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15 Mechwarrior 5 mods [2022]

The MechWarrior Series is without a doubt one of the most undervalued in gaming history. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is the first decent instalment in this franchise since 2002, when MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries was released. Until then, fans of the brand have only been met with disappointment.

Fans of the franchise were finally able to play a new game in the MechWarrior series after almost two decades of painful anticipation. Nevertheless, one must acknowledge that MechWarrior 5 is not a flawless game. There are several difficulties that may detract from the overall experience. With the use of the following modifications, however, gamers may maximise their MechWarrior 5 experience significantly.

Modification is a common way for players to increase their level of personalization in modern games. Numerous players, especially PC users, have adopted this programme to modify a variety of games, and this game is no different. Not only may players customise their mechs, but also their playing style. Combined with the settings currently available in the main game, these modifications provide a genuinely customised experience.

1) Compatibility Pack

Those that modify the game’s assets with modifications must be prepared for a number of concerns, one of which may be incompatibility. The registered assets of the game may not correspond to the online mod choices. Some modifications may not be compatible with one another. Modifying a video game excessively might result in a chaotic state.

This addon mitigates some of these difficulties by expanding the asset registry of the basic game. In fact, it is required by several other modifications for the game to work correctly. This makes this small stabiliser a crucial component for anybody seeking to modify MechWarrior 5. There is no use in having the greatest robot if it destroys the competition.

2) Paint Theme Saving

Customization of the player-controlled mech is unquestionably a significant aspect of any mecha game. This is unquestionably a functionality in MechWarrior 5, despite its very shoddy execution.

In this perspective, the inability to store the colours of a player’s mech is a major flaw. This problem is resolved by the Paint Theme Saving mod, however it should have been included in the game from the start.

3) Better Night Vision

Newsflash: it’s harder to see at night. Additionally, severe weather might obscure one’s eyesight. This is certainly an issue in a combat situation, and the night vision in the main game does nothing to remedy it. In addition to adversaries and other objects of interest failing to shine out from the backdrop, the graphics as a whole are excessively fuzzy.

The enhanced night vision provides a sharper view, allowing gamers to notice more fine details. Additionally, significant things or units stand out more visibly. These apparently minor modifications make night vision a more feasible choice for improving visual acuity.

4) Purchase Salvage

Purchase Salvage allows the player in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries additional freedom and flexibility with the salvage and cash systems. This is necessary for running missions and goes wonderfully with the modifications to salvage from mod number one on this list. One of the most frustrating things is falling just short of a desired salvage share total; it feels unjust. This patch allows you to bridge gaps in shares using C-Bills, automatically apply your shares, and change the mod’s penalties and limitations. Purchase Salvage is a great example of a mod that should have been included in the basic game.

5) Weather Improvement Mod

The landscape in MechWarrior 5 is nothing to write home about. This is particularly true with regards to the weather patterns, which are very unimpressive. Fortunately, the Weather Improvement patch resolves these problems. Now, players may encounter crippling snowstorms, clouds that move at a reasonable rate, bright days, and gloomy nights, all of which greatly enhance the game’s realism.

6) Renegotiate Contracts

On sometimes, a task proves to be more challenging than anticipated. Unfortunately, the price was already fixed before the contract was approved. Players must face a difficulty, escape by the skin of their teeth, and accept a little payoff. Witchers know this all too well.

At least, this was the situation prior to this modification. Now that they have accepted, they may open the contract and renegotiate the conditions. Thus, they might increase their charge if the assignment gets too challenging. Some may find this offensive and superficial. Others, on the other hand, will consider it as a method to make every work worthwhile.

7) Realistic Weapon Velocities

MechWarrior 5 offers a vast selection of weaponry to pick from and use. Despite the fact that the great majority of these weapons are rather enjoyable to use, it is undeniable that at times their exaggerated velocities make them seem somewhat floaty.

This problem may be remedied using the Realistic Weapon Velocities modification. This patch adjusts the velocity of the guns and guarantees that they match real-world weaponry as closely as possible, as their name implies. This modification affects Autocannons, PPCs, Gauss Rifles, and LRMs.

