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The 17 Most Popular Starbound Mods That You Should Check Out

It would be an oversimplification to label Starbound just a space-based version of Terraria. The intricacy of its gameplay and the awe-inspiring nature of its randomly generated universe make each and every playing a unique and tremendously enjoyable beast. Once the player has an understanding of how the game works, Starbound’s appeal comes in the variety of activities they may do.

As is the case with any game that encourages player autonomy, the modding community for Starbound has been hard at work modifying each and every facet of the game. Here are some of the top modifications that gamers may download to enhance their gaming experience.

1) Less Dead Moons

Visiting a moon in vanilla Starbound is somewhat unremarkable, given that they are desolate. At most, you may be able to get some gasoline. As its name implies, Less Dead Moons eliminates these lifeless astral entities, not by eliminating them, but by filling them with information and bringing them to life.

It adds new buildings and dungeons to almost every moon, along with NPCs to operate them. You may even uncover a piece of lore here and there, and microdungeons make mining on them far more exciting.

2) Creative Mode

The game’s unpredictability contributes significantly to Starbound’s excellence. Planets may be riddled with dangers, and it may take aeons of research to produce some essential goods, or they may be able to be produced fast.

Occasionally, though, the advancement of the game may be too restrictive for players who wish to go all out with their ideas. This is where the Creative Mode mod comes into play, enabling users to bypass advancement milestones and generate the necessary items to create really fantastic landscapes.

3) Cyberpunk Stylist

Space exploration and cyberpunk belong together. And if you don’t believe me, it’s obvious that you’ve never seen Cowboy Bebop. Cyberpunk Stylist is a mod that will reunite them by adding cyberpunk-inspired wigs and hairstyles, allowing you to create your character as if you were an 80s nerd with a wet fantasy.

With these, you would look quite at home in the Night City of Cyberpunk 2077. Using this mod in combination with Green’s Dye Suite to create custom-colored hairstyles may truly bring out the character’s individuality.

4) Fully Customizable Ship

Designing and equipping a player’s spacecraft with cutting-edge gear is essential for success. However, at a certain point, players will learn that Starbound’s ship customization options are very limited.

This mod facilitates the same objective. Now, players may completely deconstruct and rebuild their spacecraft as they see appropriate, making this aspect of the gameplay more fascinating and immersive than ever before.

5) Instant Crafting

It is common to believe that crafting must take time. Ultimately, time is one of the most valuable commodities we use in real life. However, we do not need to mimic reality so accurately in our games, and many of us just do not have the time to wait for anything to complete creating.

Instant Crafting is a client-side mod that eliminates the crafting table timer, resulting in immediate crafting. If there’s anything about Starbound’s tempo that isn’t quite to your liking, this may help change your mind.

6) Knight Artorias Gear From Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most popular video games ever created. Starbound is not an exception to the norm that this game has been included into many others via the use of modifications. This is both humorous and rather suitable.

Knight Artorias is one of the game’s most memorable characters, and his armour set has been transferred to Starbound via modifications. In addition, several more Dark Souls armour pieces have been introduced to the game.

7) Container UI Tweaks

The Container UI Tweaks mod is one of the most highly recommended necessities for Starbound. This easy patch allows you to move the container and inventory windows across the screen separately, making them less invasive.

This allows you to see your character while managing your item collection. It may not seem like much, but once you have it, there is no turning back. It is highly practical and something the game’s designers should have absolutely considered.

8) Simple Extended Character Creation Mod

Character development in any game may be a lengthy process, particularly if the available choices are extensive. Even while Starbound’s character creation is rather good, it’s clear that this is not the game’s primary emphasis.

However, this does not imply that modifications cannot improve and streamline character building. This modification does the same, and is also rather easy!

9) Avali Race Mod

Unique races are one of the most entertaining features of Starbound for a large number of players, and many may wish that there were more of them. The Avali Race mod is not the only mod that adds other races to Starbound, but it is one of the most popular owing to how adorable this race is.

