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How to make Nioh 2 even better with 16 mods

Nioh 2 maintains the Souls-like flag flying high, particularly in the gap left by the Dark Souls trilogy. The mediaeval fantasy game from Japan has its own advantages. Its combat is more dynamic and exciting than the majority of games in its subgenre. This necessitates a high level of skill and vigilance on the part of the players as they handle several facets of battle, as well as the constant danger of death and subjectively unjust foes.

It might be nerve-wracking at times, but PC users can prevent a mental collapse due to stress by using modifications. Nioh 2’s PC version, which is a legitimate port, has an interesting collection of modifications. The majority of these are aesthetic enhancements, however some improve the game’s graphics while others increase its ferocity.

1) Clearly – Reshade Preset

Clearly, Nioh 2 is a terrific game; the aesthetic choices chosen by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo are excellent, with the exception of one flaw that one mod programmer sought to address. “I don’t like blurry screen.” This Clearly Preset for Reshade modifies the game’s visuals to make the field of vision more distinct and reduce fog.

With glare reduction, colour adjustment, and fog removal, many gamers prefer the more striking look. In case you are unaware, ReShade is a post-processing application that enhances the visuals of several games. It is worth utilising even if you dislike modifications since it is unique.

2) FOG Disable V3 – No bloom optional

Nioh 2’s visual effects are overwhelming, particularly after the PC version. The extensive use of volumetric fog is one of the most prominent visual abnormalities in the game. This is a common oddity in several Japanese role-playing games, including Monster Hunter World.

Thankfully, several PC gamers became tired of the situation and decided to take action. The FOG Disable V3 – No bloom optional modification disables two obtrusive visual effects. The volumetric fog and the bloom are these. Depending on the machine, this may potentially enhance the framerate.

3) Perfect Starter Save and Save Migration Tool

The Perfect Starter Save and Migration Tool allows players to begin the game with all skills unlocked and a pile of absurdly powerful weapons and equipment.

For those of you who like to enjoy the gaming experience without difficulty. After finishing the first assignment, all unlockables are unlocked. Additionally advantageous are the enemy and treasure sensor special effects. The provided save migration tool makes it simple to deploy this save file.

4) Challenge Mod

Lastly, the Challenge Mod is included to make Nioh 2 even more challenging. The mod is just a table that allows you to change the game’s difficulty levels after you’ve surpassed the game’s opponents.

With this mod, you may modify the health and damage of opponents, among other things. In addition, there is a global speed factor if you want something more equitable than contrived difficulties. It is possible to utilise it for multiplayer, however it is not encouraged.

5) Round Eyewear

Despite being set in a Japanese fantasy world, the characters in Nioh 2 generally conform to the fashions of their depicted historical period. Therefore, there is no accessible eyeglasses for those with poor eyesight. Unfortunately, several character designs might have benefited from a contemporary touch.

Because of this, Round Eyewear exists. Certain gamers felt that Nioh 2’s custom characters should have more fashion choices. Obviously, it’s not lore-friendly, but if you want to make the game into an anime, you must utilise this mod.

6) Cleaner Combat Effects

The abundance of visual effects and particles in Nioh 2’s fighting is a characteristic of the genre, yet it may be distracting while attempting to concentrate on the action. Cleaner Battle Effects minimise the quantity of shown particle effects during combat.

Other effects, like yokai spatter, amrita, and purity weapon effects, are also diminished. This mod is for those who want a more subdued visual experience without removing all effects, which would make the game too dull.

7) Phantom Mask

In terms of fashion possibilities, Nioh 2’s ending is comparable to those of many Souls-like games. You do not need to violate the mythology in order to look beautiful in Nioh 2; there are plenty of modifications that match the lore and historical period.

This includes the Phantom Mask. Actually, it is only a retexture of the Sohaya mask. In its place, you will get the female phantom yokai form mask. It is a nicer and shinier version of the original item and complements many characters with a cleaner appearance.

8) Skills Expanded

This is one of the few gameplay-related modifications for Nioh 2 that sees significant usage. The Skills Expanded Cheat Engine table modifies each weapon’s move set to include additional skill controls.

The remapping of Windstorm and Watersword, allowing them to be used simultaneously, is one of our favourite quality-of-life adjustments. Without power-ups, it wouldn’t be a genuine Cheat Engine table, would it?

