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The 9 Essential Studio Software Features

Things are going well with your studio and you’ve reached the point where you can seriously consider using dedicated software or apps to manage your clients and business.

The good news is that there are quite a few options to choose from, but not all software providers are made equal. You need to ensure that whatever solution you go with covers all of your needs. Below we take a look at the features we think are absolutely essential for studio software.

Class timetables and management

For any software you choose, it is absolutely essential that it’s easy to keep track of your classes, schedule changes, and attendance numbers. This is for you and clients as you want to be able to make changes to classes easily and clients need to be able to select and join the classes they want to book.

Let clients make bookings and synchronise them to a calendar

Booking functionality should always be a part of any studio software, but it’s when you can synchronise these to a calendar that it takes things to the next level.

You can save time and effort by not having to manually upload appointments to several platforms when using calendar synchronisation. You and your clients will never miss an appointment again thanks to built-in appointment reminders.

Make payments online

Managing payments manually is time-consuming and painful. If your chosen software has a payment platform built into it, it makes everything so much easier.

Client’s will love being able to quickly book and pay and you can consolidate your business finances without having to draw things together from a bunch of different sources.

Understanding your clients and members

When you have all your members and clients making use of the same software platform, it becomes much easier to identify trends as well as sculpt classes and programmes to suit them.

This can provide you with incredible insight into how you should target new members by letting you understand the profiles of existing ones.

Client portal and login

A good app or studio software is as much for your clients as it is for you. They will love being able to make purchases, sign up for courses, and keep track of their progress with a simple and fast member login.

They will be able to interact with you from the convenience of their phone rather than having to call or go onto a website.

Organise your staff and teachers

It’s a great advantage – not to mention convenient – to be able to manage schedules from you chosen studio software. Consolidating all communication methods (such as text messages, WhatsApp, emails, and calls) to a single platform is far more efficient and effective. It will save you from having to send the same message multiple times.

Email integration

A feature that not all studio software or apps may have is email integration, but this is a huge benefit for the ones that do. You’ll be able to make and manage email notifications to keep your employees and clients on the same page and up to date.

Keeping track with an Activity Dashboard

Everyone loves to be able to keep track and see their progress. Your studio software should offer your users dashboard functionality that allows them to see how many classes or sessions they have attended, as well performance updates.

Expert reporting for your business

Finally, any studio app or software should be able to bring everything together to deliver reports that give you insight into your business. All of your client and business data should be easily accessible in one spot.

Xplor Studio is an excellent example of a fully integrated, features rich solution.

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