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16 Best Far Cry 5 Mods

The Far Cry Series is one of Ubisoft’s most prized properties. Following the release of a beautiful teaser featuring the image of none other than the legendary Giancarlo Esposito, fans are eagerly anticipating the sixth installment of the series. However, until this game is launched, fans must be patient and occupy themselves with Far Cry 5, which is not a terrible substitute.

People generally consider Far Cry 5 to be one of Ubisoft’s finest games since it has the most refined open-world elements that Ubisoft had been refining in prior titles to create a smooth and entertaining experience. However, for those who are tired of playing the same game again, the following modifications will make playing Far Cry 5 on PC even more entertaining.

1) Far Cry 5 E3-like Reshade

We are all aware that game developers enhance visuals for E3 presentations. Nothing will ever approach the degree of brazenness reached by Watch Dogs at its introduction. However, it’s still aggravating when games don’t even provide the option to make the visuals comparable to what we saw at E3.

This patch seeks to transform the visuals of Far Cry 5 into what they seemed in the E3 teaser. I believe it’s fair to state that the moderator performs an excellent job. Keep in mind that you’ll need a powerful GPU to run this mod indefinitely.

2) Winter Wonderland

RealArmanIII provided Hope County with a taste of Christmas joy. Now is the moment to visit and discover that it’s the same quirky town you’ve grown to love, although buried in snow.

Visit Hope County today and take in the breathtaking Montana landscape that can be seen nowhere else. Also, avoid the wild wolverines and the drugged cultists. Did this information appear in the brochure?

3) Player Beards, Hairstyles, and Colors

Tired of the lacklustre customization choices in Far Cry 5?

Check out this modification then! It has several new haircuts, colours, and facial hair. This will enable you to design characters that were not conceivable in the base game and will open your thoughts to a whole new universe of customising options.

It’s hardly a significant game change, but if you’re as interested in character customisation as I am, you undoubtedly feel that the game’s default options are never enough. This mod will at least solve it for Far Cry 5!

4) Get A Head Start

This mod by khaos277 generates a save file immediately after the prologue, giving the player 40 perk points and nearly $100,000 to spend. Try not to wreak too much devastation, since the town is generally quiet.

The modder comments, “I intend to update this every 10 perk points or until the release of New Game Plus.” There is an instructional video on how to generate multiple save files if you have difficulties installing the modification. Having access to so many bonus points and cash at the outset will urge a second game.

5) Vector .45

I anticipate that Call of Duty gamers will be the most enthused about this pistol. However, if you have played almost every previous Ubisoft shooter, you will likely be acquainted with the Vector. This rapid-fire, lethal submachine gun is one of the finest SMGs released to gamers in recent years.

It’s a contemporary weapon that puts lethal firepower at your fingertips, and Far Cry 5 is bringing it back to the United States. This hack puts the Vector back into the game after the initial patch rendered it impossible. No longer inconceivable!

6) Cult Millionaires

This mod also needs the Rich Cult mod by Schrotflnite12, which drops $75 after killing any cultist and contains an optional resistance points package, to be downloaded and installed. Now that the conditions have been met, have fun purging Hope County of filthy, despicable cultists and stealing their incomprehensible wealth.

They live like animals, prey on innocent Hope County citizens, and wear the same cultist outfit every day, yet are brazen enough to carry $2,000 in their pockets wherever they go. Perhaps it would be wiser for you to retain that cash instead. Use that money to purchase a rocket launcher that launches shovels or an arrow-firing slingshot.

7) Natural and Vibrant Shade

This update enhances the game’s shaders and makes shadows more realistic. Nature will appear more alive than ever, which is extremely essential in a game like Far Cry 5 because you are constantly interacting with the natural environment. Let’s call it a combination of quality-of-life and immersion mods.

The enhanced shaders will inevitably reduce your FPS, however, the mod’s developer has ensured that the decrease is not too significant or visible. If you run the game at above 60 frames per second, you should have no problems with this mod. You may see a modest decline, but nothing more than 5

8) True Montana Graphics

whatever it may imply The modder MadMaxLiS has made it possible for gamers to experience Hope County as if they were in a grindhouse film. The colours are oversaturated, yet the effect is rather distinctive.

