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Sonic Generations: 17 Best Sonic Mods

Sonic Generations may be almost a decade old, but when a famous game receives a PC release, it is never completely left behind. In perpetuity, modders will return to make strange, amazing, and occasionally beneficial modifications to it. In the most recent occurrence, one of these modders has replaced the blue blur with what looks to be the automobile from Initial D.

Rather of listening to a podcast when she couldn’t sleep, Xenoko chose to install a Sonic Generations hack. One that completely eliminates Sonic from the game and, as noted in the comments and by Xenoko himself in a subsequent post, replaces him with the protagonist’s vehicle from the almost 20-year-old anime street racing series Initial D.

Check out the following modifications to enliven the game whether you’re playing the game for the first time on PC, or if you’re simply returning to it.

1) HedgeMod Manager

Before we get into the heart of the matter, you may want to download TheSuperSonic16’s amazingly handy HedgeMod Manager. This handy application simplifies the process of installing mods for Sonic Generations, as well as Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces.

Whenever you need to modify the configuration files for one of your mods, you may do it effortlessly using the HMM. Some mod hosting websites, such as GameBanana, also enable “1-click” browser-based HMM installations.

2) Better FxPipeline

Despite the fact that Sonic Generations is one of the best Sonic games of the current generation, it is still not the most optimised game available. Fortunately, modders have addressed a multitude of major flaws with this game.

The Better FxPipeline hack enables modders to correct a multitude of flaws with the Sonic Generations render, therefore boosting the game’s visual quality and optimising the render to a degree. It’s a fantastic method to make Sonic Generations more stable and visually appealing.

3) Modern Adventure: Generations Physics Mod

The first true modification shown here is also one of my favourites. It attempts to restore some of the charm of the Sonic Adventure series.

This hack, created by TheKazeblade, tries to emulate the Adventure era’s physics in Sonic Generations, granting improved low-speed mobility and enhanced control at greater speeds.

While it works well on the majority of Sonic Generations levels, it is almost essential for Adventure-era port maps.

4) Direct3D 9 Ex (Optimized Renderer)

At times, Sonic Generations’s renderer is absolutely terrible, requiring players to employ modifications to enhance its bloated nature and optimise its functionality. This is where the Direct3D 9 Ex modification comes into play.

With this mod’s increased functionality, the game will be far more stable and its FPS will not decrease for any reason. Any solution that allows players to enhance the game’s visuals is likely to be highly beneficial.

5) Better Unlockable Music

I adore unlockables. And Sonic Generations includes a large number of them, including some legendary tunes from Sonic’s wide library of video games. Unfortunately, many of these songs have been modified or truncated for reasons I do not comprehend.

I suppose the remixes are OK, but why are my favourite songs just half as long as they were originally? This easy hack by NateSquared restores all truncated songs to their correct length, and you may opt to retain the remixes.

6) Sonic Unleashed HUD

The majority of people despise Sonic Unleashed with a passion, which is sometimes reasonable. Nonetheless, some Sonic fans like this game and want elements of it to be reproduced in Sonic Generations.

This Sonic Unleashed HUD modification is ideal for these enthusiasts. Clearly, it enables players to play through Sonic Generations with the UI and HUD of Sonic Unleashed.

7) Cel Shading

As a child, I first saw cel-shaded visuals while playing Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Since then, I enjoy the aesthetics of each new cel-shaded video game I can get. Modder Darío appears to agree. Consequently, he created this little tweak that overrides Sonic Generation’s rendering process so that the final output appears – you got it – cel-shaded.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of cel shading, it’s still rather attractive. And if you’ve been playing for a long, it’s a terrific way to liven things up.

8) SU Project: Redux

Obviously, the HUD in Sonic Unleashed is one of the many aspects of the game that fans like. The whole atmosphere of the game is very distinctive and creates a Sonic experience in every meaning of the term.

