’s depths.

Each time you explore a new location, you’ll be able to mark its location on the map so you’ll always know where it is. However, if you want the task done for you, you may want to consider the Full Detailed Map, a comparable mod that includes a marked map with all treasure, wildlife, and areas of interest.

7) Advanced Storage

In a game that emphasises crafting heavily, a large inventory is essential. Despite the fact that the inventory capacity in the default version of Subnautica: Below Zero is sufficient, some players would want more inventory space.

This is when the Mod for Advanced Storage comes into play. It enables users to modify their inventory space as they see fit, enabling them to avoid the disappointments that would be caused by a fixed inventory size.

8) Day Night Speed

Next, we have a really intriguing Below Zero quality-of-life mod that allows you to change the day/night cycle pace to your liking. It resembles the day/night speed console command, but is superior.

You may now adjust the day/night cycle speed in the mod’s settings menu. You may change the pace of some lengthy procedures that are influenced by the day/night cycle, such as exploring the depths of the ocean while developing your base.

9) Realistic Recipes

Here’s another modification for experienced players, this one altering blueprint needs. This mod requires players to visit every available cave at the start of the game if you want to make things more difficult.

Ellinger74 and Quintuple5, the mod’s authors, conducted research to determine the rarity of certain resources; this study is represented in the majority of in-game recipes. Realistic Recipes has been modified several times in response to player input. The makers want for the recipes to be more difficult, but not so difficult that the game gets tedious.

10) Fast Loading Screen

Our is the most straightforward mod on this list. It may be a little tweak, but it may ease a great deal of stress for players with capable computers that don’t need much loading time to begin with.

The Fast Loading Screen mod’s purpose is rather self-explanatory. The majority of gamers may not even notice the increased speed brought forth by this mod, but would sadly regret it if it were removed.

11) WhiteLights

Are you tired of the green headlights on every car in Subnautica? WhiteLights modifies the default colour of the Seaglide, Sea Moth, and Prawn Suit lights to white. This mod makes it simpler to explore at night since you can really see what’s in front of you. You may also alter the colour of the lights by modifying the configuration file.

12) More Quick Slots

Occasionally, the quantity of quick slots in Subnautica: Below Zero might seem pathetically insufficient. PC players may find the concept of having five quick slots on their gamepad to be entirely fair, but console gamers may disagree.

When it comes to assigning numerous actions to a key on the keyboard, there are no actual restrictions. This patch allows players to use a total of 10 fast slots, which is incredibly beneficial throughout the game.

13) Decorations Mod

This mod is for Subnautica gamers that want a little more creative flexibility. The Decorations mod enables you to construct decorative accents for your foundation. This update adds a fabricator and 118 creations to the game’s list of available tools.

Posters, circuit boxes, furniture, new equipment, toys, tableware, office supplies, and more are among the new goods on the list. This mod also contains new seeds and constructibles for your base, thus it is not confined to the inside of your base. The mod has been upgraded to version 1.9.1 as of 2020, and several objects are extra customisable.

14) Stats Tracker

Obtain the Stats Tracker mod if you want to keep track of all your gameplay-related data. This mod allows you to see your game statistics on the PDA data-bank page, which is divided into two sections: “Current Game Data,” which displays current game statistics. “Global Statistics” displays statistics from every game you’ve played since installing the mod.

Some of the recorded information include the amount of time you spend walking, swimming, sleeping, or just relaxing in your life pod. Additionally, you may keep track of the distances you’ve walked, which is quite useful while exploring the wide area.

15) Alterra Industrial Deep Driller

With this mod, you will never have to worry about running out of resources, and everything will be simpler. There are several minerals in Subnautica that do not appear often. This mod is essential to your success on the ocean bottom if you’re hoping to do a more concentrated job of preventing your resources from running out.

AIDD excavates diverse biomes for vast quantities of materials that would make your life more difficult without one. This driller may also be upgraded to drill quicker and mine more ore.

16) Easycraft

The majority of your time in Subnautica: Below Zero will be spent creating, a feature of the game that many players dislike since it may become tedious and monotonous.

Easy Craft is a mod that automatically creates blueprint ingredients and retrieves resources from nearby storage. It is the optimal choice for those that need a quick and effortless crafting experience. This modification also includes fabricators (modification, upgrades, scanning room), vehicle constructors, and construction equipment.

This concludes our list of the finest Subnautica Below Zero modifications for today. We strongly suggest you check them out, as they will add so many new and entertaining aspects to your gaming, making it more enjoyable and thrilling to experience.

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