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18 recent Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods

The fact that Warhorse Studios chose a very ambitious and realistic open-world mediaeval RPG as their first title is certainly worthy of praise. In this sense, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is indisputably one of the finest successes of any gaming company, since the whole game is a hugely fun, if sometimes buggy, adventure.

However, there is no ignoring the fact that Kingdom Come is by no means a flawless experience… however, fans who want to alleviate the annoyances of this game may integrate a wide variety of modifications that can optimise and enhance the overall experience of this game in several ways. Keeping this in mind, the following are the 10 finest Kingdom Come modifications that fans may incorporate into their game for the best possible experience.

Despite the absence of a fantastical aspect, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is regarded by many as one of the most ambitious and engaging open-world RPGs of all time. Warhorse Studios deserves all the kudos in the world for undertaking such a big game for their first release, and the following modifications enhance the game’s enjoyment.


1) Lockpicking Overhaul

First off, we have a Quality of Life-improving tweak that will undoubtedly simplify a great deal of your stealth-based gaming… by making thieving somewhat less difficult. This Lockpicking Upgrade, crafted by Fireundubh, immediately opens any lock. If your skill level exceeds the locks, you will play the standard minigame we all like.

And maybe your MLG abilities will become useful. It will also identify as “searched” any cache you’ve previously accessed, making it easy to keep track of your illicit actions.


2) Unlimited Saving 

KCD puts limits on when you can save your game, restricting it to when you are sleeping or drinking “Savior Schnapps” (in addition to autosaves and saving upon exiting the game). With limited saves, the idea is that players would be more cautious in their decision-making and may have to live with their decisions, good or bad.

The concept behind EddieShoe’s Unlimited Saving mod is that it’s your game, so save whenever the hell you want. It enables you to save the game at will from the main menu, even if you don’t have any Schnapps. There is still a hard restriction of 30 saved games before you are prompted to replace one. This mod is now compatible with patch 1.3.1.


3) Better Trainers

Better Trainers, a mod by Fireundubh, makes your apprenticeship experience more rewarding by reducing skill-training level restrictions. This provides flexibility in character creation, but may be abused to make Henry overpowering at very early levels. This might basically eliminate any difficulty from his trip.

To combat this, you might install the “balanced” version of the patch, which substantially raises skill-training expenses while removing level requirements. You will still have a great deal of flexibility to build your character, but you won’t be able to misuse it.


4) Richer Merchants 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is plagued by a persistent nuisance that plagues the majority of western open-world JRPGs. The bulk of merchants in these games do not have a lot of money to give the player in exchange for their items.

Therefore, it should be rather evident what the Richer Merchants mod intends to do. It provides Kingdom Come merchants with additional funds, making it simpler to do business with them.


5) Better Vanilla HUD

As is the case with the majority of large-scale RPGs, several modifications are devoted to make KCD as simple and fashionable as possible. All in an effort to maintain immersion. This mod by Anarchia reduces the size of your HUD components, such as the compass, health bar, and scope dot.

It also modifies the colour of a few items, such as the battle reticle, which is no longer that horrible red and yellow tint. The changes are so minute that you may not notice them at first. But it does appear more classy. Certainly plenty that you will not want to turn back.


6) Very Unintrusive Reticle

The UI in KCD isn’t exactly elegant, and the reticle displayed at all times (unless while using your bow—more on that in a minute) is a bulky yellow dot that isn’t exactly pleasant to gaze at for hours on end. Very Unintrusive Reticle by Lobuno decolorizes and renders almost transparent the reticle, making it nearly invisible unless you’re searching for it.

Alternatively, you may try the Unintrusive Reticle mod by PcFreaky99, which isn’t quite as unobtrusive as the Very Unobtrusive mod, but is still less obtrusive than the default reticle. I believe everything made sense.


7) Perkaholic

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the perk system is one of the most intriguing components of character growth. Nonetheless, some players would have liked for these advantages to be much more prevalent in the game.

With the Perkaholic mod, this fantasy may be realised. Numerous new qualities are introduced to the game to make levelling up even more engaging, and key fighting abilities have also undergone significant development.


