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15 interesting Sonic 3 air mods

Looking for the greatest Sonic 3 AIR modifications? You need to look no further! We have the perfect product for you. Sonic 3: AIR, or Angel Island Revisited, is a wonderful PC version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles created by fans. It has several enhancements over the original game, including widescreen compatibility, constant 60 FPS, and most crucially, mod support, as well as many other excellent upgrades.

The game itself has a multitude of fascinating and intriguing features. as well as numerous improvements over the original game. However, the incorporation of modifications is really what elevates this game to a new level. Modifications will give this legendary Sonic video game a new, stylish vibe.

These are the finest AIR Mods for Sonic 3:


It is well knowledge that sprites are essential to each Sonic game since they serve as Sonic’s friends throughout his runs. During gameplay, they provide your playable characters special powers, such as increasing the length of power-ups and dashing, magnifying the appearance of power-ups, facilitating the gathering of rings, etc.

Sonic 3 Complete Sprites expands upon the previously existent Sonic 3 sprites. Sprites from Sonic 3 Complete have been imported. Not only will there be a whole set of unique Super Sonic sprites, but there will also be a set of modified sprites for regular Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Some altered sprites exhibit subtler alterations than others.


If Tails is your favourite character, you will like this mod that was made with a lot of love and care, Arifkunviid’s Miles replaces all tail sprites with a Sonic-3-style tail sheet! It also has a few small adjustments here and there.

In addition to altering Tails’ sprites, this modification also ensures that he has a distinct continuation screen, different sprite postures at all endings, and altered animations (Like the Idle, looking up or down).


Time for some aesthetic adjustments. This hack replaces the default HUD components with those from the Sonic Mania video game. Not implying that the default HUD is visually monotonous. It’s simply that the Sonic Mania HUD provides a more concise and streamlined appearance that gets to the core of the features.

You can take it one step further by combining it with the Mania Health Meter HUD, which makes the Health Meter mod readily compatible with Sonic Mania’s HUD.


This is a mod that many players were eagerly anticipating! Original Zone Order reorganizes the zones in the order intended before the game was broken in half. Essentially, it positions Flying Battery between Carnival Night and IceCap.

This mod is very compatible with almost all other modifications, allowing you to incorporate improvements without sacrificing any of your favourite mods. It is very recommended to create backups of your saved data before utilising them. safer to be safe than sorry!


Mighty the Armadillo, everyone’s favourite hard-shelled champion, returns to the Angel Island Revisited world. Extra Slot Mighty is a modification that adds Ultimate Mighty as an additional playable character to Sonic 3 AIR without exceeding Sonic’s current character slots.

Mighty has all of his distinctive powers, including bullet deflection and spike immunity. Similar to Sonic Mania, he can crush Badniks with the hammer drop, scale enormous walls with the wall leap, and follow Knuckle’s paths in Angel Island act 2, Ice Cap and Lava Reef act 2.


The renowned animated gameplay is returning in a playable version to A.I.R! If you want more command over your Super/Hyper forms. Then this mod is for you!

It is simple but very powerful. When you morph, you automatically assume your super form. Simply change one more to turn into your hyper form.

To clarify how this mod works, while you are in your super form and have less than the needed amount of rings to re-transform, activating the transform button will cancel your super form. If your super cancel is active and you hit the morph button while in hyper form, it will operate as a super cancel.


There are always bugs and crashes in excellent games; it’s the price you pay to appreciate them. However, everything has a solution. Thanks to this miraculous mod. This modification aims to correct a number of small flaws in both the original game and Sonic 3 A.I.R., as well as enhance consistency and other areas.

If you are dissatisfied with a change and would like a more vanilla experience, or if anything is in conflict with another mod, you may deactivate the majority of the tweak in the “Options” menu, which is accessible in-game.


Boss battles in Sonic 3 A.I.R. are exciting and entertaining, but your only attention will be on evading their attacks while simultaneously attempting to land your own.

