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Nier Replicant Mods: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Investments

Nier Replicant was never a poor game, but it was mostly ignored for quite some time after its release. Many players have shown interest in the more established game as a result of the popularity of Nier Automata. That contributed, however slightly, to the overall success of the most recent version of Nier Replicant. Many people who hadn’t previously played the game responded positively to the remade version of the title.

Nier Replicant is an outstanding action role-playing game. The game is chock full of philosophical discussions and is continually subverting the conventions of its own genre. The most recent edition saw a substantial improvement to the game’s visuals, and it was also made available for PC users. That indicates that hackers and modders will ultimately get their hands on it.

Most recent revision made by Ryan Bamsey on November 30, 2021: There have been a few new interesting advancements in the Nier modding community, and we have updated this list to reflect them. The majority of the attention of the Nier modding community has been on developing new methods to make the game look absolutely amazing.

1) Replicant Gadget

The Replicant Gadget is a versatile tool for the NieR Replicant game that offers players a variety of functions and customization options to enhance their experience with the game. It gives you the ability to perform a number of things while you are playing the game, such as changing your Nier’s model in the middle of the game. Additionally, it enables the possibility of having a limitless amount of HP levels and magic.

If you are one of those gamers who simply wants to race through the game and get to the plot as quickly as possible, then this mod is an absolute need for you since it will basically make you unstoppable from the very beginning of the game.

2) Nintendo Switch Button Replacer

If you have a powerful computer and you want everything to seem as amazing as it possibly can, then you should definitely acquire a copy of this mod. This modification will replace all of the game’s cutscenes with versions that are interpolated at 120 frames per second and look absolutely stunning.

Even if there are certain technical prerequisites to make this mod function, it is still worthwhile to investigate whether or not your rig is capable of managing it. After all, cutscenes are a very significant component of the whole experience!

3) Nintendo Switch Button Replacer

The PlayStation Button mod created by Paetra has been modified by this mod. This modification is the result of a straightforward inquiry that was addressed by the contributors to the mod community. The change that Ritz made caused Nier Replicant to display the buttons for the Nintendo Switch instead.

It is still necessary for players to have Paetra’s mod installed in order to use this modification. After that, they will be able to add this so that they may play comfortably with their Nintendo Switch controllers. It would seem that this modification is not currently compatible with Special K, despite the fact that the developer of the mod intends to address the issue at some point.

4) Papa Nier Launcher

One of the most recommended modifications for your NieR Replicant character is the Papa Nier Launcher. After installation, it will take the place of a game launcher and provide you the ability to choose Papa Nier as a playable character from the very beginning of the game.

If playing as Papa Nier is not enough for you, you can take the experience of playing as Papa to the next level by adding the Papa Nier Voice mod to the mix. This mod enables you to change Brother Nier’s voice to Father Nier’s voice, which is the same as his original voice from the Gestalt. If playing as Papa Nier is not enough for you, you can take the experience of playing as Papa to the next level by adding the Papa Nier Voice mod.

5) Ersh And SkacikPL’s High FPS Fix

PC gamers are notorious for customising their games in order to make them appear the best they possibly can. Modders have played a big role in this process, helping to make Skyrim seem more modern and enhancing a wide variety of games. The frames per second (fps) of a game is one of the aspects that gets a lot of attention from PC gamers.

For PC gamers, Nier Replicant is not a game that has unlocked its frames per second. Nevertheless, Ersh and SkacikPL handled everything for us. They did it by developing a modification. It is possible to use this hack to get more than 60 frames per second if you have a high-quality display and a capable GPU.

6) Vibrant Realism – Reshade Preset

Vibrant Realism is a straightforward yet highly effective ReShade preset that improves the contrast, warmth, and vividness of the game while simultaneously lowering the amount of blurred grey haze that is present across the entirety of the map and preserving both the game’s immersiveness and its frame rate.

Installing ReShade V5.02 and following the instructions on the official mod page is all that is required to get it up and running. It is rather simple to configure and use.

7) Clean ReShade Preset

Face The remaster of Preset Nier Replicant is really stunning and takes place in a unique environment. The game has a fantastic visual presentation, but it has the potential to look much better. There are certain flaws with the game that can be resolved by making some little adjustments to the light and the colour. A few key adjustments may already go a long way toward improving the visual presentation of the game.

ChaserJZX created a modification that, although just requiring a little adjustment, has a significant impact. According to ChaserJZX, the purpose of the mod is to make the game’s visuals seem more polished and sharp. Because with CleanReShade, the game no longer has the drab appearance and bluish tinge that are characteristic of it.

