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The Best Mods For NieR Automata

When NieR: Automata was published in 2017, it was immediately recognised as one of the decade’s finest action games. It featured a profound and unforgettable ambiance about despair and existentialism, and its presentation is one of the most original and engaging in the game business.

On the other hand, if you played it on a PC, you probably found some frustrating bugs in an otherwise flawless gaming masterpiece. The PC version of NieR: Automata was left in a very irritating condition, despite the game’s high quality. The makers of NieR: Automata seemed to prefer the console audience above the PC audience. Even the most fundamental PC changes were removed or neglected. Modifications (mods) for any game are, thankfully, one of the PC gaming community’s distinct powers. Here are the greatest and most crucial modifications you can download and install to experience NieR: Automata as it was intended to be played. All of them are free, by the way.

If you can’t wait that long and need a NieR fix, there are several modifications for the PC version of NieR: Automata that keep the game feeling fresh and provide the player new experiences.

1) NieR Automata Grid Overlay Removal

Occasionally, certain creative decisions make little sense. Occasionally, you may want to alter them. And sometimes, you can!

The NieR Automata Grid Overlay patch eliminates the grid screen overlay from loading screens and the main menu, resulting in displays that are significantly clearer. You may also remove the vignette and grain effects from the main menu, allowing you complete control over them. or anything nearby

2) Automata-LodMod

The list of modifications made by LodMod is extensive. Improvements include HQ shadow models, an option for manual culling to decrease item pop-in, a toggle for the vignette effect, skips for the opening movie and booting screens, a multiplier for ambient occlusion, and too many more to list.

This mod is ideal for people seeking a basic game experience with several quality enhancements that do not alter the visual style or gameplay. This mod is required for all NieR Automata players.

3) 2B in Wonderland

2B has become one of the generation’s most memorable personalities. But nothing in the realm of video games is genuinely sacrosanct. 2B in Wonderland is a fairly basic retexture mod that brightens the darker hues of the legendary 2B outfit.

The pastel hues would be more appropriate for a lot nicer game, but NieR is all about things seeming a little odd. Therefore, this should mix in well.

4) Nier x FF7 Tifa’s Costume

The appearances of the Final Fantasy 7 group are icons in the world of video games. Among the most famous are Cloud’s shoulder armour, Aerith’s bolero jacket, and Tifa’s casual-chic boxing-inspired clothing.

This mod outfits 2B with a traditional boxer attire. According to us, this style complements her. There are two Tifa looks on this list; favouritism may be afoot.

5) Zero’s Blade

The first Intoner’s weapon, and the only one capable of killing another. This capability is now available to you. Drakengard 3 is a must-play despite what some may say, if only for its plot, which is just as captivating as NieR Automata’s.

If you can’t, you’ll have to don Zero’s Blade, which substitutes the Beastbane in appearance but not in strength. This sword has sucked a great deal of blood, and it does not seem that it will stop any time soon.

6) The Master Sword

If you like combining your favourite franchises and want to bring a touch of Hyrule to NieR: Automata, then The Master Sword mod is for you. This mod replaces the Virtuous Contract sword with The Legend of Zelda’s famous weapon.

The model of the sword comes from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Given that the Master Sword is also known as the Blade of Evil’s Bane and the Master Sword of Resurrection, it is an appropriate addition to the NieR: Automata universe.

7) 2B White Dress

NieR Automata’s absence of clothing customization is a travesty, given how much it would have elevated an already amazing game. However, it is something I would want to have for recreating gorgeous characters such as 2B.

We may install modifications such as the 2D White Dress while we wait for Square-Enix and Platinum Games to compensate us for what they have not provided. This reverses the colour pattern of her single outfit, transforming her into a goddess-like figure. That is, a deity armed to the teeth and on the hunt for some machine grease.

8) Androids Remastered

Given that the game is only a few years old, it’s not surprising that fans want to update the visuals, and thankfully, the Androids Remastered Mod has you covered. This patch adds more detail to the vanilla models of Nier: Automata, as well as importing many character models from Soul Calibur 6 for usage by gamers.

In addition, this patch allows users to remove the feathery accents from 2B’s sleeves if they so want. However, this modification is incompatible with DLC clothes.

9) Portal 2 Pod Mod

Throughout NieR: Automata, you are joined by a Pod that assists you in a variety of ways, including combat, movement, and even has its own narrative material. This mod enables you to transform your Pod into Wheatley from Portal 2. The game has many skins for the Pods so that you may customise their appearance, but this mod goes one step further by allowing you to transform your Pod into Wheatley from Portal 2.

In addition, this mod offers the ability to transform your Pod into the Normandy starship from the Mass Effect franchise.

10) 2V Cyberpunk Outfit

Cyberpunk Outfit adds the attire of the main character from Cyberpunk 2077 to NieR Automata for usage with 2B. There is a version of the mod for A2 available. Another mod crossover, this time including NieR and Cyberpunk. This near-future casual clothing from the CD Projekt RED game looks excellent on 2B. Two open-world action-RPGs unite for the sake of style.

The ensemble comprises of a leather tank top, jacket, black slacks, and greave-style heavy-metal boots. It provides 2B an off-hours atmosphere. If only 9S had a Cyberpunk reskin, the whole YoRHa crew could be 2077-themed.

11) Home Menu Texture Compression Fix

Texture Compression Fix improves the look of the home menu. This is the third graphic change in the rankings, and it solves certain difficulties with the home menu. According to the developer of the mod, the colour banding was troublesome and required attention.

With this mod loaded, the game will utilise a new compression method and eliminate colour banding for a more fluid menu experience. The more of these patches you download, the more polished your game will become.

12) Kaine’s Ghost 

NieR Replicant was not the only recent announcement about the iconic brand; Nier Reincarnation, a new mobile game, was also recently announced. This Kaine’s Ghost hack enables you to transform your Pods into cute ghosts inspired by Reincarnation. Game footage depicts the young female protagonist being escorted by a little ghost.

Yoko Taro, the game’s director, has debunked the widespread belief that Kaine from the original NieR was the little girl in Reincarnation, despite the mod’s name.

13) Clear ReShade Preset

Clear Setting is a visual enhancement preset for the standalone ReShade application. The ‘Clear’ update improves Automata’s aesthetics, making it more appealing to gamers who want crisp, realistic graphics. Sunlight haze, glare, and other elements are filtered away.

ReShade is a popular utility used by gamers of a variety of games to enhance the visuals or customise the game’s aesthetic. This software may add filters, remove filters, and alter rendering, among other things. ReShade is also quite popular in the FF14 community. ReShade may be downloaded from their website. It is not installed with Automata like other modifications.


As a PC player, you have access to a wide range of controllers, which is a distinct benefit. This includes all controllers, including mouse and keyboards, analogue controllers, joysticks, steering wheels, etc. Even something that was intended to be console-exclusive, such as the DualShock controller, may be utilised on a PC with a simple modification.

Unfortunately, NieR: Automata does not detect the DualShock controller, but this was to be anticipated; plugging in any device causes the user interface to utilise Xbox controller button prompts, which may be perplexing. The DS4 Button Prompt hack, which alters the normal Xbox controller prompts to those of a DualShock 4 controller, may be used to circumvent this limitation. This modification allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

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