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How To Remove Blood Stain From Bed Sheet

Stain on the bedsheet can be shocking. You feel the most irritating thing occur with you. It’s not easy to remove the stain from the bed sheet or any cloth. You have to struggle a lot to remove that stain. The stains of tea, blood, and other things are so stubborn that they don’t go.

There is not only the period stain that comes on the bedsheet. The blood that comes out due to any injury can also cause stains on the bed sheet. You should do something as soon as you see the blood stains on bed sheets. Let’s have a look at a few points that tell us how we can remove blood stains from bedsheets.

  • The thing you need to do after you see the bloodstain is kept your bed sheet under running cold water. Your bed sheet shouldn’t come in contact with hot water. Hot water can settle the stain, will become difficult to remove it afterward. Coldwater will help to remove all the excess blood from the sheets. You should keep the bed sheet under running water rather than dipping it. It will help push the bloodstain that had already settled in the bedsheet.
  • After removing the extra bloodstain. You should take a wet cloth and dab it on the bloodstain. It will help remove the mark that has settled on your bed sheet. You should not rub the wet cloth on stains as it can make it deeper. Rather than dab it with a chilled wet cloth. It will lighten the color of the mark further helps you in easy removal of the stain.
  • You need to remove the blood already settled in your bed sheet. You soak your bed sheet for half an hour in cold water to lighten the settled stain. You soak it in only water without adding detergent to it. You can add salt to the water to speed up removing stains. The settled mark becomes stubborn and takes a long time to remove. You need to soak in the water until the stain starts becoming light.
  • Now comes the turn to use the strongest stain remover. It is the crucial step without which you can’t remove the stain. You should use the strongest stain remover can quickly remove the leftover stain on your sheet. You should pour detergent on the top of the stain and dab it for some time. After that, you need to keep your bed sheet for more time to see the effect of the stain.
  • Once the stain is removed completely you can put it in your washing machine. The washing machine will remove the leftover stain or small patches. You air dry your bed sheet rather than simply dry it. An air dryer can remove the patches of the stain and make it clean completely. Later, you can put your bedsheet under the sun for drying and make it ready for reuse. Sun can absorb the little marks left on the bed sheet and make it clean and clear.

These are a few tips that can be used to remove blood stains. Blood on white sheets is difficult to remove.

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