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The 16 Best Outer Worlds Mods You Should Try Out ASAP

The Outer Worlds was one of the best RPG releases of 2019, providing a Fallout-like sci-fi RPG to a planet that hadn’t had a solo Fallout experience since 2015. It transports the player to the distant solar system known as Halcyon, which has been split up by unscrupulous companies, leaving a line of deadly colonies always on the verge of catastrophe.

As fantastic as this Obsidian Entertainment role-playing game was, there is always space for improvement, and gamers often notice details that were ignored throughout the development process. Occasionally, a player might devise their own method of enhancing the game for himself. Here, modifications come into play.

All of the modifications covered in this article may be accessed on Nexus Mods; links will be given for each entry.

1) Skip Startup Splash

When purchasing a game for the first time, the startup screens and title page may be an exciting introduction to the next adventure. However, after repeatedly starting the game, gamers are likely to tyre of the window dressing and want to get right into the action. The Skip Startup Splash mod is a useful addition to the game that allows players to bypass the splash screen and get straight to the main menu. This mod is ideal for players that value their time and want to get directly into the action.

2) The Tweaked Outer Worlds

As you will see, The Tweaked Outer Worlds is one of the most highly regarded modifications for Outer Worlds, and with good reason. It gives you complete control over the visual aspect of the game, allowing you to tune and alter many of the game’s graphical choices that are not accessible in the main game’s options menu.

It is a fairly simple modification that seeks to improve the game’s speed on all configurations without bloated files or Reshade. It does this mostly by removing annoying GFX effects and mouse smoothness, as well as some settings that cannot be removed individually in-game.

3) Bigger UI

For a game that depends significantly on text conversation and significant character decisions, a legible user interface is crucial. Unfortunately, many gamers criticised The Outer Worlds for having text boxes with very tiny font. The Bigger UI patch resolves the issue by allowing players to manually alter the size of the user interface to improve word size, clarity of health bars, and any other on-screen information that requires enlargement. As long as you do not obstruct your own vision, you have complete control over the user interface without consequence.

4) Obsidian Reshade

There are other Outer Worlds Reshade modifications available, but Obsidian ReShade is by far the finest, since it provides all the graphical enhancements without affecting game performance.

It brings “The Outer Worlds” to life by enhancing the game’s graphical features with greater colours, sharper detail, and HDR. This Reshade preset takes the game’s already impressive visuals to the next level. This is a must-have mod if you want your characters to seem more alive, and if you want space to appear more spacious and explorable.

5) FPSconfig For Performance Boost

The internet’s modding community are always on the lookout for methods to assist users who cannot consistently run the newest game on their gaming system. This is where the FPSconfig for Performance Boost mod by Nexus Mods users VladCorvi and Crystrex comes in.

This patch modifies Outer Worlds’ graphics, tones, and lighting to make it more accessible to gamers with less capable gaming computers. To the uploader’s credit, they acknowledge that it does not significantly improve the game’s FPS, but it does lessen GPU stress.


FPSconfig mod is the ideal performance increase if you have a low-end PC or hardware, or if you want your game to be more performance-focused and optimised.

This patch optimises your game by eliminating Tonemapper, bloom, blur, depth of field, and other resource-intensive and useless shaders, among other adjustments.

Additionally, certain adjustments are made to the LODs, lighting, view distance, and texture streaming. In addition, it enhances temporal anti-aliasing and boosts text size.

7) Kick Me Vicar

Vicar Max is a fascinating individual with a complicated history and set of morals. He can be a bit of a jerk, which makes it simple to want to dunk on him. Thankfully, the Kick Me Vicar sign might provide some gratification to the gamer. This contribution was made by user Bythetwinmoons.

The mod puts a “kick me” sign on the back of Vicar Max, letting the world know that it should actually kick him if given the opportunity.

8) Supernova Patch

In recent games, it has been fashionable to have difficulty options that are brutal in every way. The Outer Worlds attempts an absurd level of difficulty with the addition of the Supernova difficulty, which only allows fast travel to your ship, which is the only place where you can save, permanent death for all of your companion characters, the requirement of eating, drinking, and sleeping to survive, stronger enemies, and numerous other challenging adjustments.