In this aspect, the SU Project: Redux mod is fantastic, enabling gamers to relive the wonder of Sonic Unleashed on the Sonic Generations engine. Due to Sonic Unleashed’s exclusivity on obsolete platforms, it’s an excellent mod for fans who may not be able to play the game.

9) Real Tails

Tails has not had any camera time as a playable character for a very long time. And the modder UltimateDarkman has had enough.

The Real Tails mod replaces current Sonic with modern Tails, who not only looks fantastic but also keeps his powers, including the ability to fly with his helicopter tails by hitting the Boost button while in the air. You must additionally install a physics module, which comes in “homing attack enabled” and “homing attack disabled” variants, for this to function.

10) Classic Sonic Improvement Mod Generations Edition

Sonic Generations’ Classic Sonic is a great character to manage. His gameplay is rather enjoyable, with the majority of players having few serious complaints about these aspects of the game.

Obviously, it does not mean that there are no gamers who would still want to see some adjustments and improvements made to this portion of the game. The Classic Sonic Improvement Mod Generations Edition mod modifies a number of aspects of this character’s gameplay to make it more interesting.

11) Real Knuckles

Obviously, you cannot move Sonic’s major sidekick to Sonic Generations and leave out the iconic red echidna. The Real Knuckles hack accomplishes exactly what you’d expect: it allows you to play Sonic Generations from Knuckles’ viewpoint as he glides.

This time around, no additional physics components are required, since they are included in the primary download. Convenient!

12) Super Sonic Generations

Super Sonic is one of the best transformations in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and its origin is rather obvious. Of course, this form does not always present in the game, which is why most players don’t get to enjoy its splendour that often.

In this perspective, the Super Sonic Generations mod undoubtedly changes the game. This modification makes Super forms the norm throughout the game, allowing for epic moments throughout the experience.

13) HD Classic Sonic Improvement

If you’re OK with current Sonic as he is, you may want to explore Showin’s Classic Sonic mod to improve his lovely, chubby appearance.

Rather than modifying his original design, this mod makes Classic Sonic seem even more like his official artwork and promotional materials, making him even cuter. It also modifies the gameplay to make it more authentic to the original games. There is also a mod for the beloved classic Tails with the same visual enhancements.

14) Modern Adventure: Generations Physics Mod

Some fans greatly like Sonic’s mobility mechanisms in this game, despite Sonic Adventure’s generally mixed response. These gamers will likely also like Sonic Generations, but for them, Sonic Adventure’s mobility was unmatched.

This hack enables users to combine the physics of Sonic Adventure with the gameplay of Sonic Generations. In terms of Sonic’s movement, the game seems a lot more like Adventure than it does Sonic Adventure.

15) Low-End Mod

PTKickass has the perfect performance-improving tweak for Sonic Generations, which I’m constantly looking for to aid our less technologically savvy readers.

The Low-End Mod eliminates anything that is not required to play the game. This makes its once-beautiful visuals seem identical to those of a PS2 game.

16) Better FxPipeline

Skyth’s Better FxPipeline patch, on the other hand, dramatically enhances the game’s visual quality. In addition to correcting Depth of Field and Bloom Glare for all resolutions, particles are now now influenced by post-processing effects.

The most current version, published in 2020, includes support for FXAA. If you don’t like technical jargon, let’s just say it will make your game seem far better.

17) STH2006 Project

Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3/XBOX360/PC in 2006 is one of the most notorious games in the series’ history, involving a furry romance between Sonic and a human female, among other dubious choices. However, its levels were not appalling.

For this reason, creator Brianu has been working to adapt them to Sonic Generations. The levels are similar to the original game down to their distinct quirks, and there are even several boss battles.

The mod’s ultimate goal is to transform the game into Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 title). It already adds new hub worlds such as New Soleanna City and substitutes Omochao’s advice with STH2006 remarks, so this may become a reality within the next several years. Again, you can see an excellent demonstration video before installing this for yourself.

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