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The Best Yakuza 0 Mods You Can Download Right Now

The Yakuza series is chock-full of some of the most potent narrative experiences available, fueled by a densely inhabited open world with so many things to do that players may spend hours in the game without even advancing the main plot! This is the primary appeal of Yakuza games, and with the remake of the original Yakuza game, the entrance barrier to this series has also been removed.

Yakuza Kiwami is a fantastic game that markets itself as a faithful recreation of the original. Certainly, there are a lot more stuff to try out in the games, but the fundamental narrative remains nearly same. In fact, PC users may take advantage of modifications to enhance their experience even further. Keeping this in mind, the following are the greatest Yakuza Kiwami modifications that users may download.

1) Fixed Sega Intro Sound

Sega is unquestionably a renowned gaming company, there is no mistake about it. However, their logo and sound may become quite bothersome for users that repeatedly boot up Yakuza 0.

With this modification, users may finally navigate the Sega splash screen without being repeatedly startled by its loud sound. It’s a simple modification, but it does wonders for enhancing the overall experience of playing this game over a lengthy period.

2) High-Res Characters Textures

Clearly, many have observed that the textures of characters in-game and in-game cutscenes change drastically. The creators took a deliberate choice to improve the quality of these sequences.

However, those who do not like to make any sacrifices in this respect may choose for this texture mod, which replaces all cutscenes with their high-quality counterpart. The improvement is really evident throughout the game and provides for a more visually pleasing experience.

3) Kiwami Majima ’88

Given that Yakuza 0 is a prequel set many years in the past, it seems reasonable that Majima does not resemble his present self. With this mod, gamers that miss the new and better Majima may bring him back into the game.

Playing as a contemporary version of Majima during a prequel is a unique feat that could only be accomplished through modifications. PC users would certainly enjoy managing Majima in his traditional outfit.

4) Yakuza Kiwami 1 Essence Remade

Those who are tired of the same old heat moves in Yakuza Kiwami will undoubtedly like this update. It makes many modifications to the game’s heat actions, making them much more painful and rewarding.

All of these heat actions are borrowed from previous games in the franchise, resulting in a fully original fighting system. It also introduces new quick-time events that make boss bouts more exciting.

5) Komaki Restoration

Players may obtain the Dragon of Dojima style for Kiryu in Yakuza 0 by investing a little of money – very literally, too. While it is undeniably a very strong style, it lacks some of the techniques that made it so renowned to begin with.

In this case, the Komaki Restoration mod comes into play. It includes a number of Komaki’s techniques for Kiryu to experiment with, as well as a slew of additional tweaks to restore the Dragon style that everyone knows and loves.

6) Yakuza Kiwami – Rebalancing Mod

Regarding Yakuza Kiwami’s battle system, the majority of individuals have conflicting reactions. Some believe it wonderfully illustrates how poorly Kiryu’s abilities have deteriorated after 10 years in jail, while others believe his early-game combat style is severely nerfed and tedious.

This is where the Rebalancing mod for Yakuza Kiwami comes into play. It increases the usefulness of the Brawler and Dragon styles in the early game, while simultaneously lowering the annoyance caused by the Majima Everywhere system.

7) Carl Johnson

The most ridiculous modification on this list is undoubtedly a body swap that adds CJ from San Andreas. It’s a ridiculous switch, but it’s also one of the most popular modifications for the game.

The enormous quantity of meme potential afforded by this mod is unparalleled. It may lose its freshness over time, but playing as CJ in Yakuza 0 is still a delight and softens the blow of the newly released terrible Definitive Edition.

8) Akiyama And Saejima Moveset For Kiwami

Akiyama and Saejima are two of the franchise’s most adored characters. Their arrival in Yakuza 4 reinforced their legend status, and their combat techniques are also pretty entertaining!

This mod replaces the Rush and Beast playstyles with the movesets of Akiyama and Saejima, for players who can’t get enough of these characters. Observing Kiryu execute these manoeuvres with the greatest of ease provides for a very interesting gameplay experience.

9) High Res Characters Textures

Yakuza 0’s visuals are undoubtedly extremely decent and effective. However, there are occasions when the main characters’ textures seem a touch too bland for most gamers’ tastes.

This is when the texture mod comes into play. It brings the high-resolution character textures used in cutscenes to the main game, letting the game’s primary characters to seem somewhat better throughout gameplay.

10) Yakuza Kiwami Classic Music Mod

Given that Yakuza Kiwami was a remake of the original game, it was only natural that the original game’s music would likewise be extensively revised. This resulted in the incorporation of a remixed music that the majority of people like.

However, some fans of the original Yakuza game prefer the game’s original music. This is where the Yakuza Kiwami Classic Music mod comes into play, allowing fans to enjoy a classic OST while navigating Kiwami’s environments.

11) Yakuza 0 Licensed Music Restoration Patch

The music that has been licenced for usage in Japan is often omitted from Western editions of Yakuza video games. It may not be the most significant alteration, but it might still irritate certain gamers.

Modders are thankfully here to rescue the day. The Yakuza 0 Licensed Music Restoration Patch restores the songs “Bubble” and “Kurenai” by the Japanese band “Shnan no Kaze” for use in the game’s opening sequence, an early cutscene, and the ending credits.

12) PS2 Boss Movesets

The new boss battles in Yakuza Kiwami are really cool, with a few irritating features that can be eliminated if Kiryu is upgraded. However, some fans still miss these bosses’ old movesets.

With this mod, these ancient movesets may be brought back. In addition to the modifications previously made to these movesets, the bosses have heat moves reminiscent of the original PS2 game.

13) Yakuza 0 All Annoying CP Completed

However, not all of the game’s side stuff is very captivating, which makes the fact that so many Completion Points are hidden behind these dull tasks rather irritating.

This modification is a blessing in this sense. It records as completed for the gamer all unpleasant CP activities such as mahjong and poker. Without a doubt, the gamer will put these additional CP to good use.

14) Yakuza Kiwami Licensed Music Restoration Patch

Due to licencing concerns, the majority of Yakuza games are forced to alter specific tunes when they are released in the West. Yakuza Kiwami is not an exception to this norm, since two songs — “Receive You [Reborn]” and “BLEED” by Koshi Inaba — have been eliminated and replaced.

However, in the era of modifications, this is not a problem in the least. This specific fan patch restores both of these tunes, allowing players to enjoy an unrestricted by geographical constraints soundtrack.

15) Yakuza 0 Rebalanced Mod

Those looking for a somewhat different experience when playing Yakuza 0 should try this mod. It modifies a number of aspects of the game, allowing players to re-experience Yakuza 0 with basically a new coat of paint.

The side activities in this game have been significantly altered so that the player does not spend too much time on them. This patch also nerfs certain strong fighting styles, boosts the health of almost every adversary, and introduces unique upgrade pathways to the hidden fighting styles, among other small adjustments!

16) Akiyama And Saejima Moveset

Yakuza 4 was the first instalment in the series to have different protagonists, which was a very welcome departure. The majority of fans appreciated the movesets of both Shun Akiyama and Taiga Saejima among these characters.

This modification seeks to reconcile the fighting styles of both characters. Kiryu’s Rush and Beast styles are sacrificed in order to make room for these styles, although if you’ve already completed the game, most people won’t mind.

17) Intro Video In 60 FPS

One of the more straightforward modifications on our list accomplishes just what its name implies. Downloading this mod will cause the Yakuza 0 beginning movie to run at the same framerate as the rest of the game.

It’s a little adjustment, but a pleasant one nevertheless. And, to be honest, most fans welcome any opportunity to revisit Yakuza 0’s fantastic introduction!

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