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Collection of Latest Fallout 76 Mods

Given the feature updates and bug patches, Fallout 76 has gone a long way over the last several years, and you may be considering jumping in to play it. Similarly, you may have considered the modding experience, particularly if you’ve played prior Bethesda Fallout games.

However, since the game is online, modification is more restricted. Not to say you can’t find fantastic modifications online, but the selection is quite limited. There is an abundance of modifications that improve the game’s quality of life as well as those that alter its look.

Here are the top Fallout 76 modifications you may test out!

1) So Many Balloons

Wouldn’t you want to add some festivity to Appalachia? You should, after all, be recovering the land. Isn’t that something to celebrate? Creator TTMighty discovered the ideal solution to do this while also making the lives of collection seekers simpler.

This modification replaces items like magazines and bobbleheads with helium-filled balloons that stand out amid the ruins in a manner that no pamphlet or retro ornament ever could. It is odd to discover helium balloons remaining inflated 25 years after the final balloon factory was destroyed by nuclear bombs. Finding a Vault Boy collectible is equivalent to getting wiser or stronger.

2) Easy Sorting and Tagging

Despite the fact that Fallout 76 currently organises all products into distinct categories, the restricted space of the interface may make some items difficult to locate. This is particularly true as the game progresses and your inventory grows. Easy Sorting and Tagging dramatically expands the number of search choices available. This contains filters for legendary weapons and armour, items with a value between 1,000 and 10,000 caps, and items with a value of 10,000 caps or more.

It also features filters for certain food and chemistry products, categorising them as damage buffing, damage buffing, sustain buffing, pre-war food, post-war food, spoilt food, non-spoiled food, culinary materials, etc. The mod simplifies inventory management, making it easier to sell, dispose of, or retain desired objects. Today, declutter with simple sorting!

3) Withered Ghouls

Some of the most lethal foes in the Appalachian Wasteland are charred wild ghouls. These organisms have been exposed to so much radiation that tumors have stacked upon one another, making them seem almost comically fat.

The creator of CatsWithMachineGuns opted to replace this huge model with that of a Withered ghoul because they believed that this swollen appearance made them seem less threatening than they are. There is something unsettling about these elderly wild ghouls. The sight of them will send shivers down your spine, as they seem to be afflicted with a severe illness.

4) Tex Lite MNGR – FO76 Texture Reducing and Optimizing Tool

Despite the many performance fixes that Fallout 76 has received, some players may still encounter non-network-related difficulties. With Tex Lite MNGR – FO76 Texture Reducing and Optimizing Tool, you may adjust every visual component of the game in an attempt to rectify this issue, or you can just squeeze out better performance if you’re okay with lower-quality textures.

Especially if you want to play the game with your friends but have a machine that struggles to run Fallout 76, the mod allows you to minimise or boost the effects and textures that are most relevant to you.

5) Glowing Items

The old Eastern United States has become rusted and dusty in the quarter-century after the bombs fell. Some locations seem consistently coated in dust, sludge, and soot, making it difficult to detect anything in these filthy areas. This mod by Bwins95 is the most reasonable solution to the problem: it makes every object glow in one of eight different hues, including green, purple, orange, teal, and white. It is not plausible. However, having to search excessively for acid, metal, or paper bags might also shatter immersion.

6) Quizzless Appalachia

Even in the post-apocalyptic world, the Pioneer Scouts of America remain a highly regarded group. And it is understandable that they would want to test prospective new members before issuing badges.

However, after completing high school, college, and numerous gaming articles, I just do not have enough brain space left for the sometimes cryptic survival knowledge required to progress in the Pioneer Scout levels. This modification by Ulithium Dragon does not eliminate the tests. However, each solution is marked with an X, so you may just click through them to get your badges. Is unconventional problem-solving not also a survival skill?

7) Scavenger Scrapbox

The Scavenger Scrapbox, a huge, durable box that can contain a limitless quantity of scrap, is a useful quality-of-life enhancement. The mod separates it so that random items do not compete for the same restricted space as your own stockpile at camp. Although it does affect gameplay, the change is minimal. Considering the quantity of crafting required, you will still need to stock up on materials.

The modification only makes things a little more convenient, since you now have more room for real products and will likely only store the most frequent components. It eliminates the monotony of searching for a fan to get a few more screws.

