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17 Best Cookie Clicker Mods

Planet Zoo is a game you should play if you like both animals and management simulations. Planet Zoo was built by Frontier Developments as a spiritual successor to the renowned Zoo Tycoon series.

And this time, the emphasis is on protecting wildlife and creating a suitable environment for both common and rare species. Keeping animals content while still attracting visitors and convincing them to spend money in gift stores has proved too difficult for some gamers. Nonetheless, I am certain that those of you who like a challenge will enjoy it. Modification is one of the finest methods to make Planet Zoo even better. If you’re unsure where to begin your modding journey, allow me to introduce you to some of the greatest mods available.

1) Chinese garden YuHai

Themeing is necessary for a successful Planet Zoo construction. And the ability to transform a portion of your zoo into a little section of China is a fantastic approach to enhance your theming. This massive mod pack offers a myriad of Chinese-themed elements for creating the ideal zoo.

2) Lotus Restaurant

Lotus may be the solution if you’re seeking for an attraction that your visitors will remember for the rest of their lives. This gorgeous contemporary design echoes the lotus flower’s inherent beauty. This location is great for a romantic evening.

Two restaurants and three bars are available to customers 24 hours a day. The beauty of the lotus at night is enhanced by the illumination emanating from the area between the petals.

3) Restaurant “Lotus”

The “Lotus” may be the solution if you want your visitors to remember a single landmark for the rest of their life. This exquisite contemporary structure mimics the natural elegance of the lotus flower. It is the ideal location for a romantic evening out.

In addition, your visitors will have access to two restaurants and three bars that are open 24/7. The Lotus is particularly stunning at night because to the ambient illumination emerging from between its petals.

4) Camel Dromedary

After 4,000 years of evolution, only tamed versions of the one-humped camel, commonly known as the Arabian camel, survive in the Sahara Desert. They are the largest camels, perhaps because they are able to focus all of their energy on developing a single hump on their back.

It is a frequent misunderstanding that these mounds are used to store water. Instead, it is a fat accumulation, similar to your uncle’s magnificent beer belly. A zoo is incomplete without at least one camel. Ensure that you have the Nicholas LyonRider mod installed. All fundamental species are covered, including a Zoopedia entry and interesting information.

5)More Albino and Melanistic Animals

Few things are as thrilling for a breeder as discovering an animal with a desirable cosmetic mutation. This was true when Linda Koehl found the LaPerm breed of curly-haired cats, just as it is when we discover an albino or melanistic animal in one of our settings.

With ChallengeOfTheDark’s More Albino and Melanistic Animals mod, this is a typical occurrence in Planet Zoo. In reality, the likelihood of this occurring is quite remote. Once implanted, one in four animals will possess one of these extraordinary characteristics.

6) North American River Otter

The North American river otter may not be the prettiest kind of otter since sea otters sleep holding hands, but they are nonetheless adorable. This semiaquatic animal is very sociable, and if you observe them for long enough, you will exclaim “aww.”

The ideal method to do this is to bring them to your zoo, so you do not have to scour the rivers of North America in search of one of these hairy creatures. And NicholasLionRider’s mod will take care of it for you.

7) Lion remaster

Lions are among the most magnificent natural creatures we have met. They have deeply permeated our society. I believe we want to be as resilient and self-reliant as they are, which paradoxically makes them incredibly popular in zoos worldwide.

The designer Havok1199 pays homage to these large cats by enhancing their textures extraordinarily. Your West African lions will now seem far less cartoonish. They have an improved face structure, a magnificent mane, and other previously absent subtle characteristics. Normally, such regal lions are only found in Senegal and Nigeria, but using this technique, they may be found in every zoo in the globe.

8) Tropical Reptile House

Reptiles are magnificent species that seem to be from the Late Cretaceous era. They have likely existed for a far longer period of time than we have, and we should treat them with reverence. This Tropical Reptile House has elegant reptile-viewing setups where both your visitors and the reptiles will have all they need to flourish. There is also a bridge across a pond where crocodiles may be placed for maximum effect. Sounds enjoyable to me.