8) No GPS and Remove Compass

If you want a little more of a challenge and immersion, this No GPS hack will remove you off the map every time you use it. The simple version of the mod will continue to centre the map on your position, while the complete version will centre on the point where you most recently placed a map marker. Not being able to see your exact location on the map will make navigation somewhat more difficult. In order to increase the difficulty and authenticity of the game, there is a version that disables your compass.


9) Third-Person Camera Mode

There is no method to move the camera to a third-person perspective with vanilla KCD. However, there is no need to quit up just yet!

The Third-Person Camera Mode in Fuse00 allows you to toggle between first-person and third-person with the press of a button. Even during battle scenes, it works, but you may find it more difficult to fight this way. Controlling Henry in third-person is analogous to riding a horse, which is the one disadvantage. This is rather unnatural and may disrupt the immersion.


10) Instant Herb Picking

Picking herbs in Kingdom Come may be a nice activity at first, but it’s impossible to deny that seeing Henry bend down repeatedly to gather these plants may become quite irritating.

Thankfully, with the Instant Herb Picking mod, gamers may eliminate an inconvenience that can quickly become overwhelming, enabling them to harvest herbs in peace.


11) Midnight Armor Set

Playing KCD while lurking in the shadows is substantially less elegant than in more fantasy games. In the Middle Ages, criminals were more likely to wear rags than costly black silk robes. Specifically, similar to those seen in Elder Scrolls. Realistically, everything is OK. However, this does not imply you must settle if you want to be the master of stealth.

This mod by LampiestLamp adds an assortment of jet-black armour parts created by recoloring existing KCD equipment. To maintain the game’s style. Once installed, these sets of rogue armour will be available for purchase from your local tailor. You may have to wait till they restock, though.


12) Bushes — Collision Remover

Another vexing aspect of Kingdom Come is the fact that Henry can traverse the terrain and leap large gaps and heights with relative ease, yet is promptly halted in his tracks by a gigantic shrub.

This patch removes these collision boxes, enabling Henry to traverse these bushes without difficulty. If immersion is an issue, the player may think that Henry has received slight scratches while through these thorns.


13) A Sorted Inventory

Henry’s pockets are loaded with guns, food, and treasure, making it difficult for him to remain orderly. The A Sorted Inventory mod by Haslami (influenced by another inventory sorting mod by Papirnehezek) marks every item in the game with a prefix that sorts them alphabetically by item type. You’ll be able to easily locate what you’re searching for at a glance.


14) No Helmet Vision

No Helmet Vision by JustAnOrdinaryGuy is a similar mod that sacrifices immersion for QOL. As you are aware, wearing protective headgear in the basic game has a significant disadvantage. They significantly restrict your vision, allowing you to see just what is immediately in front of you. It is accurate, but wearing helmets becomes quite bothersome.

This patch completely disables helmet vision, allowing you to shield your head without compromising visibility. Some members of the community may refer to you as a casual, but everyone enjoys themselves in their own manner.


15) Sectorial Lockpicking

Lockpicking is definitely one of the worst minigames in Kingdom Come, particularly when played with a controller. The mouse and keyboard make things somewhat simpler, but not by much.

Check out the Sectorial Lockpicking mod if you want a lockpicking experience that is substantially less unpleasant. It clearly indicates where the player should retain their selection, making this minigame quite enjoyable.


16) Unlimited Weight

The concept of the protagonist being unable to carry goods beyond a particular weight is very aggravating and serves no purpose other than halting a player’s exploration and causing them to second-guess looting opponents and locating wealth, among other annoyances.

In this aspect, the Unlimited Weight mod is rather self-explanatory, enabling Henry to carry as many stuff as he desires without being arbitrarily overburdened.


17) Blood Mod – Alpha

Realistic blood splashes are among the most engrossing innovations. It gives the impression that your assault is having a discernible impact. And Ddefinder’s mod introduces all of this to the KCD universe. During combat, blood will dynamically spill over floors, walls, and essentially everything.

My favourite aspect that distinguishes this blood mod from others is that the blood only splatters when your strikes bypass armour, i.e. when you do health damage and not simply stamina damage.


18) Roads Are Dangerous

Zaatch’s Roads Are Dangerous is a mod for those seeking a little extra fighting when fast-traveling. It features an extra module that adds other sorts of opponent encounters, such as the Merry Lads, who are robbers disguised as nobles, and Berserkers, who are larger, more powerful fighters.

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