Far Cry 5 is already a visually stunning game, but the True Montana Graphics update only slightly enhances the experience. View screen-by-screen comparisons of the basic game and the mod on the official website. MadMaxLiS was not very thrilled with the original’s visual quality, as he merely said, “This mod provides the game with the realistic visuals it deserves.”

9) Player Clothing and Heads

If you like to further personalise your characters, I encourage you to give this a try. Combine customization modifications to take character creation to the next level, and forget the limited options available in the base game.

This mod focuses on supplying you with additional heads and clothing to construct people of various ethnicities and fashions. When you combine this with other beards, a whole new ocean of opportunities opens up at your feet.

10) Escape From Far Cry 2033: Deliverance

The 3DArtist’s Masterpiece mod provides various reshade presets from other popular role-playing games. Kingdom Come Deliverance, Battlefield 1 & 4, Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, Metro 2033, Project Cars 2, Skyrim, Far Cry 4, and Escape From Tarkov are included in these presets.

Despite not being an outright game-changer, the 3DArtist’s Masterpiece creates accurate reshaders for all of the aforementioned games and boasts zero performance concerns upon installation and activation.

11) Simple Realistic Reshade FC5

Numerous reshade modifications for Far Cry 5 have been produced, each with its own distinct aesthetic alterations. When it comes to these graphical improvements, players’ opinions may differ, thus it is encouraged that they test them out separately so they may choose the best option for themselves.

This Far Cry 5 mod has a reshade that is basic enough to be acceptable in the eyes of many gamers. Most other reshade modifications have significant aesthetic effects on the game, not all of which may be desirable to the user. However, this will not be the case with the Simple Realistic Reshade, which accomplishes exactly what its name implies and makes the game seem more alive without introducing excessive visual modifications.

12) Far Cry 5 Resistance

Essentially, it allows you to customise Far Cry 5 to your liking. It will allow you to transform the game into an even greater masterpiece than it previously was, but one that better matches your purposes and gives the user far more control.

More weapons, more content, and more costumes await you with the Resistance mod for Far Cry 5.

13) Player Clothing & Heads

This Far Cry 5 mod, a basic one that expands customization choices, does exactly what its name implies. It gives gamers additional choices for selecting their head and apparel. Keep in mind that this mod needs the Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod, one of the most crucial modifications for the game, to be previously installed.

It’s a really easy mod, but it’s essential for gamers that value customisation and want a number of immersion-enhancing alternatives to pick from. Regarding which…

14) Adjustable Speeds

Adjustable Speeds is a mod for Far Cry 5 that allows players to regulate every aspect of their traversal choices. This mod enables users to choose the precise pace they like to go at whether walking or swimming.

Consider that this mod is more experimental than some of the other items on this list. This implies that gamers may find certain outcomes after installing this mod to be…unusual. Nevertheless, the massive boost in a player’s speed more than compensates for any tiny flaws, which may not even surface throughout a player’s playing!

15) Player Beards Hairstyles & Colors

This Far Cry 5 mod expands the amount of hairdo, beard, and hair colour choices available to players.

Using this mod in conjunction with the previously described one will significantly enhance immersion. It is a significant step toward enabling gamers to construct the persona they choose. Given the high standards for character creation in most games, it’s simple to understand why this mod would appeal to the vast majority of gamers who want extensive control over their character’s physical look.

16) ViewModel FOV

If you’re displeased with the way firearms obstruct your field of view on-screen, this mod may be for you.

It will enable you to change the location of weapons inside the game, allowing you a better perspective of the surroundings and making the guns seem less “in the way.”

17) Viewmodel-FOV-Mod Far Cry 5

The FOV in Far Cry 5 is overly constrained, which is an issue for the majority of players. Additionally, the player’s weapons consume an excessive amount of screen real estate. It may seem like a small criticism, but field-of-view options have become standard in most recent games, and in this aspect, Far Cry 5 is quite limited.

The ViewModel-FOV-Mod seeks to solve this by extending the FOV, while simultaneously ensuring that the player’s rifle doesn’t take up too much space. These tweaks are quite welcome in every playing of Far Cry 5, enhancing the game’s immersion in their own manner.

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