8) Sort Friends

You may now sift through your friend requests using Sort Friends. The mod makes it simpler to locate a friend among the sea of random players with whom you may have played.

The modification simplifies the UI for accepting friend requests and allows players to accept a small number of requests after a huge event has been completed. It is unquestionably a quality-of-life mod that you should own.

9) Glowing Caps Stash Tin

Frequently, life feels like an endless pursuit of wealth. And 25 years after the bombs fell, little much has changed, save that people now use bottle caps as currency instead of coins or notes. The Glowing Caps Stash Tin mod by RatMonkey is the ideal tool if you want to make your route to wealth a little bit simpler.

Now, these little pockets of cash will stand out against the washed-out, soiled surfaces of the post-apocalyptic landscape. You may pick whether these tins will be light green, blue, red, orange, or purple since further customisation is never a bad thing. It is time to use the Cap Collector perk!

10) Dark HellCat PA Retexture

Dark HellCat PA Retexture, a 4K retexture of the HellCat power armour, would be the ideal mod if you want a higher-quality version of this power armour.

If you were looking for an alternative set of power armour, the Nexus modifications creator Rigell has quite a few other power armour retextures. In addition to armors such as the Enclave X-01, the Atomic Ranger, the Dark PA frame and jetpack, the Quantum X-01, and quite a few more, it has a number of camp things.

11) Ultracite Scorchbeast Queen

The Scorchbeast Queen is a formidable boss, despite the fact that her textures are only somewhat superior to those of other Scorchbeasts. They are hazy and unworthy of the irradiated bat aristocracy. Creator Vivec- This Ultracite Scorchbeast Queen texture replacement was provided by God to enhance the visual impact of this apex predator.

This not only provides a high-quality 4K texture, but it also adds a number of glowing accents that make the SB Queen more terrifying. In Fallout 76, the hue of Ultracite is uneven. Therefore, it is only fair that you pick the hue emitted by your Ultracite-infused SBQ. There are several hues of blue and green available.

12) Ultrawide Reloaded

Ultrawide Reloaded, an upgraded version of the same author’s ultrawide patch, assists gamers with better displays who are experiencing viewing troubles. The mod adds compatibility for 51201440 and 34401440 displays since Fallout 76 does not support these resolutions by default.

Anyone who has invested so much money in a high-quality display would naturally want to maximise its capabilities. Using this mod, you may get quick gratification!

13) Power Armor Clean HUD

The equivalent of a tank in Fallout, power armour provides protection and access to powerful weapons at the expense of visibility. Maintaining the cleanliness of my spectacles for more than 15 minutes is already somewhat difficult. Imagine maintaining a clean visor while you are continuously mutilating ghouls and Deathclaws!

Well, you can. Or, you may have the Power Armor Clean HUD mod by Erfet do it for you. It just replaces the existing HUD with a transparent one, similar to the unarmored version.

14) Weedkiller

Numerous Fallout 76 players seem to have issues with looting or enemy corpses getting lost in dense vegetation. The dense grass may obscure vision or even conceal valuable treasure in plain sight, and loot is crucial.

Weedkiller eradicates the majority of the game’s tall grass, making it easier for players to loot foes or discover hidden valuables that were previously concealed in the long grass. It also helps game performance if your system struggled to produce and maintain grass patterns.

15) Quick Draw 76

If there’s one thing I’ve always disliked about shooters, it’s weaponry with excessive first-draw animations. Sure, switching the switches on a laser rifle or rotating the chamber of a revolver may seem impressive, but doing so in the midst of a gunfight is tactically foolish.

Not only does it take longer, but it also alters your character’s aim in Fallout 76 by shifting the camera around. This mod by LolzMan1325 eliminates the showy animations from a number of weapons. It is less enticing, but it might save you time and ammunition.

16) Improved Health Bars

Dead Man Sprinting and Nerd Rage, both of which become active when the player’s health falls below a specific level, have always been a significant challenge for me. Improved Health Bar is a simple enhancement that adds 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% health indicators to your survivor’s health bar.

This makes it quite simple to keep track of when certain benefits will activate, enabling you to prepare properly. In addition to offering you more control over health-dependent mutations, perk effects, and armour effects, this division of the health bar is also really cool-looking.

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