This patch increases the wind-up speed of Resounding Lunge, adds a Ki Pulse window to the Wild Spear, integrates Random Slice with Sign of the Cross, and fixes an issue that prohibited the usage of Double Headed Slice after guarding.

9) Eyes Retext

In several role-playing video games, the character’s eyes are covered. This is due to the fact that many of them use drastically varied lighting for the character creation screen and in-game visuals. This results in some misjudged harvesting. Alternatively, you likely dislike the eye texturing regardless of the illumination variation.

In any case, Eyes retext is a useful visual patch for addressing this issue. This modification adds new eye textures to the game. All may be recolored for further customization. You may now replicate specific anime characters in Nioh 2, like Naruto’s emo best buddy with strange eyes.

10) Automata 2B Yorha Outfit

Those of you who are also huge Nier fans will understand why these bespoke designs were our top choice. These models are recreations of the Yorha clothing worn by 2B in Nier: Automata. This outfit, which features futuristic headgear, an eyepatch, the trademark Justice Ministry Cuirass, and sky-high boots, is among the most recognisable in video game fashion.

In addition, nine Nier Automata new weapon models may be used to reskin existing Nioh 2 weapons. Our equipment is designed for slicing machines, but it will also be effective against our foes in this game.

11) Longer Twin-Tails Hairstyle

The hair choices is another facet of Nioh 2’s aesthetic that leaves many gamers yearning. Some of them are either too brief or too mild, particularly for a Japanese video game with many supernatural themes. Apparently, the Twin-Tails is too short for some of you.

Therefore, the Longer Twin-Tails Hairstyle was created. Modification is rather self-explanatory. Several inches of growth are added, yet the game’s mechanics remain same. However, the makers purposefully made this hairdo short, so anticipate some clipping difficulties.

12) Unscarfed Shinobi Onmyo Set and Kasumi, Mai, Chun Li Cosplay

This patch replaces the Shinobi Onmyo armour set with more body-revealing variants. There are also optional Shinobi robes without a back. These specialised models are for gamers who like a raunchier, more mature atmosphere in their stylized games. We appreciate that.

In addition to the unscarfed sets, the Onmyo set for Kasumi, Mai, and Chun-Li includes cosplay textures. With these models and textures, there are an abundance of options.

13) Cleaner Combat Effects

Nioh 2’s combat resembles a Mexican piata celebration. You strike the adversaries and press a number of buttons and abilities to be bombarded with so many lights that they cause you a headache. Even this might be damaging to your concentration in some scenarios.

Get rid of these unnecessary particle effects using Cleaner Combat Effects. Using this mod, you will no longer be subjected to the enormous explosions that occur whenever you kill an opponent or switch positions.

14) Buster Sword (Final Fantasy 7 Remake Style)

If the effect of immersion has already been damaged by one or more prior modifications, then why not download Buster Sword? Your avatar will be able to blast foes with Cloud Strife’s iconic weapon from Final Fantasy 7.

Surprisingly, the Buster sword’s rugged form fits in wonderfully with the Nioh 2 scenario. The modder tried their best; the weapon’s edges reflect all light sources and adapt appropriately to the game’s environment. The sword seems battle-worn and ragged, thus it fits the dismal tone of Nioh 2 perfectly.

15) Improved Antialiasing – Nioh 2

Nioh 2 is not without technological flaws, despite being a competent PC version. One of them is the implementation of anti-aliasing, which is somewhat antiquated. It eliminates the jaggedness of pixelated pictures. This is a regular occurrence in console games owing to the lower resolution.

Nioh 2 is missing certain current PC settings. Improved Antialiasing addresses this issue by providing depth-based SMAA and an optional FXAA. This may also increase speed if you want to utilise them instead of the game’s native anti-aliasing.

16) Improved Antialiasing

Despite the great quality of the PC adaptation, Nioh 2 has certain technical faults. The first is obsolete anti-aliasing technology that does not effectively repair picture jaggedness. Due to the decreased resolution of console games, this is often the situation.

Modern anti-aliasing methods like as SMAA and FXAA are missing from the PC version of Nioh 2, however the Improved Antialiasing patch overcomes this issue. Additionally, utilising modifications instead of anti-aliasing in-game boosts performance.

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