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Why Should You Book a Training Course With In Professional Development?

In Professional Development was founded in Wigan, Greater Manchester, by individuals passionate about learning and development, David Hall, Jonathan Palmer, Stuart Thompson, and Marc Davis, in March 2018. As of September this year, we have successfully delivered training to over 15,697 delegates, focusing on enabling professionals everywhere to access inclusive and high-quality training. We provide many educational opportunities for growth, including online masterclasses, virtual skills workshops, intensive one-to-one coaching, and in-house training programmes.

Awards and Recognition

In Professional Development received the Newcomer of The Year at the City of Manchester Business Awards in 2019, acknowledging our reputation as a brand, and became a fully approved Chartered Management Institute (CMI) centre in 2019. After just one and a half years in business, we were shortlisted at the Wigan Business Awards, cementing faith in our success.

Earlier this year, we signed The Armed Forces Covenant and became the corporate fundraising partner of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA). We received a bronze award for our contribution to the community.

Accreditations and Certifications

Our courses are accompanied by various certifications, from CMI levels 5 and 7 to Post Graduate Certificates (PGCert). A PGCert contributes 60 points toward a Master’s degree, while 180 points are needed for a complete Master’s. We are accredited by the University of Chester and the University of East London, among other prestigious awarding bodies.

Bespoke Delivery, In-person and Virtual

We successfully offer nationwide course delivery and training to professionals virtually and face-to-face. The location can be chosen by professionals and organisations seeking training, including one-on-one executive coaching. Though we offer all kinds of corporate training, our professional development courses make us distinct. One benchmark is our Executive mini MBA Accelerator Programme, which we ran in partnership with the University of Chester for the first time in 2018.

In Professional Development has offered programmes to thousands of delegates, from young start-ups to established businesses. We provided prominent organisations like American Express and English Football League with our CMI programmes.

In collaboration with the University of East London, we deliver the Advanced Management Programme, the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the Higher Education Leadership Programme.

Most In-demand Courses and Programmes

Our potential delegates can choose from an exhaustive list of categories in programmes. Some of the most sought-after include our CMI courses, Executive Mini MBA Accelerator programme and In-House professional development courses.

Eligibility, Prerequisites and Inclusivity

There are no preconditions for our courses. However, for our leadership and management courses, including the Directors Development Programme, Senior Leadership Programme, and Mini MBA, we propose at least three years of professional experience in a senior management position.

In Professional Development was created by visionary founders striving to provide access to inclusive and thorough business learning. We retain supportive and accommodating teams that are flexible to diverse learning styles and necessities. If apprised of any particular requirements, we can implement strategies to be certain our delegates feel more at ease and receive all necessary support.

Book a Training Course With In Professional Development

At In Professional Development, we serve various clients with distinct requirements. Our job is to ensure that we adhere to straightforward techniques while providing the knowledge and skills required to drive the influence of your organisation. Our account management team can closely assist you in achieving your business goals by creating training programmes tailored to your needs. Irrespective of business objectives, In Professional Development ensures the programmes delivered are of superior standards and have the most value and impact.

Please get in touch with any of our executive education consultants if you have more inquiries about our existing and upcoming courses and programmes. You can reach us at 01615092999 and [email protected].

For more information, Visit https://www.inpd.co.uk 

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