Players may now experience the Avali, who are cute, technologically sophisticated creatures resembling little animals. In addition to the Avali playable race and their weaponry, players may locate a plethora of accessories, such as furnishings, cars, equipment, and even mounts, that connect the whole concept together.

10) Human Spacecruiser Version Gilgamesh

This mod is useful for players who may be tired with the typical spacecraft they pilot in the game. It allows players to command a large ship with comprehensive comforts and defences.

Obviously, new players should avoid this mod until they have completed a few playthroughs. In the meanwhile, veterans may use this mod to play with this new spacecraft and all of its features.

11) The Ooo Land Forge

The Land of Ooo is a triumph of imaginative worldbuilding! I can’t get enough of it, and I discovered a fantastic method to incorporate some of its allure into my Starbound game.

The Land of Ooo Forge has an impressive assortment of Adventure Time swords, mostly those used by Finn throughout the series. Among them are the Golden Sword, the Root Sword, and the Demon Blood Sword.

It also includes an Adventure Time-themed forge where you may build these great weapons (with appearances from BMO and Jake). They are all beautifully replicated in Starbound’s pixel art style, and the forge fits well in the workshop of my base.

12) Improved Containers

Although it’s nice that Starbound has so many products, storage may often be a big problem. There will always be a need for extra storage space for your trinkets and resources, and the in-game storage choices might be a little lacking at times. It’s reasonable to argue that many gamers would enjoy more convenient mechanisms and overall organising options.

The Improved Containers mod optimises the storage choices accessible to Starbound users by including bulk selling, searching mechanisms, automated sorting, permanent storage, and several other features. This patch reduces the explosiveness of freshly opened chests and enables one-click stacking from the inventory.

13) TS Technologies

The variety of equipment in Starbound is enormous and enjoyable to create. However, after a few playthroughs, players will ultimately tyre of repeatedly creating the same object.

This is where the TS Technologies modification comes into play. It introduces a large number of additional machines to the game that serve a variety of purposes, such as transforming crops into weaponry and acquiring raw materials more quickly.

14) RPG Growth

If you’re searching for a mod that will make Starbound’s advancement more classic RPG-like, then the RPG Growth mod may be ideal for you! This mod will alter the way levels are gained in Starbound, enabling players to level up by fighting enemies or completing objectives.

At each stage of advancement, players will get some AP to distribute, allowing them to choose how their character develops stronger. In addition to new powers and potentially even new equipment, depending on how you develop your Starbound character, players can now enjoy a profession, specialty, and affinity.

15) Bl3k’s Inventory

If you’re devoting more and more of your spare time to Starbound, you need to improve your gameplay efficiency; a decent inventory mod may significantly reduce the amount of time you spend searching for items. Due to its simplicity, Bl3k’s Inventory is one of the most recommended applications in the Starbound community.

It adds several more tabs to your inventory and makes each tab three times larger. It will also assist you in organising your stuff by categorising them as Armory, Materials, Furniture, Vehicles, etc. Considering a reskin of this mod if you want to further personalise your inventory.

16) Elithian Races Mod

The Elithian Races Mod is yet another race mod for Starbound that dramatically expands the amount of races that players may encounter or choose to play as. This mod features an assortment of exotic races, including the reptile Avikan, the human descendants known as the Aegi, and the cybernetic Trinks, among others.

In addition to the addition of additional races, each race has its own look and style, which extends to extras like as weaponry, structures, furnishings, decorations, and armour, among others. This mod provides a multitude of diversity to Starbound, particularly for those who want much more than the game’s default races.

17) A.V.I.A.N.

The A.V.I.A.N. mod would be an excellent pick for any Starbound player who has become bored of the game’s default artificial intelligence, a digital blue bird that functions similarly to Cortana. While she does talk very often, she has some really fascinating things to say, which is a fun and quirky approach to bring extra amusement to the gameplay.

In addition to the basic functions, she provides engaging narration throughout the game. Players don’t even need to start a new game for her to begin chirping; it’s an excellent option if you want something that adds flavour without significantly altering the game.

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