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15 MHW mods you should install now

Monster Hunter: World is one of the most popular entries in the genre, and its PC version supports the installation of a multitude of modifications. Monster Hunter: World introduced tens of thousands of gamers to the Monster Hunter franchise, and it is still played by tens of thousands of fans today. Monster Hunter: World may be made to seem new and vibrant even in 2022 by using modifications.

Even though the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise was just published, many series fans still like Monster Hunter: World as much as, if not more than, the most current game. Monster Hunter: World’s last content update was released in 2020 with the Fatalis quest, although modifications are an excellent method to keep the game’s material feeling new. In addition, players who switch from the console version of Monster Hunter: World to the PC version may employ modifications to speed up the process of retrieving all of their progress. Monster Hunter: World lacks cross-save capabilities, however modifications may get every item in the game, which can be an enormous time saving.

Such is the case with Monster Hunter World’s finest modifications. A well-placed and well-thought-out Monster Hunter World mod may make a substantial change in gameplay and may make it marginally preferable to a fresh game with limited mod support. In order to aid users in their search for improved monster hunting, we’ve enlarged our list of the top MHW modifications.

1) No More Slap On Weapons

Let’s begin with a massive mod pack that solves one of the most common complaints about this game: weapon designs. Monster Hunter is renowned for its over-the-top, intimidating, and sometimes absurd weapon and armour designs. While all of the armour designs were exquisite, the weapon designs prioritised number above quality. Half of the weapon designs were original, while the other half repurposed Iron or Bone weapons and added a bit of the monster’s flesh.

Fans disliked these slapdash designs not just because they believed they represented laziness, but also because they supplanted famous weapon designs from earlier games. As a consequence, several weapons from fan-favorite monsters such as Yian Garuga, Nargacuga, Brachydios, Zinogre, and Tigrex were omitted from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The No More Slap On Weapons mod was created by the user twjon to rectify this issue. This mod replaces all slapped-on weapon models with weaponry from older games and completely original models.

2) Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator

Occasionally, the simplest modifications with the most basic features wind up being the most crucial for enhancing your gaming experience, since they eliminate a major source of frustration that most people typically identify with the game.

In Monster Hunter World, this problem arises at the conclusion of the game, when unique collecting nodes are dispersed across the Guiding Lands without being identified on the map. Thankfully, this patch highlights these locations on the minimap and decreases the irritation you may experience from having to randomly explore the map to get these uncommon things.

3) MHW Mod Manager

Installing MHW Mod Manager is a must for using Monster Hunter: World modifications. This is a useful application that will keep the player’s downloaded modifications organised, with quick access and an overview of the files they desire to install, explore more, or remove. The MHW Mod Manager needs the player to maintain a mod cache containing all mod archives for installed modules. They have the option of having the application automatically construct the necessary cache or creating it manually themselves. This may be accomplished by storing the mod files in a folder inside the mod cache folder, or by dragging the files to the list, resulting in their addition to the mod cache.

4) Light Pillars 

These two useful modifications do roughly the same function with minor variations. Light Pillars for Drops generates a small pillar of light that indicates the precise location of fallen goods. This enables you to simply locate and gather objects that would have been difficult to locate otherwise.

The Dropped Items EFX mod, on the other hand, identifies drops with corresponding icons. It also allows you to alter the appearance of the icons using a variety of styles and icon packs. Without these tweaks, it is easy to overlook important fallen objects and accidentally make the game more difficult.

5) SmartHunter – Overlay

Those acquainted with the genre understand how annoying it can be to be unsure of the health levels of an opponent. Monster Hunter: World is one of the few role-playing games that does not include equipment, spells, or strategies to compensate for the player’s inability to initially see opponent statistics.

The SmartHunter – Overlay mod enables the player to determine their advantage or disadvantage in combat by adding a series of basic widgets that display information about themselves, the monster they’re fighting, and possible team members. While player widgets display equipment/mantle timers, buffs and debuffs, monster widgets display the monster’s crown, status effect accumulation, damage to various body sections, health bar, and name. The disadvantage of this mod is that it only refreshes the information on monster parts and status effects for the host, therefore team damage data are missing in expedition mode.

6) NPC Gathering Hub

Monster Hunter: World does not stray from the RPG convention of travelling from one location to another to purchase consumables, make new equipment, or manage facilities. However, the Iceborne expansion’s Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub mod makes the whole process more efficient.

