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Understanding the 4 Most Popular Types of Paper Grades in Packaging

If you’re concerned about paper grades, consider how the paper will be utilized, such as offset uncoated and opaque papers. To begin, offset uncoated paper is a high-volume grade of paper used for archiving purposes. This is because this paper grade is created with a higher alkaline rather than acidic content, resulting in longer paper life and a better appearance. Internal component bonding is also present in these papers, enhancing their longevity. The weight ranges from 50 to 80 pounds for the most part. It can be improved and completed with various finishes, including vellum, smooth, and linen. 

On the other side, an opaque paper has comparable weight measures but is significantly better in terms of pulp quality. The opaque paper has high-end opacity, which means it is not see-through, as the name implies. It can be completed with a film coat, satin finish, protective coats, and protective coats if the finish is a concern. Finally, writing papers, sometimes known as bond papers or correspondence sheets, are available. These papers are commonly used in printers and for handwritten notes and corporate/business communications. Watermarks can be applied to these papers, and cotton fibers can be added to give them a more refined appearance and robustness. You may also like to learn about Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.

Paper Types Used in Packaging

  • Ivory

Ivory is a two-sided paper with one smooth side and the other that is rough. This type of packing paper is similar to Ford paper in that it is uncoated, but it is available in a larger variety of weights, up to 450 gsm. Ivory packing is harder and more durable than Bristol paper due to its thickness and strength. Because it can be printed in full color and is safe to use for confining and storing food, it is widely utilized in packaging. The ivory paper has a clean and glossy surface that adds to the packaging’s appearance because it may be printed in full color. Furthermore, this paper is quite durable and well-made. As a result, it can be combined with several techniques like cutting, folding, embossing, and die-cutting to improve the overall appearance of the Customize Packaging.

  • Art Card

An art cart is a material that should not be disregarded if you’re searching for a truly high-end packing option. Art card packing paper has a slightly glossy finish and is ink-compatible. Its density varies between 230 and 350 grammas per square meter. Two and three-ply art card sheets are the most popular thicknesses; however, one-ply art card has the advantage of clarity. Unlike illustration boards, which only provide a front working surface, they may give both front and back working surfaces.

Paper Grades Used In Packaging Business

  • CCNB 

It is a clay-coated news backboard manufactured from old papers, discarded corrugated boxes, and recycled newspaper (you might even know them as CCNB cartons). This is one of the most cost-effective and affordable printing alternatives available. Because the paper quality can absorb moisture and humidity, you should consider your goods. This paper is used to make the majority of the foldable boxes and cartons. For obvious reasons, this isn’t exactly top-notch content. It also can’t contain a lot of weight, but it’s ideal for rapid, low-cost, and handy packaging. If boxes are an issue, they can be used to store dry products, pet food, beans, noodles, and detergent.

  • FBB 

These are folding box boards made from mechanical and chemical ingredients. Different layers will enhance the thickness, durability, and strength of the packing, and it uses a range of procedures to design pulp material. The chemical layer of the paper is bleached, for the most part, providing the ideal surface for creating stunning prints. This material is stiffer than other paper types and is suitable for packaging cosmetic, culinary, and pharmaceutical products.


Understanding the different thicknesses of fabric for packing can help you know the standard. This aids in the creation of a box that is appropriate for the product’s weight and packing structure. Calculating the thickness of the paperboard is as easy as calculating the PT/GSM of the material. The higher the GSM/PT Unit, the thicker the cloth, and vice versa.

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