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11 Cool Things You Can Do With Persona 4 Golden’s SP Plus Mod

Are you in search of the most recent and excellent Persona 4 Golden mods? You’ve arrived to the correct location, then! Since its release on PC, the game looks better than it ever has, and it gives the chance for a broad spectrum of new players to discover and appreciate its joys. Persona 4 Golden continues to be an iconic and highly exciting JRPG to play.

Persona 4 Golden offers a great deal of material that is both entertaining and engaging for players to discover. Its combat is tactical and turn-based, and it places a heavy emphasis on character growth. There are also entertaining activities and quests to do outside of battle in the game, ensuring that players who like to approach things at a more relaxed pace may still enjoy playing the game.

Persona 4 Golden has a huge and active modding community behind it, which led to the game having an insane number of mods covering all aspects of the game, including UI improvement, combat enhancement, and a great deal more. As one of the most popular and most anticipated releases in the Persona series, Persona 4 Golden also has a massive modding community behind it.

The large selection of available modifications, on the other hand, may make it difficult and time consuming for you to choose the ones that are most suited to your needs. Because of this, here at JoinGames, we’ve prepared this condensed list of the greatest Persona 4 Golden modifications that are presently available on the market in order to save you all of the hassles that you’d otherwise have to go through.

1) Controller UI Overhaul

The Controller UI Overhaul mod is simple and delivers just the results that were promised. This patch changes the user interface for the controller with bespoke icons of a better quality that correspond to the various kinds of controllers. Not only are they an improvement over the simple and two-dimensional icons that were included in P4G, but they are also aesthetically pleasing in their own right and complement the overall design of the game.

Although the patch includes icon support for a wide variety of controllers, you will likely need to check Steam’s settings to ensure that the gamepad is properly setup before using it. Any problems with the button input are another item that will need to be solved via the settings in Steam.

2) P4G Community Enhancement Pack

The P4G Community Enhancement Pack is an all-in-one collection of tools and modifications built particularly for the 2020 PC version of Persona 4 Golden. It is possibly the largest mod pack that has ever been produced for a Persona game. The list will begin with this mod pack.

It includes over forty different modifications, each of which is designed to enhance the base game in a variety of different ways. Including all of the core modifications in addition to several overhauls, repairs, texturing, and balance mods, as well as a large number of quality of life and cheating modules.

3) The Texture Pack Mods

Within the community there are a significant number of different texture pack modifications. Your experience in P4G may be improved or altered by the community in many ways, including the characters you play and the meals you eat. The Less Flat Characters mod replaces the character models and textures of the game’s overworld characters with new versions of those assets. The characters could appear a little weird to some people because of the slight adjustments that were made from the original models, but for others, it’s a shift for the better and an overall enhancement.

The models and textures of several things seen throughout the game have been updated with the Less Flat Stuff patch to make them seem less… flat. The much-loved 2D cuisine from Persona 4 is being replaced with certain models from Persona 5, which are currently in the process of being developed. Finally, the Texture Fixes Pack enhances the character’s 3D models by making improvements to their textures. In addition, there have been some alterations made to the outfits in order to bring them more in line with the character images.

4) P4G Custom Sub Menu

The Custom Sub Menu mod provides you with a significant number of additional choices for personalising the in-game sub-menu. It does more than simply offer another text choice or make minor adjustments to the text. It comes with quality of life features that allow for simpler quick travel, rapid going to social link possibilities, the ability to save anywhere, and a mobile calendar to keep track of your appointments and commitments.

You may quickly utilise a Goho-M, summon the fox, and arrange your party when exploring dungeons. Additionally, you can pick prior levels for dungeons that you have previously explored. Additionally, game over skips, the option to activate a daily save prompt, and the ability to entirely skip events in the tale are all features that may be accessed with this mod.

5) The Yosuke Romance Mod

They have attained their goal at last. Interactions and voice recordings were omitted from Persona 4 during the production process. These interactions and recordings suggested to a romantic option for Yosuke that had been included in the game’s original design but were ultimately scrapped. Numerous fans were disappointed by this news since there are insufficient LGBTQ romance alternatives available within the series.

