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Dying Light: The 16 Best Modded Episodes

Since its debut in 2015, the survival horror game Dying Light has gained a lot of notoriety among gamers. This game is full of zombies, and it tells the story of an undercover spy named Kyle Crane who is placed in a quarantine zone in Harran. When the hero is besieged by zombies and forced to fight for his life, things soon go from bad to worse for him.

The video game Dying Light is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most impressive zombie games that has been produced in the previous ten years. Fans are seeking for methods to make the game more exciting and keep it engaging since the second instalment of the series is expected to be published later on in this year. The moderators will now take over.

There will never be a better moment than the present to start playing this incredible post-apocalyptic parkour game than right now, since Dying Light 2 is just around the horizon. Downloading one of the greatest Dying Light modifications, listed below, will allow PC players to get even more out of their time spent playing the game.

1) Ultimate Ninja and Booster

Obviously, a more challenging adventure isn’t for everyone’s bucket list. This mod is definitely the one for you if you want to mess about at a playground that’s been overrun by zombies. Your health, stamina, and damage will all see significant improvements thanks to the Ultimate Ninja and Booster mod, and although it won’t quite make you invincible, it will get you quite close.

This is an excellent mod for players who simply want to mess about in the setting and inflict some huge melee damage without having to worry about annoying things like really dying to the undead hordes of zombies that surround them. This mod allows players to do both of those things.

2) All Items In Shop

The advancement mechanism in Dying Light may be rather frustrating for gamers, despite the fact that the game itself is quite engrossing. This is particularly true when starting a new game on the Hard difficulty setting, since players may get annoyed by the fact that they must repeatedly visit the store yet are only able to walk out with a limited supply of decent equipment.

Because of this modification, this problem will no longer be an issue in the game. Now that every item is immediately available for purchase in the game’s store, players no longer run the danger of being unable to acquire some of the game’s most powerful pieces of gear when they don’t have to.

3) Grappling Hook Modification

The grappling hook is without a doubt one of the most interesting and useful equipment in the game Dying Light. It is a pity, though, that the application of it ends up being so restricted. Not only does it have a range that is on the lower end of the spectrum, but in between usage you have to wait for it to recharge. However, if your objective is to do Spider-Man manoeuvres across the battlefield, this mod is not the one for you.

This modification extends the range of the grappling hook by a factor of two and does away with the recharge duration altogether, allowing you to travel across the battlefield at breakneck speeds. If you’re searching for a speedy way to travel about, you should think about picking this one.

4) All Climates

The All Climates patch makes the game’s weather system more dynamic by improving it. This gives players the opportunity to experience a variety of weather conditions during the course of a single day. It may rain in the morning, then it might be cloudy in the afternoon, and then the sky might clear up at night.

After downloading this mod, players will have access to a total of 12 distinct weather effects to use in their games. Players that are bored with the game’s standard weather system and want to provide it with a significant enhancement may find this to be an excellent option. It is important to keep in mind that the impacts of the weather are entirely unpredictable and beyond of anyone’s control.

5) Easier Lockpicking

There are two distinct flavours of lockpicking minigames that may be found in video games: irritating and pointless. Because Dying Light most certainly has the former, the purpose of this mod is to make the whole process a great deal more bearable. Although it may not go nearly so far as to eliminate lockpicking from the game entirely, it does remove a significant amount of the needless complexity that was previously there.

You should think of this one less as a cheat and more as an improvement to your quality of life, particularly if you are growing tired of attempting to pick locks when you could be trying to enjoy the rest of the game instead.

6) DLC Weapons Overhaul

The downloadable content for Dying Light includes several new weapons that are a lot of fun to use. On the other hand, owing to a large number of circumstances, such as the weapons’ poor endurance, they are not entirely dependable.

This modification accomplishes exactly what is mentioned in the title, which is to say that it incorporates these DLC weapons into the player’s armoury permanently. Due to the fact that using these weapons is a lot of fun, the vast majority of Dying Light players would most likely welcome these alterations.

7) Dying Light SweetFX

There are many other graphic overhauls that may be applied to make Dying Light appear more appealing to the eye. However, none of them are as well-liked or as artistically appealing as this setting for the game Dying Light SweetFX.

It gets rid of the distracting filter that was used throughout the game and makes the images crisper. This mod makes Dying Light’s environment appear better than it ever has before, and as a result, it is essential for gamers who are highly sensitive about the quality of the graphics in the games they play.

8) Legend Skill Tree Mod

With this update, the Legend Skill Tree will get an upgrade that will make it more strong. In the first version of Dying Light, the developer felt that the tree did not live up to the label that was given to it; now it is up to the players to prove that they are actual legends. Your chances of discovering platinum weapons will grow as you go through the new and enhanced Legend levels. These levels will also increase the number of inventory spaces available to you.

