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Does Inflation Affect Auto Insurance Rates Equally?

These days the hot topic is inflation which started influencing many things in our lives. Price increases follow one after another. Actually, many companies have been resisting it for some time and now they have to open the floodgates. Vehicle insurers are no exception and they have to respond to the increasing costs they have been facing. Get free estimate for different kind of home related services if you ever need it.

The industry hasn’t been enjoying good profits for many years for various reasons. Now they have no choice but put-up prices. Lately, second-hand automobile prices have increased nearly 40%. That means they have to pay that much more when they total a vehicle. It is a huge number that affects the already tight bottom line.

Furthermore, the repair costs are shooting up as well due to supply bottlenecks and increasing material costs. Wages are going up too. So, motorists should buck down for a hefty premium increase from the next renewal.

The Way the Premiums Increase

When they start hiking prices, they don’t set things in a way that every policyholder will get say 15% increase in their premiums. Their algorithms can deal with complex calculations. And lately they have been dipping their toes in big data that includes our habits and reactions. They make sure that the low-risk drivers get the cheapest auto insurance rates so that they don’t lose them to their competitors. They keep paying premiums for years without making any claims and perhaps deserve better prices anyway.

Having a good credit score, living in a nice zip code, having no claim at least in the last five years are some of the key characteristics to avoid the blunt of the premium hikes. It isn’t about getting cheap car insurance anymore but avoiding the huge increases coming your way because the other carriers are in the same boat as well.

Bad Drivers May Be Punished Heavily

One of the key characteristics of the hard times in the insurance industry is that they love to drop high risk portfolios off at these times to reduce risks. If you know that an accident could cost you as much as forty percent more now, you may want to avoid getting a claim first.

It is not easy to go and increase premiums 40% to contour those expenses. Most states would resist the idea anyway. The solution is to double the premiums for those you are most scared of making claims because you don’t care if they leave. Actually, the whole point is to price them out.

Although risk is their business, they can be very risk averse at times. So, they are likely to fine tune their premium calculations. One important part of their algorithm is to work out how much they could go up without losing customers. In a way, they look for breaking points in which people would start looking for alternative quotes and switch when they find cheaper car insurance.

Even though every company may be in the same boat you should still try to find the best deal you can get. You have to ignore their situation and look from your own angle. Your bills are going up fast and you need to save money from somewhere. 

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