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The Best Xenoverse Mods You’ll Ever Need

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of the most well-liked Dragon Ball video games ever created. If ever there was a charming toy-box RPG fighting game, this is it. Although it is not the finest Dragon Ball game, it is among the most diverse and entertaining. When you load up the game, it seems as though there are many potential outcomes.

When Xenoverse 2 was converted to PC, modders expanded the game beyond its basic components, adding additional content to make an already enormous game even bigger. Consequently, it might be quite daunting to choose the finest games from the list. However, while examining all the modifications available for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a handful stand out as essential.

1) New Menu

Are you sick of the same vanilla Dragon Ball Xenoverse menu?

Not to worry, we have you covered. The New Menu hack modifies the game’s user interface (UI) little to make it seem more elegant without altering anything. Considering how often Xenoverse alters the Dragon Ball world, this is a really positive development.

2) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Revamp

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has been available for over five years at this time, so although the game still looks fantastic, there are several technical aspects that may be improved. This is where the team behind this mod comes in.

This mod adds new textures, models, and a long list of other modifications that are too many to detail here. If you’re searching for a mod that updates the game to modern standards, this is it.

3) Transformation Pack

Some fans want their games to precisely replicate the Dragon Ball universe. Others want to live out their wild fantasies. This mod bundle is for them.

This mod pack is for lovers of the fanfiction “sequel” to Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball AF. If you want to play Super Saiyan 5 or Ruby Frieza, please fill out this form. It adds some outrageous superpowers for fans of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 who simply want to let go and go wild.

4) Kermit The Frog

You may believe you are prepared for this, but you are not. This hack makes Kermit The Frog, known for his role in The Muppets and as a meme sensation, playable in Xenoverse 2.

This funny addition to the game is a little puppet that is capable of entering God of Destruction mode. While there are several humour modifications, such as Shaggy and Crash Bandicoot, this one is our favourite because of Kermit’s small arms and legs. When he’s pounding up Vegeta, he makes it seem quite humorous.

5) Bardock Collection

In the original Dragon Ball manga, Bardock was only a passing reference. In time, though, he began to play a significant role inside the cosmos.

If you don’t mind all the retconning that was required to make Goku’s father such an important character, you will like the Bardock Collection mod. It includes the Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 3 outfits, as well as the character’s signature red bandana. You are now fully prepared to face Frieza.

6) Linda Young Frieza

For many fans of Dragon Ball Z, the old Funimation dub is very nostalgic. However, as time passed, things changed. Specifically, a few of the voice performers. The original voice actor for Frieza, Linda Young, was replaced by Chris Ayres just before the release of Dragon Ball Z Kai.

This hack replaces Ayres’ dialogue with Linda Young’s, allowing fans to experience the classic Toonami days of the Frieza Saga if they miss the original Frieza.

7) Goku Sage Mode

Dragon Ball: Battle of Z is by no means a terrific game, but an unusual extra feature included a version of Goku dressed as another Shonen Jump manga hero, Naruto. Thanks to the guy responsible for this mod, Sage Mode Goku is now available to gamers!

This patch goes much farther than a reskin. New attacks, including Naruto’s iconic Rasengan and a few more from other shinobi, are now available. It is the ultimate manga fusion, and you can count on our support.

8) Zero Mod

Megaman and Dragon Ball collide in the Zero mod. And it’s not the unlikely crossover you may have anticipated.

This features Zero from the Megaman series as a playable character, replete with his Z Saber and Z-Buster weapons. And believe me, it works well with all of the game’s ranged energy attacks. You’ll be shocked at how well it matches his persona if you attempt the Big Bang Attack with him.

9) Free Shenron Wishes

Any veteran Xenoverse player is familiar with the difficulty of collecting all seven Dragon Balls in order to make a wish. Every time you want to create one, a great deal of grinding is necessary, but thanks to modifications, this is no longer an obstacle.

Players may now make as many wishes as they want on Shenron, courtesy to the individual who created this mod. This allows you to level up your characters more quicker than usual, which is ideal for when you want to gain strength rapidly.

10) Vegetto Jr.

With the Vegetto Jr. mod, Dragon Ball has moved into the future. This mod features the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta Jr., complete with a canon-compliant colour scheme, the red bandana worn by Goku Jr., and several Super Saiyan transformations, including the Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

Sadly, the bandana is destroyed by the force of this change… Nevertheless, I believe we cannot always have everything. However, you will play with this individual very often.

11) Vegeta GT Clothes Without Jacket

There are admirers of Dragon Ball GT, despite its reputation as the “black sheep” of the Dragon Ball franchise. Xenoverse has effectively catered to these fans by giving GT characters a second opportunity to flourish.

This hack enables GT fans to further experience the wonderful narrative of the sequel series by allowing Vegeta to don his GT attire… minus the jacket. It allows gamers to feel like Vegeta, who takes the series seriously despite the fact that most people don’t.

12) Vegeta SSJ 4 to SSJ 5

I honestly have lost count of how many Super Saiyan transformations exist. Because some fan-made conversions look just as good as the official ones.

The Vegeta SSJ to SSJ 5 mod adds a Super Saiyan 3 ability to Vegeta, allowing him to transform into Super Saiyan 4, and eventually into the ultra-powerful, silver-haired Super Saiyan 5.

13) Gohan With Kaioshin Clothes

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 does a fantastic job of providing fan service for both longtime and new fans of the series, but one event that is often treated with little to no respect in any Dragon Ball media is Gohan… donning Kaioshin attire.

This patch enables you to play as Gohan in Kaioshin garb, a dignified and respectable appearance for any warrior worthy of the Gods. It’s one of the coolest clothes that Adult Gohan wears, albeit in comparison to his Great Saiyaman attire, this doesn’t say much.

14) Goku And Vegeta — Transform Into Super Saiyan

While Xenoverse 2 has a lot of amazing content, it might be a little annoying to have to pick the form of your favourite character to play as. It may seem limiting to get Goku and Vegeta and be unable to transform between forms — from Goku’s basic form to Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue…

This mod alters that by enabling Goku and Vegeta to morph into their greatest forms, beginning from their basic forms, and then gradually taking the contest to a higher level.

15) Dende Black

Dende doesn’t receive a lot of respect in Dragon Ball. Despite being the Earth’s Guardian and a skilled healer, he is never allowed his moment in the spotlight. Prior to this patch.

This hack will replace Goku Black’s character with Dende, allowing you to inflict destruction on the world with a little, weakling like Dende rather than Goku. The sheer pleasure of hearing Goku Black’s hammy lines spoken by Dende is… something.

16) DBZX Sweet FX

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has aged rather well. However, it certainly does not look as well as subsequent DBZ games. However, we’re discussing Dragon Ball here. Any obstacle may be overcome with the proper training and abilities!

DBZX Sweet FX enhances the game’s visuals by boosting the game’s colours and lighting, making the game appear more like the anime we are all familiar with. Additionally, the performance effect is small, so there’s really no need to avoid this one. In my opinion, it’s essential.

17) Dragon Ball Super — Manga Pack

It may be annoying to download separate modifications for a large number of characters. Occasionally, you wish someone else had compiled a large number of modifications for you. Occasionally, you wish you could just get a set of modifications…

The Dragon Ball Super — Manga Pack is available. This pack enables general character model changes to make characters resemble their Dragon Ball Super manga equivalents. All of this contributes to the true Dragon Ball Super experience that fans of Xenoverse 2 may be seeking.

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