The Yosuke Romance mod at long last gives Yu Narukami the opportunity to have a romantic interest. It modifies the camping scenario with Yosuke and Kanji and edits rankings 6-10 of the Yosuke social connection. You have the ability to choose which scenes and rankings are included with the mod.

6) Classroom Answers

Another shortcut for Persona 4 Golden that ought to make your time spent in class a great deal less difficult to go through. To a large extent, Classroom Answers is exactly what its name says it would be. This hack enables you to know the answers to all of the questions that are being asked in the class without having to resort to using Google to look them up. In some ways, it is like to the social lick cheat mod. You will save time and effort as a result of this.

All that is required of you is to choose the option that has an asterisk next to it. You will have everything you need to succeed, since the solution set covers not only the examinations but also the final test.

7) Detailed Descriptions

A select few modifications just make things simpler by improving the overall quality of life, while some add whole new material to the game, while others give you the ability to cheat. This last category is where you’ll find the Detailed Descriptions mod. Installing this mod is something you should consider doing if you want to go through Persona 4 Golden more than once or if you are having problems with the game for the first time.

It does this by adding expanded descriptions and information boxes for a number of different things. This covers things like jewels, seedlings, and key objects in addition to skill cards. However, it not just changes descriptions for those objects; it also updates descriptions for other things. In addition, all of the social connections, missions, and skill descriptions in the game have been revised to give you with additional details.

8) Persona 4 Rose Golden

Persona 4 Rose Golden is one of the most ambitious modifications currently in the community, even though it is still in the process of being developed. Not only do they give you the option to play as a female protagonist, but the developer of the mod, Wiccanon, goes above and above by turning it into an expansion as well. The FEMC is known as Yui Narukami, and she comes with a brand new 3D model, voice lines, user-created animations, and more conversation choices.

Along the lines of the modifications made to the Persona 3 Portable FEMC, Wiccanon intends to implement a unique attendant for the Velvet Room. In addition to this, they want to provide male romance pathways as well as a bisexual route. In addition to that, a stylish rose gold recoloring of the menus is now being developed. This is certainly something that you should keep an eye on.

9) Useful Calendar

Another quality of life mod, Useful Calendar incorporates more information into the calendar that is shown in your room. You may just glance at it once a month while you’re playing through the game. This modification transforms the calendar into something that is interesting enough to check regularly and provides a version that is both spoiler-free and comprehensive.

The schedule notes the days that shops are replenished, the days that new positions are up for applications, and the days that new social connections may be accessed. In the full edition, it will inform you of the day on which you will no longer be able to finish a dungeon, the day on which new missions will become accessible, and the birthday of every significant character.

10) Social Link Cheat Sheet

You will no longer need to consult other resources like guidelines in order to ascertain which options for your social connections are the most advantageous thanks to this mod. The primary objective of the Social Link Cheat Sheet is to save you time and effort by presenting you with the finest possible choices without requiring you to pause your game and go elsewhere.

It is able to do this by presenting the outcomes of the decisions that are significant for each social relationship. Information provides it in the pattern +X/X, where X represents the marks you get when you do not have a persona of an appropriate Arcana and Y represents the marks you receive when you do have a persona of an appropriate Arcana. It won’t take you too much time to figure out how to use it in your game.

11) Persona & Skills Expansion Pack

The Persona & Skills Expansion Pack is one of the most ambitious modifications in the community. Its goal is to improve and update the combat system of Persona 4 Golden. Additional personalities and talents from Persona 3 and Persona 5 Royal are ported over.

All of the Personas from the third game that were removed from Persona 4 Golden have been reinstated, although none of the original monsters have been replaced. Persona 4 Golden also features accurate restorations of their movesets and fusions, as well as suitable rebalancing of the two categories. In addition, high-definition (HD) textures have been added to the models, and the artwork used for the character portraits has been upgraded.

This concludes our rundown of the top Persona 4 Golden modifications that we were able to track down. If you are searching for a more demanding gaming experience or just want to relax and enjoy the game, these modifications will serve you well in any situation. We strongly suggest that you try some of them.

If you have any other ideas for new modifications that we didn’t include in this list, please do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments area below. Doing so will help us guarantee that our list of mods is more varied and entertaining. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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