8) High Framerate Cutscenes

If you want your game to appear good all the time and you think your computer can handle it, you should acquire the High Framerate cutscenes mod. It will make your game seem much better. It does this by replacing all of the in-game cutscenes with versions that are superimposed at 60 or 120 frames per second and look just breathtaking.

You may check out the mod page for extra stuff that you’ll also need to install for this mod to operate correctly, and it’s absolutely worth it since all of the cutscenes receive a complete redesign, making them even more lovely to walk through.

9) Replicant’s Little Helper

The Replicant’s Little Helper package is more of a collection of modifications than it is a single mod on its own. The fact that everything is organised in a manner that allows for compatibility with everything else is what makes it one of a kind. It includes 3Dmigoto modifications like as PS4 Buttons and the Ultrawide Fix, which may be used in conjunction with Reshade and Special K.

Because players need Special K in order to utilise Replicant’s Little Helper, they need ensure that it is functioning properly before moving forward. When it has been determined that the game can be played with Special K, just extract the contents of the zip file into the folder that contains Nier Replicant.

10) Playstation Button Replacer

Petra’s PlayStation Button Replacer is a mod that does exactly what it claims it would do; it enables you to rearrange the buttons and provides visual prompts that correspond to the buttons on the PlayStation.

Players who are used to the user interface style of the PlayStation controller will find this to be a huge improvement. If you use this mod, you won’t get irritated anytime you try to locate a button since it will simplify the process for you.

11) Father’s Diary

It is necessary to have this mod if you are a fan of Nier Gestalt and also if you download modifications to play as “Papa Nier” instead. In its absence, the loading screens of the game take the form of entries from Yonah’s journal; in these entries, she often makes reference to Nier.

The issue is that she consistently refers to him as if he were her brother. This modification will modify that, closing the plot hole that was caused by it. Still, there is little that can be done for those who, rather than playing as Kainé, prefer to play as…

12) Papa Nier Voice

Goshante felt that just playing as Papa Nier was not enough. Players were fortunate enough to get a mod that caters to the sentimentality of Nier fans thanks to the dedication of the modder. Goshante’s Papa Nier Voice replaces brother Nier’s voice with Goshante’s own reading of Nier Gestalt’s dialogue in its entirety.

After installing it, gamers will get an experience that is quite similar to the one they had when they first played Nier Gestalt. The version of Nier that was voiced by Jamieson Price is, in the eyes of many gamers, the definitive version of the character. Even if there aren’t too many memorable lines in Nier, a lot of gamers want to go back and relive the fantastic times they had playing the series for the first time.

13) Nier Perfect V2

Even though the remastered edition of Nier appears graphically far better than the original, the game still has the same problem with a lack of colour crispness as it had when it was initially released. It’s possible that the problem is with the game’s textures, but it might also be a limitation that the devs had to work around. Despite this, a good number of players expressed their dissatisfaction with the game and said that they want a greater variety of colours.

If you are one of those players, you can easily fix this problem by installing the Nier Perfect V2 mod, which was developed by Okjaye. This mod brings a much-needed fix to the game’s colour patterns, making them appear more vibrant and crisp, and generally improving the visual aspect of the game quite a bit.

14) Papa Nier Voice Alt. Version

This mod is in fact an upgraded version of Goshante’s Papa Nier Voice that was created by dead-jack. Having said that, the soundtrack from Nier Gestalt was not the only thing that was carried over to the new game. It does provide something that is unique to the market. A few of Nier’s speech lines do not quite match up with the text of the game as it appears in the Gestalt port. Some of them did not even exist at that time.

Using this patch, mismatched speech lines will be replaced with other voice lines that suit the situation more appropriately. There are a few vocal lines that are mismatched. The answer that Dead-jack came up with was to substitute silence for them. More than one hundred lines have been modified, and the developer of this add-on plans to continue improving it.

15) ReplicantGadget

This mod is a utility that may be used for a variety of purposes for NieR Replicant version 1.22474487139. It was developed by Asiern, and it offers a lot of useful features to those individuals who are playing the most recent version of the game on a personal computer. This is a tool that may be used to cheat in general.

During gameplay, players are given the ability to alter Nier’s model by using the ReplicantGadget. Within this section, you will find an option that enables you to give Nier a limitless amount of both health and magic. In addition to that, it enables you to alter Nier’s level. Those who just want to witness the tale may use this mod to start the game as an invincible, high-level Nier. This is helpful for players who want to go through the game quickly.

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