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The Silliest Resident Evil Mods

Resident Evil Village is one of the finest horror video games currently available, and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon. The game was originally developed for consoles, however it is now available for PC through Steam. Due to its growing popularity, we’ve chosen to compile a list of the finest Resident Evil Village PC modifications.

From what we can see, the modifications have included tweaks that will likely surprise many players and boost the game’s replayability. Moreover, we must note that Resident Evil Village was released without Steam Workshop support or mod tools, but that hasn’t prevented creators from creating works of art. None of the changes listed here will significantly alter the gameplay, but that’s not a major concern since Resident Evil Village’s gameplay is already extremely enjoyable.

1) Free Extra Content Shop

In the Resident Evil franchise, unlocking additional weapons, hacks, and skins for your characters via gameplay has always been a vital element, and Village’s Extra Content Shop is no exception. Still, I lack the time to sit down and complete the game a second time after completing it for the first time in order to unlock a gun I can try the third time I complete the game. There are several games to choose from, but extremely little time.

Modder Dziggy enables us to experience RE Village in its full by making all Extra Content Shop goods free of charge. Beginning with your second game (which opens the store), you will have access to endless ammunition, a variety of figurines, and unique weapons such as the Handcannon and Rocket Pistol.

2) RE2 Inventory Sounds

Resident Evil 2 Inventory Sounds is a flashback for longtime fans of the horror genre created by Square Enix. We’ve gone a long way from destroying plants in a police station, but we’re still not too far off.

For many players, Resident Evil 2 is the first defining entry in the series. Infuse Resident Evil 8: Village with the nostalgic sounds associated with inventory management. A similar modification using the noises from RE4 may be forthcoming from the same developer. We would like it much more.

3) Hound Wolf Squad – No Masks & Helmets

Chris’s elite BSAA military task team, the Hound Wolf Squad, is one of the most abrasive supporting characters in the Resident Evil franchise. Fighting bioterrorism is not simply a job for these guys. It is a way of life.

So when Chris requested them to break relations with the BSAA and pursue Mother Miranda alone, they agreed. This mod by TrieuPham offers these extraordinary guys the recognition they deserve by allowing them to display their faces without balaclavas, tactical gear, or sunglasses.

4) Fly Swatter Mod

Fly Swatters provide the ideal weapon with which to confront the Dimitrescu daughters. The ideal close combat weapon Fighting three vampiric monster girls who transform into clouds of black flies with a knife may not be the most effective strategy. Mr. Ethan Winters need a high-quality fly swatter.

This patch replaces Ethan’s knife with a traditional plastic fly swatter for swatting savage siblings and anything else you deem worthy of a whack. Swatters are offered in three vibrant hues: white, yellow, and red.

5) Red 9

Veterans of Resident Evil 4 will thrill at the opportunity to wield the Red 9 to eradicate another infected European village. Essentially, the Red 9 is a C96 Mauser with a new nomenclature.

After betraying Los Illuminados, the Spanish scientist Luis Sera selected it as the most powerful pistol in RE4 in terms of sheer strength to protect himself.

This modification by KendoGunshopYT substitutes the V61 custom for the Red 9 Even though it does not alter the weapon’s sound effects or in-game name, it is still a cool weapon skin.

6) Play As Rose Winters

This patch allows you to play as Rose Winters, daughter of Ethan and Mia. There are no changes in gameplay between playing Resident Evil Village as Ethan and modified Rose; playing as Rose is for those interested in RE8’s characters and plot.

This mod is ideal for further playthroughs, since it alters the visual style somewhat.

It may be a simple model switch, but when you’re Rose, the events impact you quite differently. (The narrative makes less sense given that you are seeking for Rose’s baby parts. Time paradox.)

7) Fluffy Manager

Fluffy Manager will serve as your Resident Evil Village mod manager. If you want to continue modding the game, Fluffy Manager will make it simple to download and install future modules, organise them, and remove them if you so desire.

Additionally, Fluffy Manager has a FOV slider for adjusting the field of view. PC users were dissatisfied that the default game lacked a FOV slider, since a greater FOV generally enhances the gaming experience. Fluffy Manager was developed by FluffyQuack for Nexus Mods.

