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15 Best Resident Evil 2 Mods You Won’t Want To Miss

The 2019 recreation of Resident Evil 2 was an overwhelming success with fans. In addition to enhanced visuals and gameplay, this new version has a significant mod edge over the 1998 original. Although not as extensive as The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher 3, the Resident Evil 2 modifications on Nexus are nonetheless entertaining.

Resident Evil 2 mods range from really beneficial to absurdly bizarre. Here, graphics, customization choices, and gameplay modifications are still available. Several tweaks have also been included for the purpose of comedy. When considering reinstalling Resident Evil 2, a player cannot go wrong with this compilation.

If you’ve previously completed the main campaign twice and are looking for a change of pace, modifications are the ideal option, and I’ve compiled the finest ones to let you get straight back into the action.

1) Fluffy Manager 5000

Let’s take care of the technicalities first. Installing modifications for the Resident Evil 2 Remake is more complicated than just dumping files into the game’s root folder. The Fluffy Manager 5000 is just what you need to edit the game’s PAK files.

It is as easy as dragging and dropping RAR-formatted mod files into the application, and the programme will handle the rest. It is supported by the whole modding community, thus it is rare that you will encounter problems or conflicting files. It is also the most popular mod manager for Devil May Cry 5.

2) Easier Spare Keys

Mods that integrate enhancements to the quality of life are a fantastic way to make decent games even better. Resident Evil 2 has a variety of puzzles, some of which include breaking portable safes. The answer to these safes is based on a basic memory test, which some players will certainly find annoying.

The Easier Spare Keys mod is ideal for individuals who do not want to struggle with these relatively uninspiring tasks. This hack replaces the portable safes’ combination locks with extra keys, eliminating the need to spend several minutes learning the proper combination. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will save time.

3) RE2 HUD Tool

Some individuals want complete knowledge. Maybe they’ve spent too much time playing League of Legends or certain JRPGs, but they’re data-hungry, and I’ve discovered the solution for them.

The RE2 HUD Tool adds a DirectX11 overlay to your game, displaying information about your foes, such as their remaining HP and the amount of damage each of your bullets does. It also supports hitmarkers and is a useful tool if you want a more precise understanding of where weak places begin and stop.

4) F00X Leon Customization Pack

Leon Kennedy is one of the most productive characters in the series. The original version of Resident Evil 2 was Leon’s first appearance, but it would not be his last. The F00X Leon Customization Pack will appeal to those who appreciate modifying the looks of their beloved characters.

This patch adds extra cosmetic customization choices for Leon. Among the package options are a beard that even grows filthy over time, a new casual suit, and a police uniform with a small variation. Give this mod a try if you’re seeking to change things up on your next playthrough.

5) Dio & Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

If you’re a fan of the meme-filled anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, particularly its third season, you’ll like our next chapter. This funny modification replaces Leon S. Kennedy with Jotaro Kujo and Mr. X with DIO from the Stardust Crusaders storyline.

Both of these may seem out of place in the photorealistic surroundings of the game. However, their interactions always seem natural. Certainly, they will not have their Stands. And you will not hear Jotaro say “ora ora ora.” But these models from Jump Force look fantastic, and you can’t miss this battle.

6) Darth Vader

Resident Evil 2 is a really terrifying game, particularly when Mr. X is taken into consideration. However, infusing comedy into otherwise uncomfortable circumstances may be quite entertaining. Fortunately, the Nexus website has this covered.

The Darth Vader hack allows Star Wars fans to replace the monstrous Tyrant with everyone’s favourite Sith Lord, Darth Vader. With this add-on installed, Darth Vader will stalk the hallways of the police station while wielding a lightsaber and wearing a removable helmet!

7) Beachboy X

If you could care less about DIO but are intrigued by changing Mr. X’s model, I have a very frightening modification for you. Beachboy X provides the predator following in your footsteps with a stunning pair of Umbrella-issued swimming trunks that reveal his toned abs and muscular quads.

The casual swimsuit ensemble is complemented with comfy flip-flops and removable sunglasses. Humorous, right? Sure.