8) Coyotes Mission Pack

There was once a time when the word “procedural generation” was regarded with awe. Over time, however, players have discovered that the majority of procedurally generated material not seen in roguelikes or other similar genres serves as a lazy approach to pack more content into a game.

MechWarrior 5 is filled with uninspired task structures that detract from the overall experience. However, with the Coyotes Mission Pack mod, gamers may now enjoy a greater variety of randomly generated content that is very enjoyable to play.

9) Heat Effects

No one enjoys having their weapons or mechs overheat. MechWarrior 5 seems to combine this with heat dissipation for a variety of situations. Characters observe how different biomes alter the rate of mechanised heat dissipation. This should be sped up by a tundra, for instance. This does not seem to be the case, at least not to the extent that it affects the gameplay.

The environment must play a role in skirmishes; else, it may as well be a background. Consequently, this patch modifies the rate of heat dissipation for all mechs based on their surroundings. This not only increases the task diversity, but also adds a cool new variable to mech combat. Who knew this game was lacking in authenticity?

10) Enhanced HUD Options

Clearly, the HUD is one of the most vital components of MechWarrior 5. When piloting a mech, players must navigate the information shown in order to live and prepare properly. Some bold players may even choose to disable the HUD to enhance immersion.

Since the game’s debut, various modifications that alter this display have appeared. Some provide complex zoom settings, while others revert to the format of previous games. Everyone processes information in a unique manner. Only by experimenting with these tweaks may players discover the optimal method for determining the condition of their mechs.

11) Jacked-Up Jump Jets

This one requires no explanation. The modification improves the jump jets’ burn time. Instead of being able to float for three seconds, players may now soar for 10. At this time, the mechs are almost capable of flight.

Aerial combat adds a whole new dimension to mech conflicts, increasing the complexity of each encounter. Moreover, it helps distinguish MechWarrior 5 from other first-person shooters. Traditional rules, such as lofty positions being advantageous, are no longer in effect. It is difficult to anticipate such a wild card play, which is a positive thing. It implies that players are never complacent.

12) Better Spawns

Enemy spawning are essential to maintaining a consistent level of tension in any action game. Despite the fact that MechWarrior 5’s spawning mechanism accomplishes the same feat, some foes appear in the game much too unnaturally at times.

Thankfully, with the Better Spawns patch, this problem will be eliminated. Now, adversaries spawn from a greater distance and seem more realistically, which greatly aids in maintaining immersion.

13) MW5 Mercs Reloaded

The sheer amount of effort put into the MW5 Mercs Reloaded mod makes it the greatest mod for MechWarrior 5 that users can download. It adds a number of elements to the game that drastically alter the overall experience.

This modification unlocks the full capabilities of the mechlab, enables mechs to be influenced by surrounding heat, incorporates thermal vision, adds a targeting computer, and dramatically modifies the upgrading system. These are just a few of the many modifications that make MW5 Mercs Reloaded a must-have for any player who want to dramatically enhance their experience of MechWarrior 5 and its many systems.

14) New Game Plus

This mode has grown in popularity among gamers, whether it be in single-player or multiplayer shooters featuring a campaign mode. People want to play their games again, but they don’t want to lose the things or level-up bonuses they’ve collected.

It comes as no surprise that someone built a mod that permits this additional gameplay. This pack simply resets the campaign progress of a certain save file. Then, players recreate the tale missions with their equipment, mechs, and other tools. Now, gamers may experience the full force of their achievements without relying on endgame leftovers.

15) MW5 Mercs Save Editor

Sometimes, completing a game and accomplishing its objectives the correct manner is not the most gratifying way to play. There is, after all, a reason why cheat codes and similar features are so common and popular in the majority of video games.

Modders have published a save editor that enables users to cheat in MechWarrior 5 in an effort to provide a workaround that permits cheating. The MW5 Mercs save editor enables users to modify company money, add or remove inventory items, change weapon tiers, add or remove mechs, alter faction reputation, and modify the skill cap and experience point values of the game’s pilots.

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