8) Blue Rose From DMCV

Blue Rose is the first non-utility weapon skin on the list, presenting a crossover with Square Enix IPs that nobody asked for or required! Substitute the Wolfsbane handgun with this silver classic from Devil May Cry 5. A little blue rose is engraved onto the side of the revolver’s brilliant steel-grey metal.

Ethan may lack the strength, beauty, and longevity of Nero, but he can still choose his weapons with flair. There are no angels or devils in the area around the settlement.

9) Assignment Ada

If you played Resident Evil 4 as often as I did, you are familiar with Assignment Ada, a side task in which you gather five Plaga samples as Ms. Wong.

It is by far the most well-equipped design in Ada’s history, giving the impression that she is come for fight rather than a dance or a formal supper.

Rachael Folay from Resident Evil: Revelations is an additional femme fatale you may wish to portray.

She may not be the most well-known figure, but her design is outstanding.

Both of these modifications are compatible with the third-person mod provided in the mod manager by Fluffy.

10) Additional melee weapons

The absence of melee weaponry is, in our opinion, one of the main drawbacks of Resident Evil Village. The only weapon available to the player is Ethan’s trusty knife, but it deals little damage, so what can be done? A modder has made it possible for players to pick up melee weapons dropped by fallen foes.

It is by no means flawless, but you know what? It functions, which is more vital in a game with a dearth of excellent melee weapons.

11) Enhanced Model Viewer 

Modern video games have models and textures so intricate that it is often difficult to believe. Resident Evil Village honours this by offering a model gallery where players may admire the personalities and foes they’ve encountered and vanquished.

Unlocking camera controls for the model viewer, modder AlphaZOmega enhances an already great functionality. You may zoom in and out to your heart’s content and uncover fresh views on your favourite characters.

Adding animation to a few of the models is a terrific enhancement. It now contains Alcina Dimitrescu, her kids, her dragon-like mutant form, and a great deal more.

12) New Game Plus 2022 by Dmitri5

Utilize Resident Evil Village save data to launch the game as desired. For gamers who have completed their initial gameplay but do not want to repeat the game several times to get carryover enhancements. These files represent a 100% full, maxed-out WXC weapon upgrade saved game. It’s a blast to begin an overpowered NG+ run with all of these improvements.

Remove Urias from the Village’s introduction! (Spoiler alert: he appears again later.) (Beating him early does not alter the narrative.) This mod is a wonderful first playing option for anyone who desire a real easy mode; experience the tale of Resident Evil Village while destroying everything in your way.

13) Ray Gun from CoD: Zombies

In Call of Duty: Zombies, there is something about fending off hordes of zombies while waiting for the roulette in the mystery box to finish spinning that gives me the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. What could be better?

Obtaining the Ray Gun and annihilating a formerly dangerous zombie swarm in a matter of seconds.

This mod by KushAstronaut replaces the Rocket Pistol in RE Village with the Ray Gun, which functions similarly. Although it does not impart a green light to your projectiles, the immediately identifiable sound effect makes all the difference.

13) Ray Gun from CoD: Zombies

The main character, Ethan Winters, always carries a knife in case the player runs out of ammunition or for stealth reasons. However, with this mod, players may substitute a fly swatter for the knife. The fly swatter is effective against insects but probably not against zombies, so you need not fear.

15) Daughters of YorHa

It was just a matter of time until NieR: Automata was added to RE Village, given the internet’s infatuation with all things 2B.

Daughters of YorHa by Jtengh offers the trio of man-eating ghouls an android makeover, with optional accoutrements such as an android visor and a Virtuous Contract sword in lieu of the sisters’ sickles.

Due to the elaborate intricacy and black-and-white colour scheme of the garment, it really fits in well at the Dimitrescu castle.

16) Donna Restored

Donna Restored is a little mod that restores the face of Donna Beneviento in-game. In Resident Evil Village, Donna Beneviento, the terrifying doll ruler of the four lords, is an underrated power. She is not just responsible for the famous big baby monster, but she is also a complex, sad figure deserving of admiration!

The merging of her face with the Cadou parasite ruined her appearance; this patch corrects that. In all situations in which she appears alive, she has a whole face. This mod is an expression of admiration for the underestimated antagonist. Donna and Angie’s combined presence is distinct from that of Angie alone.

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