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17 Cheap And Easy Modifications For Your Raft

Raft is an open-world survival game that is constantly updating its Early Access content. You set off on a modest raft and gradually transform it into a fully-equipped mobile house. Collecting resources, constructing buildings, making new tools, and exploring islands with others are all enjoyable activities in Raft. Nevertheless, there is always something to be added.

It is not need to utilise Raft modifications in order to enjoy the maritime survival game, but they may surely make things simpler. Perhaps you’re having a great time playing with your buddies, but you want something more relaxing for your alone world. Some modifications increase the quality of life, while others eliminate important game aspects entirely. If you’re ready to get right in, here are the finest Raft modifications and instructions on how to install them. Regardless of why you’re here, you should be able to discover something that suits your preferred playing style.

These modifications are all excellent options if you’re trying to add something new or alter the default experience.

1) Strong Diver

However, swimming underwater might diminish your endurance, preventing you from proceeding farther. Therefore, with this mod, you can swim twice as far as you could before. This makes it easy to swim down to (and explore) the ocean’s deepest regions.

2) Benevolent Sprites

It might be tiresome to do your own responsibilities, but what if you could delegate them to someone else and retain all the resources for yourself? This modification allocates five sorts of sprites to complete the task.

Once you have the sprites with you, place them in the chest, and they will begin harvesting plants, gathering animal resources, eggs/feathers, honey, cooking goods, and killing seagulls.

3) Larger Nets Mod

Grids are a big lifesaver. They acquire goods without requiring you to be distracted or endanger your life. However, despite their utility, they have a limited volume. The mod Larger Nets will aid in saving the situation. The Larger Nets mod really eliminates the restriction on the amount of elements in networks. It enables you to modify network bandwidth with a few handy instructions. You may thus keep the capacity at 10 units, extend it to 100, or even create a grid with an infinite capacity!

4) More Sails= More Speed Mod

The names of the majority of modifications in question are self-explanatory, and this mod is no exception. The quantity of fitted sails will determine the maximum speed of the raft after their installation. More sails increase the ship’s speed. A fantastic choice for impatient players or those who do not like the vastness of the ocean and want to speed through the plot. The More Sails = More Speed Mod is suited for those who do not want to drastically alter the base game.

5) More Storages

With just two kinds of storage in the default game, extra storage is a vital addition, not only because it gives you more storage choices but also because it allows you to customise the storage on your raft.

In addition to the stack mod, which is the next item on our list, you may maximise the use of your new storage boxes by using the stack mod.

6) Voice chat

Raft lacks an integrated audio chat function. You will need to utilise third-party services to communicate with your pals. Start your own Discord channel or use Steam’s voice chat. We advocate downloading the Voice Chat mod for people who do not choose to use any of these two alternatives or text chat.

This mod’s voice chat functions like a distance chat; that is, you can only hear other players if they are close, enhancing the realism and excitement of the action. You may modify the function with the use of a separate advanced settings API mod: instead of an open microphone, a button will be triggered that, when hit, allows you to talk and be heard.

7) SimpleFlashlight

Weary of your inability to see in the dark? Or do you just like having an abundance of instruments to assist you navigate the vast ocean and a few islands? In any case, look no further than the SimpleFlashlight modification.

This is one of the simplest accessible modifications, but sometimes, simple is best. Certainly, this holds true for the SimpleFlashlight mod. It only enables a flashlight by hitting the “F” key on the keyboard. It is basic yet may be very beneficial at night.

9) Player Compass

The Player Compass is most useful when playing with people, since it works well with many of the other existing modifications. This is because of the title and ability that this mod offers you. The Player Compass is essentially a compass that allows you to locate other players.

This compass allows you to find your companions, so you will never be lost again. However, it remains constantly at the top of your screen, so if you dislike having a crowded desktop, this may not be the extension for you. Consequently, if you often get lost, this one is ideal.

10) Stack Mod

The water is covered with palm leaves, which stack to a maximum size of 20 per stack.

It doesn’t take long for them to multiply into numerous stacks, ultimately occupying multiple boxes. Stack mod allows users to choose their own stack size.

11) Statistic Mod

The Stat Mod adds… a great deal. It is one of the most comprehensive Raft modifications and includes a multitude of tweaks, commands, and configuration options. It removes some of Raft’s more immersive features in order to provide more information and make the game “more video game-like.”

Mob health bars, number overlays on player statistics, a time indicator, crop growth percentage, battery charge %, next narrative event locations, and item durability are among the significant enhancements. Additional HUD features and GUI components are modifiable through commands and configuration settings. The Extra Settings API mod is strongly recommended.

12) Minimap

The Minimap is a basic addon that does a great deal. You may add a minimap to the top left or upper right corner of the display and alter its zoom level. This alone is sufficient for locating your raft and adjacent islands.

The Minimap addon, however, allows you to alter the rendering distance and provides additional information through markers. Red indicators represent opponents, yellow indicators represent neutral mobs, blue indicators represent the shark, and green indicators represent people. This will allow you to install the Extra Settings API mod.

13) NoFog

In general, Raft’s distance rendering has been mediocre. NoFog is a must-have when sailing on the open ocean. NoFog improves the render distance and eliminates fog while displaying all loaded game elements.

Open the command terminal by pressing F10 and entering “setviewdistance [number]” The suggested distance is “setviewdistance 10000,” but you are free to experiment with different values. When the mod is loaded, the fog is automatically eliminated, however the render distance needs the command. Obviously, this will place a greater demand on your machine. Install this mod to improve your view of the ocean while you survive and explore.

14) FilteredNets

At the beginning of the game, nets may be a lifesaver, allowing you to collect an abundance of resources without needing to repeatedly cast your hook and hope to catch something.

However, as the game advances and you begin to construct a larger raft with more resources, you may find yourself discarding everything except the wood from these nets.

With the FilteredNets mod, you can now pick what you want the nets to collect and prevent it from accumulating any other objects, saving you time from having to discard them or store them in vain.

15) Solar Panel

In the larger scale of Raft, batteries are indispensable. They are required for future updates and save you a great deal of time and physical work that might be used to other duties. The Solar Panel mod enables the construction and placement of solar panels to replenish batteries.

They are only effective during the day, but with sufficient solar panels and patience, a huge reserve may be created. This eliminates the need to build extra batteries or battery chargers, saving you time and money. It is a privilege to no longer have to scavenge as much biofuel. This patch is worth downloading, because the time and work saved make solar panels an essential equipment for any raft.

16) Stack Mod

Stack Mod is an essential mod for playing Raft, whether you’re just starting started in the early game or harvesting dozens of materials from your farm in the late game. The Stack Mod increases the stack size of an item. However, this only applies to stackable things already present in the game.

You may alter the stack size by opening the command prompt with F10 and entering the appropriate instructions. When you type “stacksize [number]”, the stack size of all stackable objects will be set to that amount. You may also adjust the value in percentages or alter the stack size of certain objects. It is not a survival game if stack mods are absent.

17) More Trash Redux

More Trash Redux is based on the original More Trash mod, however it has been recoded to eliminate any multiplayer difficulties the original had. This mod lets you to customise the pace at which rubbish spawns in the ocean using the Extra Settings API mod.

More Rubbish cans will save you many hours of casting your line into the water or waiting for trash to float into your automated collectors. You begin the game by collecting garbage and continue to do so throughout. It resembles an expansion in that it does not add a significant amount of material. One basic improvement in quality of life is all that is required.

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