Boss Meter HUD is an additional gameplay modification that adds a progress bar to boss battles. This will allow you to determine your future movements depending on the present state of the conflict.


This next mod, Sonic Mania Heroes, is adored by a great number of gamers, and some cannot play without it. The concept of the mod is rather basic, however, it delivers so much enjoyment. It intends to alter the gameplay of Sonic Mania to make it more comparable to Sonic Heroes.

With this mod, you’ll be able to build any three-member team from the five available characters. You may play as any of your favorite Sonic characters in this mode.


This modification introduces a Modern Sonic hybrid with moves from Generations, Adventure 2, and Colors. The list of movements described in this article is lengthy, but it does contain the following:

Boost – You get a boost meter that is activated by pressing X and refilled by collecting rings.

Air Boost – While in the air and possession of a boost, pressing X will activate an air boost.

Light Speed – When close to rings, hold A towards the direction of the rings.

Stomp – While in the air, pressing B will cause you to pound the earth.

This is only a sampling of the maneuvers, since there are additional moves that you may find for yourself, we do not want to ruin them for you.

This mod also includes physics adjustments and the much-requested “No monitor bounce” feature, which prevents you from bouncing off of displays. There are modified sprites, therefore this mod has a variety of helpful and explorable features.


It is time to give Knuckles some attention! This Custom Super Knuckles Sprites Mod includes the whole sprite sheet for Knuckles, as well as different ending sprites. The sprite sheet contains all of the original rotation sprites.

This patch also enables additional features in other Knuckles modifications, such as the Metal Knuckles Boss mod, since it greatly facilitates the loading of certain metal Knuckles sprites.


Despite being yet another Tails mod, this one is rather intriguing. This hack replaces Tails’ Sonic 3 sprites with ones that have a better appearance and match his overall design. This mod may be used if you need more fluid movements and new sprites that provide more consistency and shine.


Dr. Eggman constructed “Metaru Sonikku,” an immensely strong Badnik version of Sonic the Hedgehog, with the express aim of defeating Sonic. Is now playable in Sonic 3 A.I.R. This patch also adds Metal Sonic to Sonic 3 AIR, replete with a full set of animations, an improved custom moveset, and more features than ever before.

Ultimate Metal Sonic arrives with a complete sprite sheet and nine color palettes, some of which are inspired by Metal’s look in past games or by his robotic hedgehog siblings.


Unquestionably one of the greatest Sonic Mania modifications ever created. Sonic Mania Plus is a mod created by the incredible Someguyonline that adds several changes and adjustments to the game.

This mod addresses the fact that several elements of the game might need more attention and improvement. It gives some sprites a cleaner and more uniform appearance, particularly for Sonic. And enable Mighty to have more distinct sprites, in addition to fixing other issues.

This mod is also highly recommended and necessary for other modifications to function. because it provides them with a boost and adds new features and interesting game adjustments.


Hedgehogs of Time (H.o.T) is a massive mod created by PotterAndMatrixFan, Haloarbiter, and several more volunteers. If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, you should definitely check out this mod.

This hack allows you to play as contemporary Sonic, vintage Sonic, and Boom Sonic, each with distinct and fluid motions. You may also utilise the Sonic Mania Plus modification to add Mr. Needlemouse and King Sonic. This hack significantly modifies Sonic Mania. Similar to how Modern Sonic can substitute Sonic, Classic Sonic can replace Knuckles and other alterations that will provide so much variety and enjoyment to your gaming.

This concludes our list of Sonic 3 AIR modifications. We hope that you will find them entertaining and intriguing to investigate and include in your Sonic 3 AIR gaming. As we assure you that they will advance your Sonic 3 AIR activities. Providing more pleasure and excitement like never before. We believe that modding is the ultimate method to play Sonic 3 AIR. The game’s music, gameplay, aesthetics, and other amazing features that may be added through modifications are increasingly modifiable.

The Sonic 3 AIR modding community is vibrant and expanding, with exciting new modifications being published every few days. And we will continue to search for fresh game modifications. Remember to save our website as a bookmark.

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