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Complete Project Details and Investment Plans of The Arcadia Mall and Residency

Zain Developers, the gathering behind the renowned Downtown area on Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, are offering a cutting edge project in the core of Islamabad: The Shangri-la Shopping center and Residency.

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In this blog, we will take a gander at every one of the elements and installment plans of the new undertaking and what compels it stand apart from the rest. We will likewise investigate different speculation choices for financial specialists and business visionaries.

Additionally,  plunked down with the President of The Shangri-la Shopping center and Residency for a selective meeting. We’ve incorporated a video of the trade so you can get more insights concerning the endeavor.

The Shangri-la Shopping center and Residency is a forthcoming shopping center and private task that offers corporate workplaces, retail shops and private lofts – all under one umbrella.

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There are different properties accessible in The Utopia Shopping center and Residency. It highlights shops on the lower ground floor, the ground floor and the main floor. Corporate workplaces are available on the subsequent floor, while the condos have been moved toward the third floor. Need to investigate the highlights of the task? Need to know how you can make an interest in The Paradise Shopping center and Residency? How about we find out.


The task partakes in an ideal place in Gulberg Residencia, D Markaz, which has been promoted as the following large business center point of Islamabad. Mr. Abid Anwar, the venture’s President, gave a few subtleties of The Utopia Shopping center and Residency in a new meeting with us.

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As indicated by Mr. Anwar, a 100 feet wide street runs behind the construction and it is likewise associated with a lane at the entry. A mosque and a family park are likewise found close by.

You can watch our total meeting with Mr. Anwar and Osman Wahid, Chief Accomplice in Zain Manufacturers, in the video beneath:

Features of The Arcadia Mall and Residency

There are various conveniences that the engineers of Paradise Shopping center and Residency have imagined for the venture. Above all else, to guarantee security, nonstop observation will be done by means of CCTV cameras, which will be introduced all through the construction. Aside from this, The Paradise will involve an alarm framework, a gym, a cafeteria, a reserve generator and an open stopping region.

Investigate other striking elements of this profoundly sought-after venture an open door in Islamabad.

  • Affordable investment plans 
  • 5 floors in building
  • Robust and modern design
  • Shops offering a luxurious retail experience
  • User-friendly design for shoppers
  • Special facilities will be ensured for the differently-abled persons
  • Conducive environment for offices and businesses
  • Ideal residence as there will be security 24/7 
  • Attractive front elevation
  • Masjid and park nearby
  • A 100 ft wide road runs behind the building
  • Shared parking space spread on 8 kanal as it is a huge requirement of those looking to buy commercial property.

Investment Plans of The Arcadia Mall and Residency

There are 17 shops available to be purchased, while 15 workplaces and 15 condos are available to anyone, going from 187 sq ft to 317 sq ft. The President of The Utopia Shopping center and Residency in his meeting remarked that there will be adaptable installment plans for those hoping to put resources into the undertaking. He additionally said that the reason for presenting adaptability in the installment plans is to assist new companies and youthful business people who with needing to put resources into the business area of Islamabad.

In the event that you have chosen to purchase a shop in The Paradise, recall, to turn into the proprietor of the unit, you really want to pay a 25% initial investment. You will have your stakes engaged with the undertaking and afterward, through an adaptable installment technique that Mr. Abid Anwar portrayed in his meeting, you can undoubtedly arrange your installment plan regarding when it would be doable for you to make the remainder of the installment.

As a matter of fact, as per Mr. Osman Wahid, “The installment strategy is pay as you can. There is no rigid rule to this,” he told Zameen.com. “In the event that you have made the 25% up front installment, the shop is yours – you can make the other installments at whatever point you can. That’s all there was to it. This is a seriously rewarding recommendation, particularly for first-time financial backers and money managers,” he added.

Whenever you have made the initial installment, then you really want to pay around 11 quarterly portions or you can arrange it with the group present at the site office in Gulberg Residencia. Benevolently note that you should pay an extra 10% upon ownership. For your benefit, we are sharing the installment plan for condos in The Shangri-la Shopping center and Residency.

Check out which investment plan suits you

Here is a money growth strategy for lofts available to be purchased on the third floor. Credit: FB/The Utopia Gulberg

The Most recent Improvement Status

According to the most recent reports on The Shangri-la Shopping center and Residency’s improvement status, it is normal that the task will be created inside a time of 3 years. In his meeting, the Chief referenced the improvement work has proactively begun and the dim design of the shopping center and loft task will be finished inside the following a half year.

About the Developer/Builder

Zain Manufacturers is a notable name in the development business. With various structures and business and private activities added to their repertoire, Zain Developers has assembled their standing throughout the long term. They’ve dealt with Green City, Hyderabad, Naaz Court and City Pinnacles and Shopping center. Downtown area on fundamental Shahrah-e-Faisal is additionally a significant undertaking conveyed by Zain Manufacturers.


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