If any of these intensities aren’t exactly to your liking, the Supernova Patch enables users to individually activate and deactivate any of these characteristics, resulting in a highly customised experience.

9) Unlimited Flaws

Have you ever desired for your Outer Worlds character to be fully incapacitated by life and left rather clumsy if well-intentioned? This is where the Unlimited Flaws mod by Bythetwinmoons comes into play. It permits the player to have as many defects as the game allows.

It provides a distinct degree of difficulty in addition to the game’s standard difficulty increases. Instead of just making damage, the environment, and adversaries more punitive, it enables the character’s flaws to make the experience more challenging.

10) Minimal HUD

The Minimal HUD mod allows players to personalise their Heads-Up Display in whatever way they see fit, catering to those who want a plain visual experience. The player has the option to display simply a health bar, the health bars of companion characters, or nothing at all. This patch enables players to delete any on-screen actions that they have already remembered and build a customised visual experience that works for them. HUDs in role-playing games tend to be a little cluttered and may occasionally break immersion.

11) Companions Get Perk Every Level

The Companions Get Perk Every Level mod, created by Bythetwinmoons, enables the player’s numerous companions to get a new perk every level instead of every five.

As the player decides the fate of the Halcyon space colony, this makes the companions stronger, more adaptable, and more useful. It may make the game simpler, but it also enables the companions to develop into fully-fledged space travellers.

12) Chromatic Aberration Remover

The Chromatic Aberration Remover mod was developed in response to one of The Outer World’s most criticised aspects: its visual aesthetic. The chromatic aberration (the appearance of an out-of-focus lens producing blurry colours) did not make the game seem as well as it might have. This was likely done to provide a visual reference to the sci-fi media to which it is a reference.

The visual filter made the colours pop in an unflattering manner, and there was no option to disable it in-game. This filter is removed with the Chromatic Aberration Remover patch, allowing The Outer Worlds’s visuals to shine like never before.

13) Armor And Clothing With Mod Slots

And now, we have the Armor and Clothing. With Mod Slots, notwithstanding its lengthy name, the list of things it performs is brief yet very advantageous to your gaming. Notably, it activates mod slots on the majority of armour and clothes, enabling you to apply modifications to any item of gear you want.

As you are aware, not every item of clothing and armour in the game is upgradable, at least not in the vanilla edition, requiring you to pick a narrower armour set with fewer combat benefits. Using this mod, you may modify any item of clothing or gear to make it seem more trendy while battling Halcyon’s hostile wilderness and raiders.

14) Neutral LUT

When it comes to modifying a game with a mod, the aesthetics are often one of the first considerations. Although The Outer Worlds’ brilliant colour palette is one of the game’s most popular features, not everyone appreciates it. This is where the Neutral LUT ReShade patch comes in, bringing a more neutral colour tone and increasing the visibility of dark regions for the benefit of the player.

While The Outer Worlds’ tone is more humorous and exaggerated than that of many of its predecessors, it is natural that some players might prefer a visual setting that seems more real and appropriate for the roleplaying experience they want. The user AQtun81 created and posted this mod to Nexus Mods.

15) Dev-Console Unlock

Having access to the Dev-Console gives the player access to numerous exciting (and often game-breaking) options that were previously only accessible to the game’s developers. You may change your level at any time, vary the power ratings of your armour and weapons, add money to your wallet, begin any mission at any time, have endless health, and much more. This is the ultimate mod for modifying the game to whatever you can think within the developer’s choices, and you may be as overpowered or underpowered as you see fit.

16) Dev-Console Unlock Guide

This is less a mod and more a tutorial for players to modify the game on their own. The Dev-Console Unlock Guide was written by Otis Inf and Sunbeam and submitted by user stoker25 of Nexus Mod. It demonstrates how to access the Unreal Engine 4 developer console inside Outer Worlds, which is the first step a player must do to edit their game independently.

In addition, the user must download the dynamic link library (DLL) individually; nevertheless, the tutorial also explains how to access it.

This concludes our list of the finest Outer Worlds modifications, which will not only help you succeed in your space exploration quest but also unlock new fun and interesting gameplay elements. Don’t forget to add this page to your bookmarks and return often so you don’t miss any new or updated modifications.s

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