By installing this mod, the user adds a script to the game that allows multiple significant NPCs (such as Vendor Smithy, Tailrider Safari, and Researcher, among others) to congregate in a single location. Since the NPC Gathering Hub is a client-only mod, only the player and other players with the mod installed may view and interact with the newly added NPCs. However, despite the mod’s usefulness, players should avoid advancing narrative missions by conversing with the produced NPCs, since doing so may destroy vital game files.

7) ALL Items in Shop

It’ll make your Monster Hunter life better. Monster Hunter focuses primarily on the endless cycle of killing monsters, gathering components to create stronger equipment, and utilising that equipment to battle more monsters. However, some of the goods required to manufacture armour or modify it with the appropriate skills for a high-level hunt have very low drop rates, which may be irritating. Many times, I’ll face the same beasts, but occasionally, terrible luck means that’s not enough.

This mod adds almost (but not all, despite the name) crafting materials and decorations to the in-game store, where you may purchase them if you have sufficient funds. Use this mod as a last resort when the RNG isn’t in your favour. Getting that money will still need a significant amount of hunting time.

8) Near Lift

Astera may be enormous at times, and travelling the starting area to reach the other facilities can be exhausting, particularly after the adrenaline rush of a hunt has worn off. The elevator to the blacksmith and other facilities is unfortunately too far away.

Near Lift overcomes this problem by allowing players to use the lift as early as the trade yard’s entrance. This reduces travel time, allowing players in a hurry or with little patience to reach the blacksmith more quickly.

9) Blur-Be-Gone

I’d also suggest Dirty Dan’s Blur Be Gone mod, which, as you may have guessed, eliminates World’s motion blur as well as the vignetting effect resulting from its excessive depth of focus. This mod is only compatible with Kaldaien’s Special K pack, but you should already be using that, so that’s not an issue.

10) Clear Hunter

We did remark earlier that Monster Hunter: World’s murky and washed-out colour palette contributed to the difficulty of spotting treasure, right? In fact, there is a mod that corrects this by altering the game’s colours. Clear Hunter cleans up the game’s visual filter, making things and the surroundings more apparent.

Clear Hunter eliminates the “whitening” effect of the game’s graphics, in which a white tint or filter seems to be superimposed over the normal pictures. It’s a sight for sore eyes, and some players may choose to forego loot highlight modifications after installing this.

11) DPS Meter

This mod is a lovely utility that enables players to see a limited amount of opponent statistics. This is an overlay mod with the capability to quickly communicate visible stats to teammates using the game’s chat system.

Among the displayed statistics are stamina, range, buff duration, and health. It is crucial to remember that comparable modifications in other games have resulted in player bans. Despite the fact that MHW has been somewhat tolerant with modifications thus far, they reserve the right to reverse this at any time.

12) Natural Bone (And Crystal)

In its time, Monster Hunter World’s visuals were the industry standard. However, these days, Monster Hunter World’s visuals are noticeably inferior. It is becoming more obsolete, particularly in comparison to the newer and slicker Monster Hunter Rise on the PC platform. Certain hues seem more faded out and make settings appear dull.

The Natural Bone (and Crystal) patch may revitalise the game’s fading colour pallet. It substitutes brighter and more colourful textures for faded and worn ones. More vibrant hues have been added to the environment’s bone and crystal, so giving it a more modern vibe.

13) No Scout Flies 

Honestly, I don’t dislike the scout flies in Monster Hunter: World, but I detest the sudden camera shifts that accompany them. When these pests latch onto anything, regardless of what you’re doing, your camera suddenly flies in that direction.

The MHVuze patch eliminates the sound and particle effects of your scout flies, as well as that dumb camera. You’ll still be able to track monsters, but you won’t have to listen to that annoying buzzing, battle to see through neon-lit clouds whenever you want to collect anything, or snap your neck after every hunt.

14) Glavenus greatsword

The MHW Iceborne Glavenus Family Greatsword HD Restoration mod by WarlordSieck restores the original design of the Glavenus greatsword from Monster Hunter Generations to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It provides the Acidic Glavenus with his own unique greatsword. The mod’s icing on the cake is that both Glavenus greatswords have a unique effect when their strikes are charged.

15) Unlimited Consumables

Some may consider this cheating, but the fact is that limited consumables in Monster Hunter World simply serve to artificially stretch the game, since they have little effect on the economy (there is very no in-game trade). In any case, players may accumulate these consumables given sufficient time.

Therefore, Unlimited Consumables eliminates the tedious and unneeded red tape associated with procuring consumables. Once made, consumables may be used an infinite number of times, allowing players to shift their attention from logistics to hunting.

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