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Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment: An Overview

Home to its famous local rum, panoramic Piton Mountains, drive-in volcano, and local street parties, Saint Lucia, is called the Helen of the West Indies. To promote foreign investment, the government of Saint Lucia introduced the Citizenship by Investment Program in 2015.

What makes Saint Lucia passport so coveted among investors is the ability of its citizens to travel visa-free to 146 nations, including major hubs in Asia, Europe, and North and Latin America. Saint Lucia recognizes dual citizenship. The no hard and fast rules for applicants and their dependents to be residing in Saint Lucia for its citizenship make it easier for people unwilling to relinquish their primary nationality and relocate with their families.

Citizens pay no inheritance, capital gains, or wealth tax on worldwide income or assets. Only income earned within Saint Lucia is taxable for companies. Residents only pay personal income tax. While the present VAT rate is 15%, property taxation is currently 0.25% of the market value. This citizenship program is quite popular among reputable investors as there is no compulsion to make contributions till their application is approved.

Investment Possibilities to Qualify for Citizenship of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers four alternatives of investment for those seeking citizenship by investment at present:

The first option is a non-refundable contribution to National Economic Fund (NEF):

  • For a single applicant: a minimum of US$100,000 
  • For the principal applicant with spouse: a minimum of US$140,000 
  • For a family of up to four: a minimum of US$150,000 
  • For each additional dependent, regardless of age: a minimum of US$15,000

The second option is purchasing real estate: a minimum of US$300,000 investment in pre-approved projects.

The third option requires investing in government bonds:

  • The minimum amount for a single applicant is: $500,000
  • The minimum amount for an applicant and their spouse is:  $535,000
  • The minimum amount for an applicant, their spouse, plus up to two other qualifying dependents: $550,000
  • The minimum amount for each additional qualifying dependent, irrespective of age, is: $ 25,000 

The fourth option includes a donation to local enterprise projects:

  • For the sole applicant: a minimum threshold of $3,500,000
  • Investment for more than one applicant (in joint venture): a minimum threshold of $6,000,000 with each applicant contributing at least $1,000,000

Eligibility Requirements for Gaining Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

As for most citizenship programs, qualifying dependents for Saint Lucia citizenship will also need to pass sound background checks confirming their clean criminal record. Applicants must not be under any ongoing criminal investigations. Very reasonably, investors likely to threaten the nation’s security or get involved in activities defaming the country will not be approved. Applicants rejected by any country where Saint Lucia has visa-free access will also be dismissed.

All investment options mentioned above accompany respective criteria. Real estate investors should invest in pre-approved higher-end resorts, hotels, or boutique properties. Enterprise contributions only include contributions to cruise ports, agro-processing plants, ports and road infrastructure, offshore universities, specialty restaurants, research institutions, and pharma companies.

Your whole family will be eligible for admission, unlike some other nations. When applying for Saint Lucia citizenship, you may include your spouse, children under 31, siblings under 18, and parents over 56. After they have been given citizenship, you will also be able to add dependents.

Steps Involved in Applying for a Saint Lucia Passport, Simplified

Although authorities have done much to streamline the application process, it is nevertheless overwhelming for non-locals to handle official affairs. We have broken down the process into broad steps:

1. Once you’ve zeroed in on an ideal investment option, we suggest hiring an authorized agent to manage your entire application process. Huriya Private has teams of experts trained to facilitate this process for you.

2. Several documents need gathering and preparation before they can be attached. Once in place, you can submit your application to the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

3. Now, the Unit will review and process your application and commence background checks.

4. If your application is approved (and it should be if you retained us for services), you can make your qualifying investment within 60 days and provide proof.

5. What’s left now is to pay for passport fees and collect your Certificate of Registration.

Contact Huriya Private for a Comfortable Journey to Becoming a Saint Lucia Citizen

Huriya Private is licensed by the Government of Saint Lucia as an international promoter and marketing agency, assisting in identifying applicants for citizenship by investment program.

We have represented hundreds of clients around the globe and dealt with multiple permutations and combinations of application issues. These include absent birth certificates, marriage documents, and even applicants who have been the target of unfavorable publicity in many nations.

Huriya Private is a recognized firm with over 30 years of experience in offshore finance with offices and sound professional networks in UAE, Switzerland, Qatar, Cyprus, and Albania.

Get in touch with us today to have a detailed and confidential discussion for any clarity you desire about the process and program.

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