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How the Mangal Dosha puts affects on marriage life

How the Mangal Dosha puts affects on marriage life 

What is mangal dosha? Mangal dosha is usually known as astrology drawback or dosha. The mars planet is known as Kuja or mangal in the Sanskrit language. An astrological circumstance comes when the mars planets exist in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses of the horoscope chart of a person, known as mangal dosha. 

The people who have this dosh in their horoscope chart are called Manglik. There are 12 houses in the astrological chart of mangal dosha. After talk to astrologer, The existence of mars planet in the house mentioned above results in mangal dosha. Keep reading the article to know more about the mangal dosha, with its effects. 

Highlights of mangal dosha 

  • People of both genders may be Manglik. 
  • The mars planet indicates energy, respect, self-esteem, and ego. The person having mangal dosha often has a volatile temper. People with this dosha find a lot of difficulties managing with their partners. 
  • According to live astrology, my astrology, the energy in Manglik individuals are same as fire. It is essential to use this energy in the right direction and do something constructive, or else they may become ruthless. 
  • Mangal dosha affects the mental state and married life and causes financial loss. 
  • If the person with this dosha is born on Tuesday, the effects will be null 
  • If both the Manglik individuals are married, then there will be no adverse effects

How the mangal dosha affects Kundli 

Here are the six types of houses in the horoscope chart that cause the mangal dosha and affect you differently. 

  1. When mars are located in 1st house

The 1st house of mars planet represents the spouse’s house. So, it will affect your married life and leads the conflicts with your partner. It also results in violence and physical assault. Because of the unacceptable behavior, this type of person suffers from tension, divorce, stress, and separation. 

  1. When mars are located in 2nd house

If the Manglik person has a mars planet in 2nd house, they are affected by their family life. It will create problems in both professional and married life both. 

  1. When mars are located in the 4th house 

Placing your mars planet in this house adversely affects your professional life. This type of person will switch jobs and also not get successful professionally. Financial troubles frequently come into their life. 

  1. When mars are located in the 7th house 

This type of person has a lot of energy and becomes ill-tempered. As a result, this kind of person cannot maintain cordial relationships with their family members. 

  1. When mars are located in the 8th house

This type of person is lazy and unable to maintain rapport with their elders, resulting in the loss of paternal property. 

  1. When mars are located in the 12th house 

Manglik individuals make their enemies, as per reports from live astrology, my astrology. They will suffer from financial stability losses and mental problems if their mars planets exist in the 12th house.

Remedies to minimize the harmful effects of mangal dosha 

There are many ways to reduce or nullify the mangal dosha’s terrible effects. 

  • According to the live astrology, my astrology suggestion, you should do the Kumbh vivah. It will surely help you to eliminate the destructive effects of mangal dosha. In this, the person has to follow all the rules and rituals of the wedding of the peepal tree. 
  • Fasting to the placement of mars
  • Buy and wear gemstones in ring form
  • Contributions and offerings 
  • Reciting mantras 
  • You are visiting the hanuman and Nava Graha temples. You should do worship lord hanuman in this temple every Tuesday.
  • You can also worship Lord Krishna to get the complete solution from your dosha. It is one of the most remarkable ways to treat the dosha of your kundali. 
  • One of the remedies comes from live astrology, and my astrology is that You can eliminate the mangal dosha from your kundali by performing the mangal shanty puja. 

End of mangal dosha after 28 years 

If mars are your sign or in the above-mentioned house, it causes the mangal dosha, which needs to be resolved or nullified as soon as possible. According to live astrology, my astrology, the mangal dosha will end after 28 years, and its harmful effects will reduce automatically. 

This belief may also be misleading and may not be accurate based on the experiences of Manglik individuals. 


This is how the manglish dosha affects your married and professional life. It has been determined that the bad effects of this dosha will automatically be reduced after 28 years. The best way to save from the bad effects of mangal dosha is the marriage of two Manglik individuals. 

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