I really appreciate the glass ceiling’s honeycomb pattern. It has nothing to do with reptiles, yet it is highly contemporary and attractive nevertheless.

9) Cougar

Panther is one of the cat family’s unsung heroes. Native to the Americas, these enormous cats are found practically everywhere in the area, from the Yukon in Canada to the southernmost borders of the Andes.

Her tremendous versatility has gotten her to this point. Their versatility will undoubtedly aid their survival in our zoo. To surprise our visitors, creator GloomyBooty provides us a terrific glimpse at this predator. Panthers are also often referred to as pumas and cougars. Yes, that is the same animal!

10) Aquatic Center

This Aquatic Centre by Zekin is one of the greatest accessible for Planet Zoo. It has a highly contemporary and angular appearance evocative of low-poly art. This style is influenced by the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany.

Inside, there are several habitats for penguins, seals, otters, and any other water-loving animals your zoo wishes to house. Additionally, there are gift stores, food and drink stands, and everything else required to keep your visitors happy and spending.

11) Terrarium Building

The Terrarium, a static, enclosed display, is another zoo classic brought to life by modifications. It is ideal as an early-game beginning component, created particularly for exceptional starter specimens such as Giant Tiger Land Snails and Giant Desert Hairy Scorpions.

12) Extraordinary Tigers

Tigers are among the most impressive creatures in the animal realm, and zoo visitors adore them. Despite their size and strength, these creatures move as quietly as if they were strolling on a mattress. Once you see them, it is too late.

This mod by PureWinter will provide a wide array of hues to your huge felines, like the Maltese Blue, the extinct Java Tiger, the Stripeless White, and more. You will give the Tiger King a run for his money with this.

13) Eurasian lynx

Medium-sized cats that blend the sociability of a domestic cat with the bulk of an elderly wildebeest are my favourite. Few animals are better at this than the Eurasian lynx. These medium-sized wild cats may be found from China to Central Europe and are resilient and extremely adaptable. They like the moderate temperature and the tranquilly of the surrounding woodland. Their habitat has been drastically decreased during the last two centuries, yet they are doing well as a species.

The beautiful photograph of the Eurasian lynx created by NicholasLionRider will delight our visitors. It is comparable to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I cannot advance in this game without first mastering the trot.

14) Thylacine

The thylacine, often known as the Tasmanian Tiger, was a marsupial species found only on the islands of Tasmania. In 1936, European colonists killed the Tasmanian tiger to extinction via hunting.

Human activities on the islands had already contributed to a decline in their numbers, but this was the last blow. Now, the thylacine may only be admired in digital environments like as Planet Zoo.

15) Bear Cave Entrance

If you want your visitors to remember the moment they arrived at the zoo for the rest of their lives, this big bear-shaped entrance is ideal.

And I’d think that this mod by MissCritHit is rather straightforward. It is a massive bear-shaped rock formation that will make your visitors believe they are entering the dwelling of a woodland bear god. Would you pay to see it at the zoo?

16) More albinos and melanists

Receiving an animal with a desirable cosmetic mutation is one of the most thrilling things for a breeder. This was true when Linda Koehl found the Laperma curly cat breed and when albinos and melanistic cats were identified in each of our habitats.

With ChallengeOfTheDark’s More Albino and Melanistic Animals mod, this may occur often in Planet Zoo. In reality, the likelihood of this occurring is low. Once implanted, one out of every four animals will possess one of these amazing traits.

17) Maned Wolf

It may resemble a fox, but the Maned Wolf is neither a fox nor a wolf. This magnificent creature is the only member of the Chrysocon genus, whose name means “Golden Dog.” It is a huge dog that lives grasslands and low-altitude mountainous areas in South America.

Intriguingly, the Maned Wolf is omnivorous and will gladly consume fruits if it is unable to hunt small animals. They are essential for the propagation of wolf apple seeds.

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