It’s all fun and games until you see this 2m-tall Speedo-clad giant entering a dark hallway.

8) Snipz’s Gun Workshop

Weapons play a significant part in Resident Evil 2 The different firearms strewn over the game’s terrain are vital for both offensive and defence. However, in addition to their apparent functionality, gamers seeking a little additional flair could visit Snipz’s Gun Workshop.

The mod reskins some of the game’s weapons, such as the Samurai Edge, Shotgun, and Magnum. The golden skins are by far the most dazzling. Now, gamers may combat the undead in correct fashion.

9) X-Treme Nightmare

If you’ve ever thought that RE2R wasn’t tough enough, the X-Treme Nightmare mod may be what you need. This mad expansion will replace many opponent kinds with Mr. X.

It is classic modding insanity of the highest kind. You have the option to substitute opponents such as dogs, ivy, and G-adults. If you’re willing to make the game hard to complete, you may replace all the zombies with this towering B.O.W. Combine at your own risk with the preceding modification.

10) Classic Inventory

Utilizing nostalgia may be an effective strategy. Resident Evil 2 draws apparent cues from the 1998 original as a remake. It is mostly true to the PS1 classic, however there are a few modifications. Mods allow enthusiasts to resuscitate more elements of the original version.

Those who desire a more retro aesthetic should utilise the Classic Inventory mod. It transforms the default inventory screen with one reminiscent of bygone eras. Although it’s not a massive modification, it should make some veteran series fans happy.

11) Claire – RPD Military Outfit

New clothing, accessories, and even haircuts for both Leon and Claire are among the most frequent and popular RE2R modifications. We will discuss the finest!

This RPD Military Costume is a reskin of Claire’s default military-themed outfit designed to make her seem similar to Leon, a member of the Raccoon City Police Department.

It features a variety of colours for the top, a variety of slacks, and a sleeveless version that makes Claire appear like a complete badass. Plus, it eliminates the problematic bandanna.

12) X No More

Mr. X is a pivotal character in Resident Evil 2. Once a player reaches a certain point in the game, this impenetrable, impenetrable behemoth relentlessly pursues them. The sound of his thumping footsteps echoing throughout the hallways of the police station is undeniably unsettling. In this game, exploration is no easy feat.

A mod with the suitable name X No More eliminates this terrifying monster. Mr. X’s patrol of the police station corridors is eliminated, leaving just the common adversaries. This facilitates exploration and, by extension, the game itself. No longer will you be able to peer over Leon’s shoulder with this mod loaded.

13) Claire – Liz Katz Look

Here’s something for the freaks. This mod replaces Claire’s in-game model with one that resembles the provocative cosplay model Liz Katz, replete with her famous and very inappropriate arm tattoo.

Her attire is likewise appropriately exposing, however you may tone it down by opting for the one with a skirt… as opposed to the, uh, lighter one. This is a terrible way to wear during a zombie apocalypse.

But nonetheless! Claire is prepared to demonstrate that being trapped in the midst of a stream or a sensual picture does not make you less capable of living.

14) First Person Camera

Throughout its existence, the Resident Evil franchise has experimented with many camera angles. Backgrounds and tank controls in the original Resident Evil 2 were pre-rendered. The remake discarded these antiques in favour of a Resident Evil 4-style gameplay with a third-person, over-the-shoulder viewpoint.

One of the most intriguing Nexus modifications enables the player to experience the game in an entirely different manner. The First Person Camera modification transforms Resident Evil 2 into a game more similar to Resident Evil 7 or Village. The zombie terror becomes considerably more vivid when gamers experience it via Leon and Claire’s eyes.

15) Playstation Button Layout

It is typical for PC gamers to use a controller. Users of Steam who prefer using a PlayStation controller are likely not shocked to hear that many control schemes and in-game iconography adhere to an Xbox controller by default. It is a very little, but bothersome feature that impacts a select number of players.

The objective of the Playstation Button Layout mod is clear. It corrects the minor issue with the button icons by showing Playstation controls rather than Xbox controllers. Players unfamiliar with the controls of the latter may now have a lot easier time without accidentally pressing the wrong buttons.

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