The tree may now increase the durability and efficiency of weapons, as well as stamina. The player’s chances of breaking bones, stunning adversaries, and saving money at vendors, among many other things, are increased by a custom branch called “Luck.” This branch may enhance any aspect of the game that is dependent on random chance. As we parkour across the abandoned metropolis, the increase in movement speed is the perk that benefits us the most.

9) Skyfall

Those who are sick of playing through the main narrative of Dying Light and its downloadable content may take a break by playing one of the many other story modifications available for the game. The majority of gamers are in agreement that Skyfall is one of the top downloadable narrative add-ons.

In spite of the fact that some fans have pointed out that some aspects of this mod seem unpolished, it provides further insight into the thinking of the protagonist. This modification follows Kyle Crane as he works over the traumatic experiences from his past by exploring his own psyche. In the narrative, he is seen to be married to a lady whose name is Jade, and they have a daughter together.

10) Weapon Loot Rarity Control Mod

The purpose of Weapon Treasure Rarity Control is to make the loot that spawns in chests more desirable so that the player will continue to find lockpicking to be beneficial. This mod is an attempt to address the fact that, after a certain amount of time spent playing Dying Light, lockpicking becomes such a chore that players are more likely to pass up prizes that aren’t worth the effort required to achieve them.

You may now acquire valuable drops from police vehicles, such as gold weaponry and other items. If it is desired, the ability to pick locks may be completely removed. Activities throughout the middle to late stages of the game get a much-needed facelift thanks to this update.

11) Auto-Learn All Blueprints

The blueprint system that is included in Dying Light is a fairly cool and unique approach to get knowledge about certain things that are found inside the game. Nevertheless, at a certain point, it may get quite tedious to memorise all of these designs that are included inside the game.

This is where the Auto-Learn All Blueprints mod comes into play; it will do all of the learning for you. The phrase “does exactly what it says in the title” and teaches players all of their blueprints without requiring any input from the gamers themselves.

12) Dying Light Campaign Save Fully Completed Hard

Campaign That Has Been Finished A Save File is a file that has been saved with Story Mode completed to 100%. A gamer who uses this kind of file may immediately begin playing the game with the difficult mode tale finished, their survival, agility, and power levels at their maximum, and all tasks finished. Late-game repetitive quests are instantly accessible. In addition, the save file includes a large quantity of each craftable material as well as various different upgrades.

The armoury of gold and platinum weaponry that is provided is impressive enough to warrant downloading the game on its own. This is another another modification for Dying Light that provides players with the sandbox-style gameplay that they may be seeking for.

13) Little Big World

This modification does not alter the game’s geography or any aspect of the battle; rather, it scales it down to a more manageable level. It is a refreshing change from the usual method to play the game, and it gives the impression that everything is taking place in a parallel universe. The conflict will now take place on desks and chairs. The expansive surroundings are quite amazing to look upon.

The gamer is dwarfed by everything around them. The mod essentially transports players into a miniature dollhouse version of the game’s world, where danger lurks around every turn. It was first developed as a submission for a competition, but it rapidly gained popularity among gamers as a challenging mod that required them to jump over various pieces of furniture in order to escape.

14) Bear Arms Mod

There is no such thing as having an excessive amount of weaponry available in the open world of Dying Light. The Bear Arms Weapons Mod is a user-created weapon pack that adds 22 new weapons to the game for the player to use in their fight against zombies.

The greatest additions to this pack are the two new shotguns, the variants of throwable weapons that can be used as melee weapons, and extra content for you to find. Keep an eye out for these weapons during the usual store cycles at Bear Arms if you’re looking for greater base damage. Bear Arms has stashed them there. It appears like there are never enough amounts of weaponry in any game. Modders are always there to save the day, providing gamers with more tools for their trade.

15) I Am Legion

There are a lot of gamers out there, and many of them are constantly seeking for methods to raise the difficulty of any game. Although Dying Light may be challenging for some players, others have discovered strategies that allow them to swiftly navigate the city and avoid being overrun by the hordes of zombies that are attempting to eat them.

The “I am Legion” mod makes the game more challenging for players by augmenting the number of zombies in the world. Additionally, this modification will cause zombies to spawn more often and will make them more hostile. If that isn’t already enough for you, the mod also reduces the quantity of ammunition that players may discover, so be prepared for that.

16) Mutations

The player’s off-hand will gain new skills as a result of mutations, and these abilities will enable the player to access the elements in both an attacking and a defensive manner. Using the Arctic element, players are able to crystallise the water molecules that are present in the air and inside the bodies of their enemies. Players that have the Vampiric perk may drain the blood of nearby afflicted enemies and use it as a weapon. The power to produce poisonous clouds in the air that will cause sick foes to wretch is granted to players when they purchase the Toxic perk.

Players may check out even more skills in this mod that give them the ability to control time, lightning, and fire. These abilities are available to them.

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